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    Thursday, January 24, 2008


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    You make rest stop such a special place, perfect :) and we were travelling in that area last March and I missed that lovely place, now we will have to go back (I can find a few other reasons for that trip!).


    You make rest stops such a special place, perfect :) and we were travelling in that area last March and I missed that lovely place, now we will have to go back (I can find a few other reasons for that trip!).


    You know, I think there's a guide book waiting to be written...


    ever since you post about no cell phone service i've been wondering -- do they have pay phones at least? yes, i obsess about insignificant things. i'm not even normally nervous about being without cell phone service.


    Norma you could get a job with a travel magazine as the pee stop reporter!

    Teresa C

    You should start a website where people can send in their "pee stop" recommendations and reviews. Ha. Organized by state and highway. That would be fun.


    This series is like Daniel Deronda on Masterpiece Theater. You just don't want it to end.


    Cracking up at Margene! Who knew that her name now sports the letter "q" in it? :-)


    What an outstanding pee stop! LOVE the rocks (well known secret of mine, I DO collect rocks) and the fishing lures... apparently I've got my geek on this morning.
    I know that I-44 from Tulsa to OKC used to have emergency phones situated along the way but they are no more... due to cell phones... seems to me those would be a good idea for that stretch of road..... Is that Abigail and David in the photo?


    Niiiice. And I'm sitting here on conference call with my back teeth floating!


    Nicer northbound rest stops because the vacationers are headed up north, all excited, and ready to spend. Less nice on the southbound side because they already got yo' money!

    Here ends Cynicism Thursday.

    Marcia Cooke

    That's a good one, for sure. We found a few on our car trip across country (Ohio has a nice one) but the one that blew me away was in Wyoming, of all places. Run by Mormons, for what it's worth.


    I'm getting in the car right now and heading north!

    Cheryl S.

    I've been so sad that my favorite rest top in the Virgin River Gorge (small snippet of Arizona that you pass through on your way from St. George, Utah to Mesquite, Nevada) was closed when the area was made into a campground. Lovely, clean, spectacular views, nice picnic area, vending machines, historical information, etc. It was one of the finest rest stops I'd ever been to, and I even wrote to the State of Arizona to thank them after the first time I saw it.

    naomi you go through the islands to get there? We usually take US4 to 22A, leaving 87 by Lake George.


    I like the idea of a book. "Rest Stops Remarks" perhaps. Or, "The Buck Rests Here."


    I nearly explode every time I come back to VT from NJ, refusing to pee in MA, waiting for that beautiful Vermont Welcome Center...


    I love your "pee stop" tour.

    Being a NYer that has lived many, many years near the Northway, I have to clear up some confusion. It is true that both the Northway and the Thruway are considered I-87, however the Northway and the Thruway are two different roads. The Thruway goes from NYC to Albany and then heads west to Buffalo. The Northway starts at Albany and goes north. The best way to understand it is that if you are paying a toll then it is the Thruway and if you aren't it is the Northway.

    I have a friend from Ohio who has the hardest time grasping it and all us locals can't understand why she doesn't understand. :)

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