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    Thursday, November 22, 2007


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    Heh heh heh - have you ever noticed that when you go to check out a gym, they always send a hot young thing of the opposite gender to give you the tour and "sales talk"? That's not a coincidence - just smart marketing and sales!


    I am thankful for Norma and her blog...may you have a lovely day...


    can you send abigail to take me to the gym?


    Yeah, whatever. Today it's all about the power of the PIE.


    I am impressed that you joined a gym at Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy these three months.

    (The power of the pie, hahahaha)!


    You are looking rather buff.
    hahahahah ROFL!
    Happy Thanksgiving,my Norma!


    Yes, I agree, I'm most thankful for Norma and her blogging! Power of the Pie, indeed.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


    I think I would have signed up for a lifetime membership myself...


    That's all! I thought you had more pictures! Happy Thanksgiving, Normagrrl!


    Funny!!!!!!! Nice way to justify those hot jeans, eh? :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Norma.

    Dave Daniels

    Whoa, I can't believe you're posting the photo of my pecs, that was private!
    Yeah, sure. In my dreams, right?
    Have a wonderful day with the family.


    Next you'll be telling us about your hot, young personal trainer.


    It's always so much easier on your wallet when it's a cute young girl that you can resent. Have a great day and enjoy that gym membership!


    Hahaha, look at Margene... she's lookin' for Playgirl over here. ; )

    Happy Thanksgiving, Norma!


    Happy Thanksgiving, Norma!


    Ya know, Norma, you can enjoy the scenery without having to rent the property. Just sayin'. Very scenic, though - our turkey should have had such pecs!


    Happy Thanksgiving, Norma! (So, are you thankful for Abigail, the gym, or the pecs-behind-the-desk?)


    That's great! You always look fab, but there's no such thing as "too fab!" Happy Thanksgiving!


    I'm thankful for the pec-pic :-) Happy Thanksgiving!


    Enjoy your Turkey Day, Norma! Nice pecs, btw...


    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Teresa C

    yeah, what Claudia said!

    Norma, today I count you among things I am grateful for. Even if I have to take your NaBloPoMo shit for a whole month. I love you for it.


    Imagine what you would have signed up for if he wasn't behind that desk...

    Happy Thanksgiving, The Norma! ♥


    Purrrr. I almost made that photo my desktop wallpaper. Heh.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, dear friend!


    Ohmy. Not a turkey in sight (I'm saving that for Christmas, and besides, I bought yarn this month), yet I'm drooling. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!


    I might be more motivated with good scenery, but hopped back on my exer-cycle at home, deciding if I waited until the traditional 'new years resolution' start-up, the damage would be even worse! I need to be slim and trim NOW:) Happy Thanksgiving!

    Seanna Lea

    I concur with Carol. It's all about the PIE!

    That said, I went for a walk and it felt good to get outside.


    yea. I love it now and miss it terribly when I don't get to go!!


    GOOD for you. We all should get our turkey-laden, pie-eating, stuffing-stuffed bew-tocks to the gym (me included, yes).

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