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    Monday, December 31, 2007


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    Happy Birthday Abigail! And Norma...I have to say it ROCK. I hadn't started reading blogs waaaaay back in the ol' days (2005 LOL) and missed this post. How great are you? You are, indeed, a Somebody. :o)

    Andrea (noricum)

    Wow, this is a really long post. I'll read it in the morning. Promise. (Where morning is defined as within several hours of getting up, not actually before noon in my time zone.)


    Wow. That's just awesome... both that it's Abigail's birthday and that you reposted that disposition. I think you fried what's left of my brain. (hides the green koigu sock and it's second skein, stuck at the heel turn cuz I dislike the pattern...)


    Happy Birthday, Abigail! Amazingly, Norma, I was lurking here all the way back then, because I remember this one. Fun to read again, though. I have a similar birth story with my second daughter - we made it with 15 minutes to spare. No icy temps, though - it was the end of August in New Orleans and I thought I would die of heatstroke.


    Bribe, induce, coerce. Yup, that about sums it up. tee-hee.

    And happy birthday to the astounding Abigail!


    Well this time, you really made me late for work and it was worth it btw;) Happy Birthday Abigail!!


    I remember that post, I can't believe it was that long ago! Happy Birthday to Abigail. She's as beautiful as her mom.


    Happy Birthday Abigail!

    Norma, she is GORGEOUS! If God had seen fit to give me a girl to go along with My 3 Sons, I'd hope that she looked like her! She gets it from her mom, right? (wink, wink)


    Happy Birthday Abigail. You are one beautiful, talented lady and very lucky to have a wacky, wonderful, mom. w00t!!


    Happy Birthday Abigail and I think Mr. Greenstripe needs to meet my current disaster, maybe he'll understand better ;)


    Happy happy happy birthday, Abigail!

    Thanks for reposting that deposition Norma. It's still such a hoot to read.


    Happy Birthday Abigail from one BBC member to another!


    A Very Happy Happy Birthday, Abigail! and Norma? a Very Happy Birth Day to you! Abigail's a Beauty for sure, takes after her mamma!
    The deposition is hilarious, glad I took that little 'break' before I read it ;^)


    Happy Birthday Abigail! Happy Mother's Day Norma! Thank you for making me fall down laugh in my office with the transcript -- it reminds me of a deposition I was part of a month or two ago. I needed a good laugh this morning. Best wishes for 2008.


    Happy Birthday, Abigail?
    (As an aside, Norma, how come you always get stuck with the loser doctors and vets and other such idiots? I should actually probably THANK you, since my experiences have been better - maybe you're taking the hits for all of us.)


    Good job on the baby-dropping, mom! Just look how she turned out.

    LOL at your deposition!


    Happy Birthday Abigail! And if you haven't noticed? Your mom is a freaking nut! But that's why I love her.

    elizabeth a airhart

    happy birthday to abigail
    merry fireworks to you

    365 days of blogging plus one -leap year i think
    nuff to write a book abigail could play you
    in the movie

    think you could win the masondixon contest
    you must have a box some where
    i am in florida freezeeing by wed night


    Happy Birthday Abigail! Great post Norma! I must have missed this one back in the early days of my blog reading and commenting- I was probably on vacation come to think of it. You definitely need to continue the series. What a h00t!


    Happy Birthday, Abigail!


    Happy Birthday, Abigail!


    Happy Birthday, Abigail! And Norma? I wish you didn't live so far from NYC, though I feel very fortunate to have gotten to know you some through your blog. You are a treasure. Happy new year!


    Thanks mom!! But I must say...that baby picture makes my hair look flat. Darn.

    Perhaps my stage name should have been Abigailcicle?


    Happy Birthday, Abigail!! Happy New Year, NowNorma (or is it Ms. Knits?)!!

    P.S. Heh. Ali was born on Easter weekend... tell me about the doctors who don't want to be there on the holiday.


    Happy Birthday, Abigail! It's my husband's dog Riso's birthday too - Riso gets chinese food on his birthday every year which I think is pretty plush for a dog, but I hope you score better than that.

    I've not met your mom in person but I think she has to be one of the world's coolest people - and so by association/relation, you must be too. Have a fab day!

    - no-blog-rachel (who actually has one)


    "They flock to them." *snort* You crack me up!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABIGAIL!!!! Glad you weren't born in the car! :)


    Happy birthday, Abigail Sylvia Miller! Norma, I love that you called her Abigailcicle and talked about how she was cold and then put a photo of her looking HOT!


    God. Can't you split up posts in a respectable fashion like normal people that area anxiety ridden about signing up for the blog 365??
    Happy, Happy Birthday to Abigail! May it be full of joy!


    Happy Birthday to Abigail! I hope 23 is her break-out-and-be-famous year.

    That transcript is hysterical.


    Happy Birthday, Abigail! Thank you for not picking a stripper name. ;^)


    Happy Birthday, Abigail. I'm laughing at her comment. Brains, beauty AND a great sense of humor. She'll go far!


    Happy Birthday Abigail! and Norma...You kick ass as well! You ARE a contender, yes? I fully expect (cross out expect; insert I will not be surprised) to hear the announcement of your first published work! You rock! Wishing you a safe, but rockin' New Year!

    Jena (the yarn harpy)

    Happy birthday, Abigail! And happy Abigail's birthday, Norma. Somehow, that birth story doesn't surprise me at all... :)


    Happy Birthday Abigail!!!

    Norma, in my cold induced fog it was a bit hard to follow the deposition.....but it was funny when I did get it. But in all my laughter I went into a coughing fit. ICK!

    Well happy new year! Now maybe I should work on my second sock, poor stirpey is languishing in a bag down here in my craft room/office.


    Happy birthday, Abigail!


    I was laughing so hard, my kids kept running into the kitchen to see what was so funny! They didnt get it to say the least,lol. That was great!!!




    Happy birthday, Abigail!

    And, Norma, I do remember that post. I had only just discovered your blog the week or so before that, but THAT was the post that got me hooked.


    13 years ago on New Year's Eve I got my appendix out. The doctors didn't want to be there for that, either. I got there at 7ish in the morning, and it took them until 11 pm to finally decide to call the surgeon-on-call. Good times for a 13 yo!

    Tracy in Qatar

    I'm trying to imagine a world in which my mother would say that I "totally kick ass." What a kickass mom you are, Norma!
    And a great writer, too. So glad you're doing the every day thing. Can't think of a better way to spend the first night of the year than knitting, listening to Van Morrison & laughing till I cry over your deposition.
    And I kid you not - I am actually knitting a heel flap. Right now. On the SECOND SOCK, even.
    Stranger things have happened....

    Alarming Female

    Nice bone struhk-chah.


    Catching up as usual, and it gives me great glee to say Happy Birthday, Abigail!...from one tax deduction to another. Do you also have the problem of figuring out your age occasionally when counting up by years? Wait, maybe that only starts happening when you're older. Or maybe it's just me. [g] I never can remember to just subtract a year. Anyway, we have the best birthday, I think; much of the world is celebrating! Hope yours was a good one!

    Norma, love the deposition, and please, yes, write more! Also: My mom was already checked into the hospital, and I was her second, but they didn't believe her either when she told them I was on my way. It'd been 11 years since my brother; they thought she was just fussing. (As if.) Finally got her on a gurney after she kept insisting, checked her, and the intern said, "My god, she's crowning!" The intern delivered me. Mom's doctor stuck his head in her room much later and said he'd heard he'd done a good job!


    PS - And LOL, we're precisely 30 years apart, too. Took me a while... (Yeah. Math-challenged. Like proof was needed.)


    Happy Birthday, Abigail. I love the deposition, Norma. Hilarious. :-)

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