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    Wednesday, November 28, 2007


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    {SMACK!} You are henceforth not allowed to describe yourself as a cow in my presence. Bad Norma! Bad! Now drop and give me 20!


    I agree with Kristen but you sure do have a way with words :)


    Now, Norma, I'm sure everyone in the parking lot was saying, "Hey, who's the blond babe?"


    It is 4:52 am and I am up to do some freaking stretching exercises where previous I would have been stretching the covers to be warmer. BAH.
    Excuse me while I MOVE. I'll be back later with a comment or two. No time now....


    Okay, I'm back. And I'd like to say, YAY! It's all about ME here today!
    1. Terry could take you, I believe. I love ya but I'd have to side with her on this
    2. Has your yoga studio not heard of shades? Or at the very least, blinds?
    3. I love me some MoFo's
    4. I am seriously proud of you.
    5. I am.


    Sounds like hard word work to me. Bet you look like a million buck though!




    Terry's a scrappy little thing. She's tough and I wouldn't mess with her. Plus, have you ever heard her order a meal? The woman is a genius.
    Anyway, good for you for the gym. I haven't been in months and I feel like a sloth.


    Together, together...we'll do this together. Mofo's rock!!


    I just love goingto the gym....freaking hair cut is getting in the way on Thursday but...if'n I cut it all off and donate it to Locks of Love again...that could be another lb, right?

    Go Norma!! Go away Muffin top. Mine is and I just bought a "smexy" (as Gracie would say) dress for this weekend. 17.5lbs for me. Yea! But I really want the armpit flab to disappear. I hate that stuff.

    Marcia Cooke

    Muffin top.....snort! But really, dear, I now have to go through the day with that image, the "sweaty Disney circus cow in a bikini" burning through the back of my eyeballs. Thanks a lot.


    I'm gonna sit outside that yoga studio at night and take bets on whose sweaty feet give out first. >;-D
    Go Norma! Work off a few pounds for me too, mmmkay? Thanks, sweetie. Just lemme know when you're done. I'll be over here working my way through today's cheesecake.


    Oh, yeah, that's a fabulous picture in my head -- is it one of those musical snow globes and are you going 'round and 'round in your bikini?


    I love how you ended that post! Great for you, getting back in shape. :)


    Remember Rachel's "Run-A-Go-Go" challenge from the beginning of the year? Walk/run/swim 100 miles from January 1st to April 1st?

    I'm still doing it.

    My goal is to make it to 100 miles by the end of the year, at which point I have informed Rachel that I will be entitled to the Red Lantern Award.

    Next year, I'm going to try and double up and make 100 miles by June 1st.


    Okay, that's my second 'laugh out loud' moment of the day! Thanks for that great image!!!


    That sounds like a complete yogic nightmare to me.


    Good for you! I am trying to renew my commitment to exercise and healthier living, too!


    Haven't they ever heard of frosted windows? You can even buy some kind of contact paper that will give a frosted window effect. Posters? They work too....what are they thinking? Anyway, keep up the good work. I'm hoping this post has inspired me to get my backside back to the gym. All winter and spring I went 5-6 days a week. Summer came, schedules changed and I slacked off....Must get back to it. Thanks for the reminder.


    sweaty Disney cow, lol, that brought laughter :). hehehe. You are so hilarious. This post put me in such a great mood. You are an inspiration :).

    If it makes you feel any better, I have been waking up at 5 to get to my spinning class at 6am. I haven't lost anything yet, but hubby says I look good, I do feel good too :).

    Now, I have all day to take the image of a sweater Disney cow out of my head.
    Love ya!


    Bikram, isn't that the one where it's done in a really hot room and the less clothes you wear the better? Ah, yes, that could be a little disconcerting. Guess it's keeping the folks outside warm too, eh?

    Lark, as a good Utahn would say, does anyone else think this ought to be the sentence of the month? "I felt like a sweaty Disney circus cow in a bikini, wobbling around on one hoof, lit up in a snowglobe for all the world to see."

    Can't stop laughing.

    Blue skies!


    1. You're on Ravelry?
    2. Gotta read Sandy and see what's been wrong with her! Glad to know it's all okay anyway.
    3. Who the heck is Terry? Might need to follow the link.

    Hi NormaNormaNoo. :)

    nipper jenn

    NOnonono! Bikram in a fishbowl? Hell to the No, Cousin! I don't think I could do that. I don't look bad in my little Bikram bikini, but a sweaty nipper is not a sexy nipper.

    Well, you know, not all the time.

    Seanna Lea

    Gosh this just makes me miss the gym so much. I dumped the gym to concentrate on my class, and that is ending soon. Hopefully I'll feel better and be able to work more consistently on the exercise. I feel like I'm just getting flabby even though the weight's not changing.




    Lovely laugh-inspiring writing today! (Yoga cow-wise, that is.)


    I need you.
    I need encouragement to get my lazy ass into the gym to work out.
    I need something!
    we're not discussing muffin tops over here right now...

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