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    Sunday, December 30, 2007


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    I've come to the conclusion that faeries shouldn't knit lace. I didn't even get to see my mistakes when I made them... they showed up while blocking!

    Love the mug :) Your daughter is a genius... lol


    I am a lace loser. I can't knit it to save my life. Lace socks...sure. Lace with lace weight yarn....nope. Although I really like the look of the scarf you are making. Maybe there is hope for me yet. But...umm....yeah. I would have fucked it up without even any people around to blame. So...atleast you have that on your side. Blame them. Yeah...yeah...that's it. It's their fault for talking too much :)(i'm ducking now...because I can just tell you're going to throw your new mug at me ;)


    Ca-ching! You can also send them a photo of a healthy Vincent;)
    Very thoughtful knitting gift! I hardly knit anything that requires counting outside the house, guaranteed mistake. Did you play Guitar Hero? It's so much fun!


    Lace loser here, checking in, Ma'am! But we ALL know who is the BEST at lace! Right?
    SHUT UP!
    (Yes, Cookie, I'm talking at you!)
    At least the guitar heroes do not have their tongues hanging out, which is the preferred way around here to play!
    I love the makers of that game, sticking in songs us 70's parents would love!
    GO VIN!


    Ooooh, that lace knitting... needs the quiet, no distractions time... it's looking so lovely though! (and a quick fix it looks)... kids... funny adorable kids.
    Congrats to the winners!
    I'll be looking forward to hearing how Vincent is doing :^)


    Guitar Hero mania has struck our household too! Ours are played on the PS3 Platform. Great songs- our favorite right now is "Cliffs of Dover" by Eric Johnson. I've downloaded it to my iPod. Nice btw! I am somewhat lace challenged too. Glad Vincent is doing so well!


    One of my first real knitting projects ever (early '80s) was a Victorian-style cable & lace pullover with a little ruffled, stand-up collar and 3/4-length sleeves... in mercerized cotton. I don't know who let me knit that in mercerized cotton -- the thing weighs a ton! I can't believe it turned out (relatively speaking) and it must be that I just didn't know any better -- the lace has kicked my butt at every attempt since!

    I love it when dogs give you a peek into their dreams.


    That custom mug place is gonna wonder what hit 'em when 83 gazillion of your readers order mugs just like yours.


    Also, do not knit lace while traveling on bumpy roads for 6 hours to visit family. Ask me how I know.


    Well, at least it was only a few rows. Good thing I taught you how to tink for yourself! Love the mug.


    Yay Vincent. And good for you for letting the vet know WHY you are moving. How will they learn if we don't tell them?

    You took lace knitting to a party? What. Were. You. Thinking? Lace knitting always gets way too silly at parties and acts shamefully. I have never met a lace project that could be taken to a party without needing to be thouroughly tinked afterwards. Lace knitting needs to be kept quietly at home untill it's bound and blocked. Then, take it to all the parties you like. Its giddy personality will then be free to shine!


    I didn't get a chance to tell you yesterday, but I'm glad Vincent is getting better and you gave the old vet the heave ho.

    I can never knit at parties (unless they are knitting parties). Too many distractions!


    Abs is a natural!


    Yay! Thank you, and many thanks to the random number generator!

    Sure, I can knit lace and socks. Lace socks even, but I'm still sweater challenged.

    Abigail rocks! Love the mug and she and Ruben look so cute playing at being rock stars. I bet they are far less annoying than your average guitar god, too. Ask me how I know this. o.0


    Woohoo...I won?!!? Coolness.

    The mug rocks!! And so does Guitar Hero.....we have normal jam sessions of it going on here and Rock Band. So I don't take my lace with me, but she is a party girl at long as we are partying on our spot on the couch. Anywhere else in the house and she has problems.

    Glad to hear Vincent is feeling better. I have cold thing that is kicking my butt, don't ask me how many times I have had to retype this for really dumb typo's!! UGH!


    Ha! My daughter and I have been playing Guitar Hero too since Christmas. It's addictive. I'm the champ of "Jessica" by The Allman Bros. :) (That's on Guitar Hero 2). My daughter has me beat on everything else.

    Fun picture!


    You know, it just occurred to me . . . next year is a leap year, so shouldn't the button say Blog 366? (grin)

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