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    Thursday, July 24, 2008


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    I had no idea I ever taught you anything. It's always been the other way around...vacation my dear?


    Oh man! Color me like my tomatoes. I can't believe you've got ripe ones already! Mine are nice and fat, but green, very green. Not a hint of color yet. {sigh}


    There is a growing roar from family for fried green tomatoes, so it looks like the first tomato harvest here will not be red.

    Rachel H

    I'm so jealous, our lettuce has already come and gone. All I have left are okra, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. Have you ever tried to grow low acid tomatoes? The orange ones? We have a few and they are YUMMY!


    My black chocolate cherry tomatoes are starting to color up, some Sungold, and now my Orange Blossom tomatoes on 2 plants are rather large and will start coloring up soon- just in time for me to go on vacation for 2 weeks and miss them all together! Arg! The rest of them will start ripening on my return. My beans are tiny and they too will be ready for picking soon. Fortunately what I don't get will be left to be shelling beans on my return. One of the mantids I released in the veggie boxes has been consistently found living in a container of white impatiens and growing nicely. And a lovely brown funnel spider has been doing a bang up job of catching a good number of Japanese beetles. I too planted bok choy and those seeds germinated overnight I kid you not! A Sheep's Nose pepper is almost done and others kinds still too small. Have a great series of mini vacations. Sometimes those are better than one longer one- with one exception...seeing Margene and the SLC girls in Utah.


    So what did Sylvia teach you? I couldn't find anything on her blog. Curious minds want to know.


    Gorgeous lettuce. YAY! on the workout tops score, those are really nice!
    I'm so happy for you, mini holidays, hell, I'm EXCITED for you!


    We've had a few ripe cherry-type tomatoes (Napa Grape...yum) but the rest are taking their time. I just didn't get stuff in early enough this year! Getting buckets of cucumbers, though. Bet one of those trips is to make up for that one aborted last winter! Give my love to all the grrls!


    OMG Norma is leaving NE...can it be true!!??

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    Your July 4 recipe for ailing tomatoes was a miracle -- brought mine back from a too-familiar cycle of yellow leaves and declining health. I picked my first cherry tomato this week! I've refurbished 2 raised beds by smothering with newspaper and dirt/grass clippings; would like to plant some fall crops -- any ideas? And hurray for your vacations -- I hope your travel is snowstorm-free.


    Norma, I just don't think you can beat the title from the other day. Although this one's pretty good, too. ;-)


    Well no wonder the dudes were drooling. That top is HOT!

    Hooray for the summer's first tomato! And have a grand time on your trips. Taking the laptop so you can continue the daily comments, right?


    Great top!! You must look hot in that!


    So quick question about the top...for those of us more "endowed" how would the top work? I've discovered double cup digits and 40 have raised the priority of "support" if you know what I mean!


    Oh Norma, I did the same thing the other day.. I sampled my grape tomaotes that are just ripening. It wasn't 100% ripe, but it fell off the vine when I touched it.. so I took that as a sign. SO yummy! They are supposed to be Grape sized but they look more like a small Plum they are so big. Also my Orange Cherry ones are turning too and those are the sweetest ones hands down! I love how they look on the vine, the way they graduate in size on the vine. Too cool. My Zebra Stripe are still too firm too pick yet, but they are still neat to look at. I swear my garden is looking like its on steroids this year with all the rain!


    You had better at least have considered a trip to Utah since you gyped us out of the last one. *pout* But that is a HOT top! I need to get some exercise clothing since I'll be working out now that I'm motivated.


    Surely you're going to teach us Silvia's trick, aren't you?


    Surely you're going to teach us Silvia's trick, aren't you?


    The guys at the gym will be happy! Seriously, looks like a nice top. Since you won't show us your rack, we have to trust you as to the flatteringnessosity.

    Did you hear me laugh at the post title this time? Though I laughed harder about the beets, just not on paper -- or via ephemeral bytes translated into glowing bits of phosphor or whatever.

    Have a marvelous vacationing time here, there, wherever!


    That Sil. She knows all kinds of stuff.

    Love that top. Good coverage and still shows off the curves.


    Congrats on the gym wear find. And the red leaf lettuce, one of my personal favs.
    Please send a row boat! :D

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