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    Tuesday, April 15, 2008


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    Oh come now. You know that rice krispie square was totally worth it.


    I've been there! (It's not often I can say that about US yarn stores ;)

    Katie B.

    Awesome for them, but what about everything being flipped around on this site?! ;)


    The Point used to be my LYS (with those same peeps)--how did I fail to meet you there? Oh well.


    Good point.


    My copy of Shear Spirit shipped to me yesterday. I cannot wait to read it!


    Ooo, I want to be there, too!


    Would love to go, but I am here in Northern Va. Your post reminded me that we have not had a good Allison stroy lately. I hope she's doing well.


    Aww how special that Cari was your 2circs teacher/coach. It's an awesome knitting family that we have. Surely The Point is a special place to be. Congrats to Gale and Joan! :)


    Oh man! I was so sure you were going to say you were going to be there tonight! Meli and I have plans to go - I would've loved to introduce her to her Crazy Aunt Norma.

    Marcia Cooke

    My copy shipped yesterday, too....I'm salivating as I wait. This book and Lisa Lloyd's in the same week? Heaven!


    That looks like a Beauty of a Book!
    Mercy, I have a very perverse weakness for rice crispy treats.. but I found brown rice crispy cereal... is there a sub for marshmallows?

    Beth S.

    I've been wondering about Shear Spirit! I haven't seen nearly as much press for it as for A Fine Fleece.

    I agree, the Point is a great spot. I have only been there once, but I had a really lovely lunch and a good browse through the Lorna's.


    Has your side bar just moved across to the left or have my eyes gone funny in the unaccustomed sunshine?

    Seanna Lea

    Wow! I'd love to go, but I'm in the not-quite-as-frozen-as-Vermont Boston area. It's great that so many people are producing wonderful books!


    Oooooo, more format changes. Keeping us on our toes! ;)


    I live on the wrong coast. /pouts


    Come on...I could still see your whole face over the rice krispie treat in that shot, so it couldn't have been all that big, right?!? I know what would have made it better though...ever make them and mix some butterscotch chips in too? SWEET!


    damn! i knew i'd get in trouble if i didn't stay up to the minute with your blog. i missed the event at The Point. This is the 2nd time I've learned of an interesting NY knitting even from you. Apparently, I'm not very well connected....


    You have an excellent point there :)

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