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    Thursday, June 26, 2008


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    Glad you liked it! Although, did you see Lawrence Downes' article this past week in the NY Times Editorial Observer column? Still, I do love the bathroom headline gaffes. (Although, are they really gaffes? Where are my copy editors when I need them!) :)


    YES! That place is great! You've got to love a bathroom with a sense of humor! You don't find that very often!
    LOVE your bag. Great find!


    You don't even need to bring a magazine into a bathroom like that ;-)


    Norma, I just love that you take photos of bathrooms.


    love love that bag! great score. Fabulous 'flubs', how funny!
    Why would someone just leave toilet paper on the floor like that.... sheesh.


    OK, that is a totally cute picture of you... in the bathroom!! Love the bag!!


    That is a one-of-a-kind bathroom! Too cool!

    Don't you want to go in the men's bathroom and check out their headlines?


    At least they have a great sense of humor about the news! How fun!


    Norma, you were about three blocks from my house - both Union Station and the Newseum are in my neighborhood. Great area isn't it? I haven't been willing to pay to visit (I prefer the free Portrait Gallery) but the bathrooms might make a visit worthwhile!


    LOVE IT!!


    I see this as a blogverse feature - my favorite bathrooms - prize-winning pee posts. You make it look so classy!

    My pet peeve is the automatically flushing toilet. I know when I'm done, thank you!


    Another interesting museum you might take in sometime -> the MOBA (museum of bad art]. They also have a cool website:

    Marcia  Cooke

    The only roadside bathroom I ever photographed was one we stopped at en route to Park City, Utah three years ago. It was almost to the end of Rt 80 in Wyoming (as I recall) and just blew us away. The stop was something called "Little America", complete with motel, restaurant and gift shop (best sandwich I've EVER had) but the bathroom was so glitzy, you'd swear you were in Las Vegas! Regrettably, I think I just deleted the photo from my files.

    Beth S.

    Snerk! ;-) Yes, this was definitely one for the archives, so to speak. ;-)

    And I love your new bag!

    Cheryl S.

    Tee hee! (Or should that be Pee Hee?)


    Thanks for posting about the Newseum. We live in Baltimore and I never knew about it. I just sent the link to my son, a journalism major at Salisbury University. Thought he might want to make a day trip of it! It looks to be right up his alley in all ways. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip to Washington.


    That outfit needed a little red something. ;^)

    And there is nothing at all wrong with hating people. How dare you!


    I was traveling this weekend and TOTALLY thought of you whenever I passed a rest area :-)


    I'd still be in there trying to figure out which was my favorite headline! Jazzy bag too, congrats on the score.


    I'm thrilled to find another person fascinated by public restrooms. I recently "came out" on my blog with images I have taken of public bathrooms, so a friend pointed me here. I'll be watching, and posting more on the topic too!


    Oh, dear, that was funny. Somehow, it seems terribly British ...


    Now, *that's* reading material!


    I'm well known for "grading" restrooms (a 10 has fresh flowers and an attendant, 1 may be dirty but should have flush toilets) but I never thought to take photos - I can see a new trend catching on!

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