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    Tuesday, July 22, 2008


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    I was feeling a bit of nostalgia for chicken-raising recently too. I was reading Barbara Kingsolver's book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" and the chapter on her young daughter's chicken-raising venture brought back memories of the day each year we would get the fluffy yellow chicks to raise. Of course, I was very little and didn't have to do any of the actual work ...


    I don't know why, buy my mental jukebox is playing Freezing of the Greens, Freezing of the Greens, We will Come Rejoicing, Freezing of the Greens! Maybe it's the holier-than-though way we gardeners can be. ;) (And I had the Egglu on my blog ages ago--you're behind the times lady! {wicked grin}


    I admit, I giggled at yesterday's blog title and didn't mention it. (Or, well, comment.)


    Oh, god, that chicken igloo is so funny! Instant chicken! :D
    Gotta go, I'm up too late. I'm beet. hahaha. LOL!
    your dinner is making me hungry!


    I'm coming for dinner!


    If Martha Stewart can keep chickens in her backyard, you can, too. But wait -- that wasn't the reason she went to prison, was it?


    Now, your Freezing of the Greens triggered "Wearing of the Green"* in the odd recesses of MY mind.

    I wish I didn't live in rolling hills. The house is the only flat spot, except the front garden area - which gets HOT, HOT sun, especially this unrelenting week. Some flowers do well, most edibles do not! :(


    Teresa C



    Hey, they weren't the only ones to chuckle at yesterday's title!


    I was on the bus when a young man sitting in front of me turned around and said, "That house has chickens in the back yard!" I explained that in Portland, ORegon, it's legal to keep chickens as long as you don't have a rooster and the neighbors don't complain. However, when you have a flock of chickens without a rooster, the dominant hen will change sex and become a rooster. "Really?" he said. "How does she - I mean - How does it happen?" The woman in the seat across the aisle said, "The other hens knock out half her brains. After that, it's easy."

    We then explained about X and Y chromosomes and how females have all the necessary equipment in potentia, and reminded him about the movie, "Jurassic Park" and since he had seen it in a movie, he was able to believe it. But I don't think he will ever trust another dominant hen.


    I really enjoyed yesterday's post title - got a good giggle out of it.


    YUM YUM YUM. I want chickens too.


    Did you pay for the calendar you are using, or was it a freebie? Just wonderin'. hee.


    ha ha. Marcia's comment is funny. Had to check the almanac just to be sure. And I just noticed the live traffic feed in the sidebar. It says I'm from Salado which isn't quite right but fits in with your food theme if you pronounce it Salad-O. Loved the chicken video too. Thanks for today's laugh, Norma.

    Elizabeth D

    Freezing of the Greens sounds to me like Bringing in the Sheaves -- and now that song is looping endlessly in my very tired brain. . .


    Totally worth the work.

    How do you winterize chickens in your climate? I think you should do it. Just think of all that fabulous poop!

    /weird country girl


    Today's headline? Meh. ;-)

    BTW, MoraeKnitToo is a Seattle knitter, and a pal o' mine. Believe me, a nicer person couldn't have won the kit.


    build an A-frame of 2x2 or 1x4 lumber to fit inside one of your raised beds. Make it three or four feet high at the top of the A and cover it with chicken wire leaving the bottom or floor uncovered. Make a door in one end, and cover the other end w/a tarp or plywood or something water- proof. Install a perch for the chickens to roost on two feet off the ground in the covered end. The chickens will scratch and poop in the raised bed and eat all the bugs and compost the vegi material. When they get one bed worked up, you move it to another bed. During the winter, line the bottom of the covered portion with straw or hay and the chickens will stay warm, you can also install a heat lamp if you think they need it. It's called a chicken tractor. It's portable, can be made from scraps and it keeps the chickens contained and protected.


    I guess you didn't hear me snortle yesterday. Are you deef er somethin? Must be getting old. (shh, just teasing.)

    I can safely say I have never had backyard chicken envy. My mother was terrorized by chickens as a small child, when she had to gather eggs at her grandfather's farm during WWII when the family all lived there. She says they're crabby and mean. So I obviously absorbed that attitude. Chickens are MEAN. Be careful, even if they come in cute little igloos. Igloos not meant, however, for Northeast winters, despite the name.


    Mmmm. Bacon, onion and beet greens!


    Honest, I laughed at your title yesterday, but didn't tell anyone.


    Oh, was I supposed to tell you I giggled at your title? Geez, I just can't keep up with EVERYTHING I'm supposed to do. Plus, I'm away on vacation. You're lucky I'm reading your blog at all, girl, but I'm addicted. Deal with it, OK?

    Dani in NC

    At least you have a couple weeks' worth of veggies frozen. My cucumbers and tomatoes seem to be ripening slowly, so we are eating them as soon as we pick them. I guess I don't have to worry about what to do with the surplus!


    Yippee!! Moiraeknittoo is one of my favorite people ever! You SHOULD give her prizes!!! :)

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