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    Wednesday, January 02, 2008


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    i missed the sale? and i didn't even get to see what was for sale?

    Marcia Cooke

    Yeah, I never even found the thing on your sidebar.


    That's AWESOME -- has to be a great feeling!


    Looking forward to 'more'... heh.

    Kiersten B

    That, my friend, is New Year's Resolution efficiency.


    I was out walking when the sale started so I was too late - yikes that was fast! Lesson learned. I'm hoping to score some spinning fiber so next time I'm staying home. :)


    I didn't see it either. (Not that I would have bought anything - I'm sortof drowning in my own hobby-related clutter and don't need anyone else's, but I like to shop vicariously.) Where did you post the items?


    Um, nevermind. I am a complete bonehead and did not scroll past the video, since I'd seen it before. (I know it's supposed to be funny, but it hits so close to home it's a little painful to watch.) Chalk it up to me being a goober and go on about your business...


    Good work, Norma. (Did you send me a total with the shipping so I can PayPal you? If so, would you send it again -- somehow it seems to have gone astray.)


    Sheesh, I feel like Maryse! I am always late, but then my desire is to end up like that old lady in the saying... sliding in at the last minute saying "whoo, hoo... what a ride!". I will try to keep better tabs, so that I don't miss something you are parting with that I surely can't live without:)

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