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    Tuesday, March 25, 2008


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    Oops. Thankfully a picot edge isn't one of the more harrowing knitting tricks, which lessens the pain of a redo. My sympathies!


    Ooh, that *is* pretty yarn. And the second picot will go faster, yes?


    That just means the redo should be just as perfect :) The koigu is gorgeous.


    Oh..the koigu. It's lovely. Picots. You'll be hooked :) The tacking/turning them is a bit of a bitch...but once you get that (and the sizing) they are oh so pretty!

    toni in florida

    Beautiful picot. I hope you decided to do it again, rather than a plain one. Can't wait to see how it looks when it's done.

    Dave Daniels

    That'd make nice mittens, too, with a picot edged cuff.
    Congratulations on mastering the picot.


    Do you realize, you made a haiku in today's post? Here it is:

    Fun While It Lasted

    Picot edge: perfect.
    I had a funny feeling --
    Koigu sock, take two




    At least it's only a few rows of knitting.


    Congratulations on your first picot edge AND listening to that little voice. Too often we ignore it and then end up frogging even more lovely Koigu.


    'Tis gorgeous indeed. Or, was. 60 stitches around, way too big??? What size needle?


    You have good instincts. Hooray for that little voice! Lovely picot.




    Nice Picot! Maybe you could find someone with a sasquatch cankle to wear it for you?

    Amy O'

    Awesome first Picot and damn, that color just shouts out VERMONT to me! Am I the only one?


    Beautiful colors! Picot is so fun, I have to say.


    How many stitches was that? I do 54 for Hannah and I bet that would work for you.


    Knitting? Norma, are you feeling alright?


    I haven't tried that: yet. Maybe soon...That is yummy yarn, though.


    Whooooooo, beautiful! Great picot and great color!


    Love the picot. I haven't ever seen any Koigu that particularly called my name (they're beautiful, but I can take 'em or leave 'em). Trust you to find one I'd love to have.


    Yep, just like my first picot edge. It rolls away from my calf and gapes, just so. Lovely. Good thinking on the redo!

    Cheryl S.

    Beautiful colors! At least you didn't get too far into the sock before finding out the size wasn't right.


    very pretty though...ummm...a garter.


    I just hate when that happens!


    Looks too loose anyway. The socks would wear out fast and you'd be pissed.


    Did you use the provisional cast on? We love the provisional cast on with the picot edge.

    How many stitches, what size needles, what gauge? Yeah, I'm just full of questions. :p


    Beautiful. And fewer stitches = faster next time.

    Re your previous post (aka two comments in one), my cleaning lady threw away two forks, one spoon, several of the great big highly practical rubber bands, and a perfectly good oral thermometer last week. I am mystified.

    Beth S.

    O picot edge, we hardly knew ye. *sniffle*

    What's it to be, smaller needles or fewer stitches?...


    But, if they're too big, why would you take two of them???



    Lovely Koigu! See, I think in your design genius you did it on purpose, just so you could have the pleasure and practice of making that picot edge with that lovely koigu. Good job Norma *pats your back*


    It was a test knit. You needed to test how stretchy it is, and wanted to get the technique down, right?


    I was just catching up on your blog, (and very nice blog it is too.) When I noticed something about P.W. and I thought to my self could that be Pioneer Woman? Naw nobody I know but my sister knows about Pdub. (Ok I know thats not true just look at the responce to the calendar sales.) But lo and behold you had a link to PWCs. Very cool. I think she rocks. And so do you.
    As far as the sock being too big. Been there, done that, will probably do it again. Condolences.


    The edging still looks good though


    Beautiful! But those picot edges are SO fiddly.


    Very pretty Loigu! And I read your comment on Knitfit about doing the Tabata protocol. After I saw it I too decided to give it a whirl. I did it on friday and monday on the stationary cycle I have. Yup. the last bit is really HARD. But what a sense of accomplishment!


    You COULD have bulked up your foot. But I suppose redoing would be a more realistic way to go. Good plan!
    (Loving all over your koigu)


    I think it look(s/ed) great, too. Fabulous yarn. Hurray for round 2.


    Lovely picot! Much nicer than my attempt.


    Your picot looks great! It's a pretty cool process, isn't it?

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