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    Friday, May 16, 2008


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    Wow. that's all I have.


    Awesome story. That reminds me of Ms. Zimmerman...I had her for English my Senior year of HS. She was mean, mean, mean. At that time, I was working at night so I was always late to her class (well, on the days that I even made it out of bed for morning classes.) I needed English to graduate, but I had too many absences to pass. So, Ms. Zimmerman, that mean ogre, made a deal with me. She said that she'd forgive all the no-shows if I got a 100 on the final exam. Nobody had ever gotten a 100 on her finals. She was notorious for giving such ridiculously hard tests. Having no other choice, and being a stupidly cocky teenager, I accepted her deal. Anyways, I got the 100, plus and extra 10 points for some extra credit essay thing, and I passed and graduated on time.

    Eight years later, I go back to the school to meet up with a friend of mine who had become a guidance counselor there and I run into Ms. Zimmerman in the hallway. We chatted, and she happened to bring up the deal that she made with me. I asked her why she did it, why she didn't just fail me, and she told me that she had totally expected me to flop the test! WTF? She did say that she was glad that I proved her wrong, and that she now sees a little of me in all of her 'slacker' students. heh.


    Aw. Sweet, in a totally demented way. Makes me think of all the teachers I had who wanted to tear their hair out over me. I wonder if any of them think fondly of me now.

    Somehow, I doubt it.


    haha...well I think haha! You tell such a great story and swear so eloquently...thanks for putting a smile on my troubled face :^)


    Great story, Norma. Another example of the influence people can have on us for years, and they probably have no clue as to the impact of their behavior.


    This is truly an excellent story. Thank you for sharing it.


    That made me tear up!! Teachers and students don't always know how the other feels, I guess!


    Good story, really good sign, that hummer! Maybe this shitty cold weather will pass through quickly.


    Perhaps it means more coming 29 years later? Either way, I'm glad.


    Talk about a long for that seed to come to fruition. She still hated you, but admired you nonetheless. Cool.


    Mrs. Grant was just envious.


    I swear, I was convinced that at the end of the story you were going to get all tearful over commencement. (I think I'd cry that I had to go--last week I had an anxiety dream that my department suddenly required me to attend.)


    That story may have made you tear up but it made me mad. Whyohwhy don't those *above* us give us their praise when we need it? Whyohwhy do they tell everyone under the sun except US how good we are and how proud of us they are? (Can you tell you have hit a nerve? My parents were not too bad in this department, but I know others who had to wait until long after their parents were dead before they heard how proud of them their parents were.)

    But it is a good story, nevertheless.


    Mrs. Grant was a crankypants. And, face it. You know something about crankypantses.



    You totally rock, and even your enemies have to admit it. Anyhow, you probably got a better job than the one she kept you from.


    what claudia said made me laugh.

    yeah maybe mrs. grant saw herself in you. :P


    You are truly awesome! Come on, you know it. Glad the damn hummingbird finally came back! Was really sick of hearing about it....
    sorry, just peed myself LMAO!!!!!


    You did know that I was kidding about the bird, right? LMAO still. Have a great weekend!


    Bet she was only annoyed for the others who didn't get it. I'm glad you finally found out about that. Very happy to know you've finally got a hummy, too.


    Oh you ole softie. Harumph!


    Tears, I've had a few.

    Seanna Lea

    You never can really tell by how someone is acting just what they are thinking. (oh and the pre-meeting for a meeting thing. Welcome to corporate America (and academic America, etc.). It's like that in over half the jobs I've worked.)


    What a great story - I had a small lump myself!

    elizabeth a airhart

    many good thoughts for saturday

    lovely posting

    Beth S.

    What a fantastic story! And how unsurprising to learn that you were doing things most decidedly "your way" even back then. ;-)

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