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    Saturday, April 12, 2008


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    I'm thinking you must have a truly magnificent dragon living close by :^)
    Gorgeous photos!


    OH MY BOB! Rilona is growing by leaps and bounds! And that is a bud! A BUD! Finally!
    I just love fog. It's so peaceful. Like a big blanket!


    Want to trade weather? You can have the 80+ sunny stuff if I can have your fog.

    Marcia Cooke

    That last one needs to get a REAL frame! Nice shots....more Flickr tricks to make me jealous, eh?

    Katie B.

    I like the matting. Lovely pics, too. :)

    Mary K. in Rockport

    I doubt that I'm spelling the new lingo correctly, but here goes. O noez. Y duznt we haz niz sun on weekenz in noo eenglun?


    What a great idea... not sure if you just don't have much to say, but put the pics in those lovely frames, and WOW, who needs words to read, eh?


    Beautiful photos. I was thinking of you today while I was outside doing spring cleaning in my flower garden!


    Nice gallery. A tip of the hat to whomever does your framing. ;)

    I'm terribly foggy too today.


    Awesome pics. What is that green grass I see? UGH, we still have yuck down here in Essex!. Plugging away on my cece for Vegas. Leaving sunday.


    I need to cool off, wanna trade?


    we had fog too the other was lovely


    I clicked on over when you let me know this was up, but just wasn't coherent enough to comment. Lovely photos.


    Those ought to be matted and framed for real. Ok, maybe not Rilona. But the fog shots.


    Very arty! Where did you get the nice picture frames?

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