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    Thursday, January 03, 2008


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    Poor puppy! Hang in there! (I'm fresh out of questions right now...)


    Here is my question: Cold out, innit?

    Dave Daniels

    Boxers or briefs? (Your own or on anyone else.)

    Dave Daniels

    Top or bottom?

    Dave Daniels

    If you could do it all over again, would you? And, why?

    Dave Daniels

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Please show your math. You have 3 minutes for this one.


    Heal, Vincent, Heal!


    Dave is making me pee my pants again! It was nice to meet you in person!


    Take care dear Vincent!


    I have questions, but I consider them too personal. I'm a model of proper decorum and restraint. (That's why I don't have much fun.) Love to Vincent.


    damn, any other time I'd have the questions but now that you ask? notsomuch... plus I love it when you give us those little 'treats' about yourself... and yep, that Dave.
    Sending all manner of love and healing thoughts to Vincent, we'll just make that a continuous stream of them... feel better soon sweet pupper!
    My parents thought 'Marianne' was plenty to carry around and didn't tag me with a middle name... I took 'Robinson', my maiden name, as my legal middle name.
    (I've used that search engine in your blog many many times :^) (I didn't mean that in a creepy way)

    Tracy in Qatar

    What's your favorite Bikram pose, and which one kicks your ass?
    (I know, the answer can change over days & weeks - just trying to get you to write about Bikram more :) )


    Ah! My middle name is Mae. :)

    Question: what was your childhood dream? Firefighter? Doctor?

    Dave Daniels

    If you weren't married to the wonderful David, whom else would you be married to in your fantasy world, male or female. (You're liberal, as are my questions.)

    Dave Daniels

    If money were not an issue, what type of home would you live in, and in what general locale? (Split level in Tulsa, geodome in Tampa...)

    Dave Daniels

    How many grand children would you like to have?

    Dave Daniels

    From previous question: would you want to be called "Nana", "Grandma", "Grammy", or other? And why?

    elizabeth a airhart

    just asking
    as i was putting long pants on(24 degrees in florida)

    are you a one leg at a time person putting on your
    jeans and why if you are not


    What is your favorite yarn store in the Burlington area?


    First, your "2.1" comes from your profession and living with lawyer. These things just creep in.

    Now, for the questions -- do you really *like* dandelion greens or eat them because they are good for you? What is your dream meal if calories/fat were not an issue?


    What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you?

    Also, what celebrities have you met? Ryan does not count.


    What's your favorite memory from when you were a child? How did you meet your husband? Circular or straight?

    Hope Vincent feels better soon!

    nipper jenn

    Hugs for Vincent Bischon!!!


    Ha! I think I'll wait to see the answers to Dave's questions.

    Hope Vincent gets better soon!

    Elizabeth D

    Norma, tell Ryan to turn the hat inside out when he washes it -- very good pompom protection strategy.


    What is your favorite joke?

    (I stole the line from the movie, "A League of Their Own." Madonna played the character, Mae.)


    What are you going to do with all the freed storage space now that you have sold off some of your stash?

    Get well Vincent!


    On second thought... when did you put in your first vegetable garden and what was your first crop? Did you garden as a child?


    I'm blaming you for everything just now - nablogpomo, blog365, numbering - but I'm sure your shoulders are broad ;-)


    Dave asked all the questions I was dying to ask. And also, are you selling any more books in the future? [runs away]


    And apparently I can't spell either - may I lay that on your doorstep too or must I take credit for something?

    Dave Daniels

    If you could turn back the clock to any time period in history, when would it have been?

    Dave Daniels

    If you knew then what you know now, what do you wish you knew most of all then?

    Dave Daniels

    If two trains were traveling at the same speed, one from San Francisco, and one from Boston, and both left at 8:30am GMT and heading to Houston, at what time would they serve lunch?


    Desert island. One food item (defined as ONE edible thing, not made of separable constituent parts like a "salad"). What?

    Rachel H

    How hard are you going to smack Dave Daniels the next time you see him?


    Norma Mae huh? I'm Amanda Shay, and my Dad has to call me by both of them when he talks to me. I have never once heard him call me "Amanda", it is almost always either "Manda Shay" or "Baby Girl". I'm 33, good grief.


    I'm just going to point toward Dave's questions and say, "what he said!"


    Dave's questions are cracking me up! What kind of music do you listen to and who's your favorite artist or band?


    Do you smoke? Stop that! I mean cigarettes, cause your avitar does.

    Tressa in NC

    No burning questions today. Just good wishes for little Vincent.


    Show us your favorite knitting spot. Show us your stash storage area. What was the first thing you knit?

    Dave Daniels

    If you could be the love child of ANY pairing of people, who would they be? (Mine would be Pee Wee Herman and Mae West.)

    Dave Daniels

    Shhhh, listen. Someone is knocking on your door. Who do you WISH could be standing on the other side of that door?

    Dave Daniels

    What's a favorite sport that you like to watch? (I like watching the high divers. Lots of Speedo butt action.)

    Dave Daniels

    Who are the three top bloggers that you would like to meet some day? (They don't have to be knit bloggers.)


    Will you be smackin' Dave later today?

    Did your mom have a second choice for your name? Mine is horrifying.

    How did you manage to raise Abigail so well when you don't like children?

    Why a dog?

    Why no cat?

    Is the microwave's door open or closed?

    Where are your car keys?

    Did you ever find your camera charger thingy?

    Wanna smack me now? ;^)

    Hugs to Vincent. I hope he's doing better today. ♥


    Hey! Don't sleep-deprived toddler wranglers get some kind of pass around here? Sheesh!

    Dave Daniels

    Don't you hate when people like Cookie come and ask a whole bunch of questions in ONE comment? Doesn't she know they're supposed to be spaced out, one at a time?
    Oops, that was 2 questions...


    To tag on to Elizabeth D's suggestion (officially, I am also Elizabeth D tho my Dad and strangers are the only ones who ever call me Elizabeth), also put the inside out hat in a lingerie bag (pillowcase, mesh bag that oranges come in...) when washing so it stays inside out. Looking forward to the answers to Dave's questions (Dave- is a calculator allowed on the woodchuck question and are diagrams &/or graphs required?).

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