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    Friday, January 25, 2008


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    Of course you have the fortitude. You may not have the desire, but the fortitude- nary a doubt in my mind.


    Some of my favorite psychoactive food comes from up your way: Lake Champlain Chocolates. I tend to prefer milk chocolate, but when I'm having a dark chocolate yen, theirs makes my taste buds happy! I also like the Endangered Species Company--I can feel like I'm doing something good by eating badly.


    Sorry about the chocolate. Can't your sister get really good chocolate for you? Love that sock!


    Maybe Abigail has skinnier legs?


    We've been having chocolate debates at work. I like the deep, dark, bittersweet with loads of flavor...everyone else likes it with sugar. Pepper would really get to them.
    Is the sock so tight you can't get it on? It's the process, ya know, and you'll be back where you are now very quickly if you decide to rip.


    Sorry about the chocolate bar. Have you ever tried a Vosges bar? I'm partial to the Barcelona flavor (deep milk chocolate with sea salt and almonds) but the Red Fire (dark chocolate with cinnamon and ancho and chipotle chili peppers) is quite good as well.


    You have the fortitude in spades, dear... and you know you'll love them... you never said what size needles you were using. Those gloves are a riot!
    Yargh on the chocolate bar, I agree with you on the packaging though, that's just lovely. I tend to use the white pepper quite a bit, always fun when the inlaws come over and eat dishes I've used it in...'something's a bit different here''white pepper?!?!?'....heh.


    Ewwwwwww! Chocolate and PEPPER? Sounds just awful! But I guess I'd have to try it myself just to see.

    And about the sock? I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has stuff just not be what you wanted. It is pretty though. It think I'd finish it and gift it.


    Yeah, I have narrow feet and ankles. Those socks would find a great home with me! Or you could use them as currency for contest prizes or trades or something. Maybe you are just a few months ahead on your Christmas gifting. As Mrs. Woodrow Wilson said to a friend while knitting socks for WWI, "We are much too busy to rip out. If you made a mistake, do it again in the next row and call it a pattern."


    A few weeks ago, I picked up a Dagoba bar with chili nibs in it. I hadn't noticed the chili on the label when I bought it. But, it was wonderful chocolate, to my surprise. The chili wasn't all that intense, but it gave the chocolate a nice bit of oomph.

    As for frogging the sock, in my experience, to ask the question is to answer it. At the very least, let it marinate in time-out for a while. Continuing to knit will make it longer, but it won't make it wider. (Ask me how I know this!)

    Tracy in Qatar

    Just don't let Inigo Montoya see you wearing those gloves...


    I had no clue about all this. I guess that what happens if you only start really liking chocolate in your late 30s. Isn't it odd that that happened. I think it coincided with the beginning of an autoimmune illnes. Really. I always liked chocolate fine, but never craved it and always had Halloween candy to throw out by the time it was time to go trick or treating the next year. 'not no more....


    Chocolate, sniff, sniff, do I smell chocolate. OOh, I will find you some awesome dark it is my fav too. As for the sock, RRRIIIPPP.
    socks I will not wear
    Too tight for her leg and foot
    Make Norma a new pair!

    Seanna Lea

    I love finding interesting chocolates, even though I have a distressing tendency to go for dark chocolate with salt and caramel. I think it has just been the thing of the moment for the past couple of months. Chocolate with white pepper sounds positively delightful!


    Of course you have the intestinal fortitude. Rip now, and you are closer to the right pair of socks for yourself.


    a friend gave me home-made hot chocolate mix with chili in it (called duh-ingly enough mexican hot chocolate -- did i just make up a new word?) and it's super good. it's like grown-up hot chocolate.

    sorry about the sock. i'd frog.


    Rip it and have some good chocolate to celebrate.


    I'm sure Trekking is superwash wool (& nylon, I believe). Superwash grows when you wash, especially machine wash, it. People complain about things getting too big. Maybe try putting the live stitches on some spare yarn, washing gently/soaking thoroughly with wool wash or your favorite knit washing stuff for at least 20 minutes, then blocking on a sock blocker or your foot. From experience: I knit some socks for my daughter which she outgrew 5 minutes after I finished them; I just did the above, 6 months and more growth later (she was pouting) and they fit her perfectly now. So I think it's worth trying before (sob!) frogging.

    Beth S.

    Oh, you have just made me SO hungry for a chocolate bar, dammit.

    I never knew what "that weird stuff" on the surface of old, neglected chocolate was... until just now. Thank you for sharing that tidbit with us! I love it when I learn something (non-yarn-related) through a blog. ;-)


    I love dark chocolate. YUM. Packing is gorgeous. Shame about the cocoa butter. Had some fab dark chocolate in Paris...and some stuff that tasted like baking chocolate. :)

    Love those gloves. I have petite tootsies...perhaps you should move forward and ship the socks to NY.


    Two words for you: Bacon Chocolate.


    Reminds of a chocolate experience I had while pregnant. It would turn you off chocolate forever, so I'll spare you. The glooves are a hoot! A real shame about the sock it's lovely!

    Cathy in Va.

    One little warning to keep in mind: if you do frog and reknit with bigger needles or more stitches, the pretty stripe pattern *may* come out different. It could come out even prettier, but different.

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