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    Thursday, April 10, 2008


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    I love that book. I've only made one pattern from it, but I've used some of the heels and toes for my own patterns.

    Now you mention it. Now I'm almost ready to start new socks. And I've lent it to a friend. Sheesh.

    Pretty socks!


    Love the colours in the scaft, and the sock fits perfectly! Sometimes it's a bit of a journey, but the final destination is sweet.


    Love the socks! You've been making an awful lot of nice scarves lately! You should have one in almost every shade, love em' :)


    I really can't believe you got the amaryllis to grow. It looks like a bulb is breaking through, too. You must have been wicked mean to it.
    The sock is PERFECT! I've never seen the garter down the middle of the's usually down the sides by the gusset. Very cute and it fits so should SO keep it.


    I'm also stubborn about the outside chill- I'm wearing sandals today. Figure the worst that will happen is I end up with my spaceheater on at work and a lot of people saying "I told you so..."

    Spring will come to the tri-state area someday...


    That sock is sooo neat! Can you have the second one done for post 200?

    Marcia Cooke

    That is one CUTE must start the next one immediately! And I think you should keep the PAIR! Nancy Bush is the BEST when it comes to all parts of socks. (Apologies for all the shouting, but we have SPRING down south here in Connecticut: it might hit 70ยบ today, and things are sprouting all over the place. Not a moment too soon! That means it's coming your way!)


    Very, very cute sock, Norma! You should keep them...when you finish number 2. I'm going to have to check out that book again when I get home from vacation.

    Hurray for 100 posts this year!


    Well, I take it all back, I finally got to the comment page! That sock is SOOO pretty, a real charmer, I'd have a hard time parting with it :^)


    Whoo hoo, knitting content! That really is a cute sock. But you know what will make you want to knit the second? A cold second foot. It's also reminding me how awesome Koigu is. I need more of it. (Never mind that I've been trying to try new yarns... I tried Koigu for my third pair of socks and it my have gotten me.)

    There's supposed to be a winter storm around here starting at 4pm. Lots of snow and high winds. All knitting content is greatly appreciated.


    It could end up like so many lolcats, "I maid u a sok, but my fut eeted it."

    I like it, I think it was made for your foot.

    Linda B.

    "I carried the ribbed portion down the foot, too. I'm just a ribby girl. What can I say? "

    Ribbed for her pleasure?


    Thanks for the mention! Great sock. Hmmm, I have some Koigu somewhere in my stash too....


    Love the sock! Love that cuff. I need to give that a try. My try at the picot edge bind off did not go well. Maybe I'll better luck with the cast on.

    I'm so glad you found a firefox that you like. We had to get you away from that nasty IE. Did you set your homepage the way you wanted?

    Seanna Lea

    I really am way too excited by the Boston Marathon. I'm going to be at work for part of the day, so I should figure out when the boss is OK with me being in so I can see them come across the finish line (though usually you have to be there pretty early to get a good spot).


    Wow, congrats on reaching the 100th post of the year... that would almost count as a lifetime achievement award at my pace, but you are much more dedicated. I love the edging on your new pair of socks, and agree that a neckwarmer can allow you to get away with some skimpy dressing... hope it warms up enough for lighter clothing soon for you!


    Norma, I love your new header!! Gorgeous socks too - you're flying too fast for me to keep up - how's Spring treating you? Think you'll make Rhinebeck this fall - I'm hoping to be there! Nothing like planning ahead. :)

    Beth S.

    That folded-down, picot-edged cuff is terribly sweet. You should keep it. ;-)


    Look at all the good things around here! Not one but 2 knitted items. Almost like you are a knitter! How much do you just love those scarves! (That one is a Terry scarf) and that sock? Indescribable cuteness, indeed! LOVE. And stuff.
    I'm behind in commenting. Sigh. I'm going to get my friend badge ripped away.

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