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    Sunday, July 20, 2008


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    YAY! Norma's coming to town! :D
    (we ARE going to Rhinebeck, no?)
    Congrats on the 200 plus! This is good.


    Well, we do have a guest room, should you show up gallivanting in this neck of the woods. :-)


    Happy 200-and-change, Norma. I'm glad you've kept up the dailies!


    Yay, vacation!


    Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy! Hope to bump into you for lunch again before all the madness and mayhem.200th post, and we are all still sitting on the edge of our seats. THanks for the fun.


    You know you're welcome here anytime. I've even got a guest room and Dale has been putting new carpet in there this week. C'mon over!


    Congrats on the 200th post. Have a super time whose ever doorstep you land on! Those pillows are heavy dude- it'll break your stick! Unless you carry it on a 2x4 and that would be quite a sight! :-)


    Would love to see you but could you leave the garden unattended? and what about those hunky workers you mentioned some time back?


    I'm waiting! I even have a Tempur-Pedic travel pillow if your stick breaks.


    If you are coming out to western New York, drop me a line, we will set up a bed for you, or feed you or take you to see the sights.


    Have fun with your four unscheduled weeks! You definitely deserve it.


    Ooh, you're welcome to drop by here any time, Norma. I'll even make you blueberry pancakes for breakfast! (Homemade, of course.)

    And, really, 200th post of the year, your birthday. This is a big week for you!

    Jean E.

    Stop in if you are in Southwest Michigan! We can make mojitos (mojitoes??).


    I've got a spare room in Jersey City, and i'm only a ten-minute train ride from the West Village. You're ALWAYS welcome to stay with us.


    Bring it can weed my garden for me and I'll bake you pizza with garden tomatoes and herbs in my new double ovens.


    I too have a guest room with a bed that everyone who sleeps in it claims is inordinately comfy. I would be thrilled to have you stay. (Not that this is likely, I know. But I do want the invitation to be on record).

    Meanwhile, I'm looking very forward to next Friday!

    Cheryl S.

    Three big cheers for travel! Something tells me you'd find open doors all over the country just waiting for you. Hope to see you out west!


    Norma, you would be more than welcomed here in the Garden State!!! And the guest room is where I keep my stash. Enjoy your time off.


    Come on down to Tucson, where the washes run wild and so do some of the people. You can sleep with my stash.


    Live it up Norma! Sounds like we will be reading more of your travels. You're welcome to come to Denver! :-)


    We have a wireless network, so you can post from the porch or the deck. Just sayin'. (Our dogs are already anticipating your visit. They love a good dog lover.)


    Jealousy abounds.


    I carry my "neck pillow" wherever I go. It just makes for a better night's sleep. I say ditch the blow dryer too; it will make your life even more simple. Have fun gallivanting.


    Yowza. 4 whole weeks. unscheduled weeks. 4 of them. holy moly. Can't imagine why you'd ever wind up in my neck of the woods but if ever you do... we have a guest room. (and that Sephora store close by ;^)
    Have some picnic packed weeks!


    omg and we JUST finished the third floor guest room and library! how fun would that be? the bath up there isn't done but you can share ours (when we're not using it of course, ahem).

    elizabeth a airhart

    happy days
    send post cards


    Heh. I just started two weeks of vacation. I don't know if I can cope.

    If you happen to get close to WEBS, for some obscure reason, since you hardly knit anymore, get me a yell and I'll come show you the sights - the Smith College gardens, the numerous veggie stands, the yarn venues. I don't know where the best mojitos are, but I'm willing to go exploring with you!


    Should you ever be hit with a wild desire to tour the hotspots of the midwest, our door is open.


    Enjoy your vacation! The futon's yours if you wind up in da Burgh!


    Unscheduled vacations sound so much more fun than scheduled ones. After all, who cares if you don't stick to the plan, since there wasn't one to begin with! Have a great week, and congrats on the 200th post of this year!


    Congratulations on 200, Norma! We are all ready for you down here. Enjoy your travel time!


    Oooh! Come on over! We have a wary springer spaniel, a wild 10-year-old girlie, and an entire fish-tossing, fresh veggie-selling market to explore!

    The couch or the spare bed will be yours as long as you want it. Just let me know when.


    Come on over!!


    Road trip to Addison County? I'll pencil you in.


    If you land in Pittsburgh or Western NY state, it's easy to find you an extra bed. Vacation away! :)

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