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    Wednesday, February 27, 2008


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    If I'm the first commenter when your post o' the day comes up, it means I'm staying up FAR too late. Especially considering that I have an early job (though not in the Northeast, admittedly).

    There are only 956 Ravelers online now.

    Quite the post for being a random number generated post. Wow. You do look extremely happy, not to say blissful, in that last photo. Which is made so much more meaningful and poignant by what you shared. It's weird to say, "I'm so sorry," after 43 years, but I AM sorry your life was turned upside down, and that you didn't smile for years. Life is just so majorly unfair -- so often.

    And this comment is going who knows where too, so I think I'd best better get to bed quite soon. And I think I should get brownie points for spelling 'poignant' correctly when I'm this tired....


    A little randomness in life is a good thing.


    I have that numbers thing too. I can remember not only my first car's license plate but also all of my friends parents license plates (because when we were getting riders home I found it easier to recognize the cars by the number since there were so many tan sedan cars driving in) But....for the life of me...I can never remember my CURRENT license number. Oh well. They write it on your ticket for you whether you remember it or not :)


    I've never been terribly good with license plate numbers, nor can I rattle off my driver's license number, despite having had the same one in Maine for over 19 years (I kept moving back within the ten year limit they give before deleting your number from the system). I'm pretty damn good with birthdays, though, and frequently used credit card numbers, and social security numbers (actually, just mine and David's - plus the ex's is still lodged up there).


    See? Being random is some sort of therapy. Good for the soul. And good for us.
    I cannot help but be over the flickr moon when you use the tools like that.
    You were adorable. Still are of course. xo


    Great post.

    I am phenomenally terrible with numbers. I have a mind like a steel trap for words,but numbers completely elude me.


    The first phone number I ever memorized (other than my home phone) was for the pizza place. We order from them very rarely now but I still know the phone number. I'm quite proud of that accomplishment, I tell you.
    As for #15, I'm sorry. Really, that must have been a life defining year for you, and it breaks my heart to think that your beautiful smile went away for 20 years.


    I used to be really good at remembering all kinds of numbers, too. Not so much anymore; I refuse to believe it's because I'm getting old!


    i learned how to do the rubik's cube (and then got fast enough to complete it in about a minute and a half) to impress a boy.

    yes, i kid you not. i was a weird girl.

    did i impress him? probably not as much as i might have had i looked like the pretty blonde with the red boots.

    oh well. i went with my strengths.


    That is one of the most fascinating posts you've ever written!

    MaryB in Richmond

    Two thoughts about your cell phone: You can bite the bullet and type all the numbers into some other place (I put them in Outlook, which then backs them up automatically), or you can buy into a service (I know Verizon has it, I'll bet the others do) where they automatically back everything up for you -- contacts, pictures, ringtones.

    The first one is free but takes time, the second is the opposite. I just sat down one day and typed all the IMPORTANT numbers off the cell into Outlook, but realized that for another 10 minutes of my life I could do them ALL. Peace of mind? Priceless.

    And as for the whole memory thing: I've got the words to about a million songs in my head (fifth verses of Christmas Carols; John Denver lyrics to songs nobody but me has ever heard of; songs my high school Glee Club performed in 1977; the opening credits to Gilligan's Island!), but for the life of me cannot remember what my annual salary is, never mind my monthly take-home.

    Oh, and did I mention I'M A CPA?!?!??!


    I remember my phone number in England when I was 9 years old (it was 866-0290)(which was in 1965!) but can't remember my current cell phone number either. But it's a comfort to me to know that I can phone my 9-year-old self whenever I want. Oh, and our car's number plate was KYF-51D.

    I took the same quiz and my result was 1966. Peace, baby.


    Ha! I not only know my numbers I know my husbands as well. And all of our credit cards. I used to work for the post office so when someone says where they are from, I immediately think the zip code in my head. 05478. i like the 4 pounds in the but! Are you in Burlington today? Lovin the freakin snow!


    I do believe I would have been able to pick you out in that picture, no prob.
    I'm 1974!

    Teresa C

    Heh, I logged on to Ravelry and there were 1236 members on and a few minutes later it jumped to 1257. And now 1095, only a minute later. I could do this all day.

    Erin was surprised to find that her cell # was not saved in my contacts on my cell phone. She asked, "Do you call me?" (a stupid question as she answers the calls), and when the obvious occurred to her she asked how. I told her that I dial her number and she was shocked that I knew it. She said she doesn't know any of her friends' numbers, or mine probably. I hope she is never in an emergency with a dead cell phone. She wouldn't be able to call anybody!


    I also took that quiz and got 1952, which is before I was born.. hell it's before I was the proverbial twinkle in me da's eyes... they're choice of answers really didn't cater well to my personal 'fancies'.
    I knew immediately that was you in the photo, so.. you've ALWAYS been a Beauty. and I'm sitting here looking at it, clicked for the larger view and enjoying seeing the smiles... and then reading the next part, which had me in tears, we're both members of 'that' club... XOXOXOX


    well, ferfucksake... I'm really not quite the idiot I seem... THEIR...(choices for answers... sheesh)

    Lynn in Virginia

    You, too, with the catalogs? I "unsubscribed" from over a hundred. Something like 3 are now listed as having been stopped, some have been "refused" (talk about pissing me off - like I will ever buy from those companies again), a bunch are pending, and now I am getting catalogs from places that I never knew existed, PLUS all the old ones. Even my husband, Mr. Oblivious, mentioned it the other day. "Is it just me or are we getting a lot more catalogs all of a sudden?" as he hauls in a huge stack from the mailbox.

    Teresa C

    Now it's 1367.


    Catalogs? Here's what I did. When catalogs arrived (sometimes 7 in one day), I'd rip off the cover with the 800-number of the company, and when I had a stack of them, I called each one, charmingly asked the operator to "do me a favor" and remove my address from the mailing list, and promised that I would view their online catalog. Not! This took a little time, but was totally worth it. The catalogs all but disappeared. I didn't memorize their phone numbers, though....


    "I've noticed that quite a few of my high school classmates work out at the same gym I do. They look old." Ha ha ha, your fckn awesome Norma.


    The only phone number I can't remember is the one my husband and I had at our first apartment and we had it for nine years. I think I'm blocking that part of my life out and many things associated with him. I can remember my childhood home phone number, my first personal phone number and my last three home numbers - plus a lot of people's current phone numbers (my brain does seem to erase their previous ones, Thank God!)... but numbers associated with my husband's family - not there... maybe the area code, but not the full number, just like the one we shared. Very odd.


    Yup - that was random! Interesting, but random.


    I have a crazy mind for numbers too. I remember my best friend's phone number from 1st grade, all my credit card numbers (but not the location of my wallet most days) etc.
    That bit about your father made me sad. When I rule the universe, that shit will NOT happen. (And fleece/yarn will magically appear in our baskets whenever we think of something we need a perfect fleece/yarn for.)


    I have my bloglines so anally organized that I know where my favorites are. I often check those and "mark as read" the rest. The good thing about moving across the horrid "just got done working out and I run into you" moments. Plus, my town is so small that there is no dating material around. I can go to the gym in my jammies if I wanted to. (not that I would EVER morph into a wearing jammies in publice person)


    My phone number in 1965 872-5339, I was 6. You're rockin Norma! ;-) And...I'm still laughing about your len.


    Hey, my birthday is Feb. 18, too! (1971) I was 7 lb. 7 oz.

    Katie B.

    in re: #9: My husband can do a regular Rubik's Cube in about two minutes flat. It says something about us and our relationship that I find this sexy... I wish I knew what it was, though. Maybe.


    If I lose my phone, I'm doomed.
    There are many numbers stored there that are stored no where else in my domain. This is probably a bad thing.

    I once had that number memory thing going. I blame the kids for its loss. Too many birth dates, social security numbers, clinic ID numbers etc. I'm lucky I remember my mom's phone number. But she's moving in November -- that probably means I have to learn a new number. shit.


    Wow woman! Ah, some company in NY saw your hat and mass produced it! Go get em'!


    I'm the only person with a paper and ink address book, aren't I? /sigh


    Thanks for telling us that story, Norma. I have no words for it except that I'm very glad that I've seen many photos of you smiling just from reading your blog.

    I may have written to you before with a different name. I'll check. This blogosphere identity thing gets very complicated.

    Oh, and about the memory thing: I KNOW. I can still remember the eye chart they used on us in Junior High School (one chart for every class in the school). I know the 20/20 line forwards and backwards since the day I memorized in in oh... 1977.... but please don't try to make me remember the dvd I just rented an hour ago. :D


    I just ordered 12 skeins of Silk Garden. I need another stash closet. Sorry it took you so long to smile again.

    Seanna Lea

    I am resisting the Silk Garden. I'm pretending that I am not seeing anything beautiful out on the Intarwebs...

    I'm also ignoring the Rubik's cube on my desk, because I'm pathetically bad at it and I like it in its pristine state.


    3. It's all muscle.

    11. I ought to do that too, but it would require more coordination than I have stamina for at the moment.

    13. Brian has neighbors who are visiting scholars from India. They aren't dealing well with Syracuse. They had a snow in the beginning of January and then it warmed up enough to melt it all. The one guy asked Brian, "So is it done snowing now?"

    15. Sorry to hear about this.

    Joan in Reno

    My father died when I was 10 and I retreated into books and lived happily ever after in my head for many, many years. Funny how things turn out, isn't it?


    Dad dying ain't any easier when you're 48, either. I'm still having days.

    That said, 1965 phone number was FI7-8074.
    1980 phone number was 479-2794.

    I'm sorry, what's today?


    That is a great picture.


    I'm sorry to hear that you didn't smile for so many years. It's hard to believe now because you bring smiles to so many of us every single day. Life works in mysterious ways. I'm always in awe of all the happiness and joy you bring to others.

    PS - I haven't figured out how I feel about Catalog Choice either. The verdict is still out.


    I have some funny number stuff, too. A sister-in-law takes it a step further and it's numerology. When psychiatrists hear about it, they call it ocd. Potato-tomato, eh?


    I used to have the numbers thing, and then I had kids. Each of them took a part of my brain with them on the way out. And, as you point out, having the cell phone do it for you doesn't help.

    That is a beautiful smile. What Cathy-Cate said.


    I wonder how many skeins of Silk Garden Noro has sold since Jared posted his scarf. I think they should give that man a commission.

    Ir makes me want to make one of them-thar scarfs.

    Beth S.

    Oh geez, look how adorable Little Norma was!... :-D

    I took that quiz and it told me I belonged in the year I was born. So basically I never had a chance. ;-)


    Shit. that Scroll down made me forget my comment. Oh...Kevin says with all the muscle my "furnace is always on" and that is why I am hungry more too. :) It's all good baby!


    I have the number thing, too. Impressed the hell out of our realtor when we bought the WI house. "I don't suppose you know your husband's social security number?" and I rattled it off, having memorized it when doing our taxes. I used to know #1 son's SSN, too, while he was in college and I had to do the FAFSA every year. My latest trick for memorizing cell numbers is to use the newest one (for husband, son, son's girlfriend, whoever) as my PIN number at work. Of course, now I also have them programmed into my cell phone, so why I do this I have no idea.

    Our phone number when I was a kid was 2541. Yup, before dial phones. Are you impressed?

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