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    Tuesday, January 29, 2008


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    you know... i'd probably put several of those on my top 10 too, nice choices!

    oh... and the show tonight? it didn't stand a chance. i wasn't feeling good... and there's this lovely boy, you see... and he just got back from being Far Away for about 2 weeks... and he offered to bring me soup and tea and watch a movie with me...

    you understand, yes? 0:)


    You were on my 10 Bloggers Who Make My Day list, too. Thanks for links to more must-read blogs, although happily I was already familiar with many of your ten.


    Norma did a MEME! Norma did a MEME!

    And baby, you're totally worthy.


    "would you like some tears to go with that morning beverage?"
    "Yes, I think I might"
    Thank you, Norma. I'm verclempt.


    Wait a minute. Norma? You feeling okay?


    You are so good. I've been given this award many times and have ignored it...I just can't face listing everyone in Blogland that I love. You'd be on my list that's certain.
    I miss the Lodge. Haven't been since Christmas and then I had to drag myself there. Must go again soon. Love you, grrlfriend!


    Every single one of them is *so worthy* :)


    Tell Sandy that NICE originally meant wonton, foolish, and I seem to remember, slatternly. Which endlessly amuses me, because growing up, everything had to be nice.


    O' Norma, you make many many folks' day, What a great list of wonderful people :^)


    Aww... Shucks. Okay, first I needed to catch my breath that you did a MEME and then I thought about it for a second and realized of course you did this one... it's one that makes others feel good about themselves. That's what you do, Norma. Make people feel good. You're right at the top of my list too.


    Thank you, thank you for the links. I'm going to meme-orize them all!


    You always make me laugh, Norma. Except when you make me cry. Or sometimes both at the same time.
    Thanks for sharing! And not shutting up!


    I *knew* you'd do this meme! I have the power! Mwahaha!


    Nice choices. All of em stellar. You run with a tough crowd, chica.


    Thank you, The Norma. I am in fabulous company. You may want to check your spreadsheet because I'm sure I'm in there in error. Just sayin'...


    OK, I love these things and especially the way you write about them, you know that. But I have this burning question and since you brought it up today, I have to ask the word warrior. Why is the word homage always preceded with "an" rather than "a"?


    Thank you, Norma. Sniff.
    You're the feel good blog at the top of my list, especially when you are cussing!
    I feel like the unknown Canuck in there with the American Team.
    And I Do eat dandelions! Remember all those frickin' flowers in my freezer for jelly? Oi!
    (I thought you were going to say, "except for all those baked goods she eats." That would be true)
    Crap, maybe I should go post something, now?


    I already read most of these, but there are a few I'll have to check out... so many great blogs, so little time...


    OK, Norma, you just convinced me to start reading several more blogs in addition to the ones I already visit faithfully. When is a girl supposed to clean her toilets, already??
    Glad I could help sucker you into this - but I obviously can't be blamed entirely!



    What a lovely post! I enjoy a number of those blogs as well. (I'll even confess that I kept up with the Keyboard Biologist's trials and was thrilled to tears when she successfully entered motherhood. Have I mentioned that I hate kids?)


    Just so we're clear, N, Kitty Cafe eats those big honkin' marshmallow squares?!?


    A meme -- and kind of mushy, too! Snap out of it, Norma! ;-)


    Man, now I'm feeling all mushy... there must be something in the new england air.

    Great list, though... some fantastic reads on there!!


    Hear, hear on what you said about Sandy, Margene & Claudia. Woot!

    "You made my day. Don't kill me." That cracks me up.

    Love you, you grumpy gal, you.


    Dude, lay off the sauce.


    Warrior Knitter

    Thanks for your blog list. Most of those I already read but I discovered two new ones, Sandy's blog and The Scottish Lamb. Thanks again.

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