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    Saturday, July 19, 2008


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    Dani in NC

    I'm glad that you and the garden made it through the non-tornado safely. I'm also glad that you were still able to enjoy your birthday.

    I don't nap in the middle of the day very well, either. There was one memorable week in the 80s when I was sick and tried to sleep during the day but couldn't. I kept floating in and out with the TV on. For years after that, I thought that I only dreamed the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan.


    Sounds like a wunnerful day.

    We have those towel dispensers at work, and one ALWAYS dispenses 6 inches more than the other. I hate the waste, but love the option of extra acreage if I'm feeling particularly drippy-handed.


    This sounds like a wonderful way to begin your new year, if you can forget about the bad weather bits.


    ah!! so sorry to be late--have a wonderful new year of you!


    Do your weatherdoofs use the term "straight line winds"? That's a gem used here in tornado alley. Your birthday sounds simply lovely.


    Gosh I haven't seen Mike and Susan since we moved from North Hero. I am glad to see he still makes a mean drink. He used to make me great margaritas and pick out super bottles of wine. Glad your birthday was such a hit. We had hardly anything to talk about as far as the storm goes. But I am glad we don't live in the Islands anymore when a good storm comes up. The devastation was always horrific!


    I do remember the restaurant and the drive out there along the lake shore. The storm sounds amazing and it's a relief to hear you and your garden had little damage. It's the small things that make you happy when you're 'lit'. You know how to celebrate! ;-)


    How perfect! I think I might have a mojito. Later, of course.


    Welcome to the beginning of the wonderful years. I didn't believe in tornadoes here either... teach me. ;-)


    Sounds like you had a most wonderful day storm and all! Glad the garden was spared for the most part.


    hmmmm, I'm thinking I could use one of those mojitos, the 'day long' sort, to sip all through the day, I could use a funny/silly day.
    SO glad to hear you and your garden came through the storm alright... well, except the broc.. dang. Dinner sounded delish.
    gee. those certainly sound like tornadoes... (this sagely coming from 'tornado capital of the world'...)

    Cheryl S.

    That sounds like a wonderful dinner! I'll be sure to have a Mojito (with fresh, homegrown mint) later tonight and toast your birthday.


    Sounds like the storm added an extra touch to your birthday dinner. Glad you had a great day!


    Sounds like a great birthday--with drama!


    Your birthday sounds heavenly as it should be!
    I hope you got my hugs! :D


    As long as it wasn't a tornado.

    I'm so glad your birthday was extra special. Now if you could just find some local rum. ;^)


    Always putting a pee-break in there somewhere.


    Glad you had a happy day. ~ksp


    Mojitos? Did someone say Mojitos???

    I'm SO over due for a nice Mojito.... (there's mint in my patio garden... 1000 miles away... but none here at Mums).

    Glad it wa a good day, and that the non-tornado left leaves on at least some broccoli plants...


    Sounds wonderful!


    I grew up in tornado land. We actually had tornado drills in school. You can have damage like that without an actual, meterologically defined tornado happening. There's a wicked thing known as a microburst that can take out trees and roofs and such. I've lived through two of those in Pittsburgh and they are bizarre. Anyway, I'm glad you are OK and you had a good birthday!


    A belated
    *H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* !
    So pleased that you had a wonderful day.


    I am so sorry I missed your birthday. So please accept my belated, or 11 months and 362 days early, wishes for a happy one and many, many more. God bless.


    Hey, the CatMan and I drove right by Shore Acres on Saturday. If we had only known to stop Took a drive up to ILM and boy did the Not-Tornado do a job there: we had to turn around at Fisk Farm due to power lines and trees still down at 7:30 PM!

    Happy Birthday, girlio!


    I'm so glad you had a glorious day, Norma. You deserve it!

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