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    Monday, April 14, 2008


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    I think I need to go hide under the covers now. {sigh} Sorry you are suffering a malaise.


    Cryptic is fine. If I'm supposed to know, you'll tell me. Otherwise, I don't need to know. I worry enough about you without knowing details. It's my thing. Well, that and knitting socks. ;^)

    I love Gordon, which is odd because I hate yelling and would happily never eat again if I could get away with it.



    Do you ever read the comics? I almost never do but this one is relevant.


    How could you exercise at all yesterday? I was so drained by the weather I even took a nap, something that is not allowed here on a Sunday in the spring, when there are Things To Do.

    I planted my tomatoes yesterday, too, as well as peppers, basil, thyme, and some other crap I can't remember. Where did my baking-pumpkin seeds go and why do I have two different types of yellow tomatoes? Your broccoli seeds went into the same Seed Savers black hole as my pumpkins, I suppose.

    You'll like this: According to the thyme seed envelope, people used to think a concoction of thyme and beer could overcome shyness. That totally works for me, although I usually ask the bartender to hold the thyme, and it still works!


    I got that same advertisement on Friday - and thought of posting it. I was too lazy. Too funny.

    Whatever's up, I hope it comes out the way you want. Just keep planting those seeds - it's good for the soul


    You're always cryptic. Hope all is well.


    Lists are an easy way to get something out there and not have to write and write and write.

    Marcia Cooke

    Cryptic, are just an evil tease! Keep us coming back for more. But thanks for the reminder to plant some lettuce seeds. (After what I've ordered in seeds and supplies so far, I'm working on the $200 tomato down here!)


    Those curve balls can be terribly pesky, and life IS fragile, here's hoping all turns out well.
    "Sarcasma"... once again I'll be sending daughter Havala over to read, she's gonna love that one.


    Love that your seeds are germinating. What's up with the crazy weather, though? It was 80 here yesterday, can you believe it? And I don't have seed one planted.

    Every time I tell someone my name, I feel all nasal & shit.

    Thinking of you, with big hugs and warm thoughts.


    You know, when you go hinting at bad news, I imagine eleventy seven different awful things. Are you pregnant? Does your car need a new transmission? Did you find you owe back taxes and will need to take a night job at 7-11 to cover the interest and penalties? Have you developed an acute allergy to cashmere? What? What?! Whatever it is, I'm sorry. Bummer!

    Indoor H photos. You could take pictures of "the head" Or pile up all the hats in the house. Any Hepplewhite furniture? Any hemp in the stash? Oh, - how about a "hangover" self-portrait? (ratty bathrobe, grey eyeshadow under the eyes, wild hair, dissipated expression and big bottle of asprin to go with the diet coke.)


    Sarcasma (chortle).

    And, it's funny you should mention Martin and Mrs. Hudson--I just checked on Amazon the other day to see if there had been any new books I didn't know about. I was disappointed to see that there weren't, but now I know one is coming. I should have known I could count on you.

    And, yes, I'm wondering about the cryptic, "life is fragile," list items...


    Um, the problem with that Sarcasma ad is that it saves OTHERS from my sarcasm, but does NOTHING to make them stop *requiring* the sarcasm.
    So, would it help you out if we all cussed at you again?


    I'm so jealous of all your garden plans. Since I'm renting it's going to be a pot of tomatoes at most for me.

    And regarding #15, putting one foot in front of the other (even if half-heartedly) counts for something. Even if exercise doesn't make you feel better, it usually doesn't make you feel worse.


    I totally get the need to be super-cryptic, but it was all worth it for that ad. :D I could use some of that stuff at work some days.


    Lucky for you I was already down before reading today's entry! Heh.

    And I hear you on the weather. I finally had a non-crap weather morning to rake out my garden yesterday only to get up this morning and find more freaking frost on everything.


    #7 sounds vaguely familiar... hope everything is OK.


    Hope the sun is shining for you today. :)


    Yeah, sometimes "when one door closes, another opens", but it can be Hell in the hallway! Take heart....

    Katie B.

    Hugs for the bad news, whatever it may be. I have some ideas from your cryptic clues, but I'm not willing to speculate in public without more solid evidence - it's not my business, and if you want us to know more, you'll tell us. Still, sounds like you could use lots of hugs, so here's another one.

    From your description of the weather, sounds like "H" could be for Hail. We had beautiful warm sun over the weekend, and I got a fair amount of yard work done, despite only being able to work 30-45 minutes at a stretch (darn baby belly!), but today we're back to our seasonable cool and wet. I still have to try to get out and plant those irises I was given before they die...


    The only seeds I have planted are grass seeds. I hope they germinate as successfully as your lettuce and tomatoes. And I hope whatever door hit whoever in the ass turns out to be a gentle pat on the patoot.

    Seanna Lea

    I would try something like Sarcasma though I'm likely immune. I need medication or therapy to control the amount of snark I dish out.

    I find (and most of the training guides I've looked at follow a similar pattern) is that every month or so it is good to have a light week for whatever reason. Helps make sure that the body is caught up with the fitness effort and lowers risks of injury, etc.


    Yes. Life is short. Love one another. Live life to the fullest. It is our duty. Watch cooking videos. Read ads about supposed fake pills. I need that pill btw. Have any?
    It is yellow up top. Was it always? It wasn't. Was it? I like the yellow. So sun shiney and bright.
    (not an exclamation point in sight.)


    Once we walk through the new door everything is fine but finding the darn doorknob to open it and walking away from the old door isn't always fun. Best wishes for your transition, whatever it is, Norma.

    Funny ad!

    I always over-buy garden seeds and they last for a few seasons as long as you treat them well.


    Uh huh, you know I would have been the one to send you the Sarcasma ad, since I got it, like, a week ago, but I figured you had already seen it and deemed it too stupid to post. Golly, I wish I could italicize this comment, it would come off SO much better. Ya think?


    Whatever it is that cannot be named doesn't sound good. *hug*


    i LIKE my sarcasm. not taking any sarcasma around here!


    I feel your checkbook pain.

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