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    Saturday, November 24, 2007


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    No scarf for him!

    You're making me want to knit one of those things, Norma.


    That scarf is gorgeous and it's absolutely a great use of Noro, but have you seen the Lizard Ridge pattern on Knitty? It's a blanket pattern that alternates ends of a skein of Noro (you could also use two skeins). Anyway, it's truly addicting! I'm on my second pillow made with a Lizard Ridge block. I think it's the best use of Noro, ever! My next plan is to make a Lizard Ridge wrap with Silk Garden- YUM!

    Lisa in Georgia

    I knit one last winter and was delighted with the surprise of color combinations that appear. L-o-v-e-r-l-y.


    It's gorgeous! I mean, it has orange and purple -- how can it go wrong? Another one, eh? LOL!


    Me too. I think I have 2 skeins of noro. Do you use 2 different color skeins? OOh, just what I DON'T have time for- a mindless scarf!


    i love noro.

    just make sure you don't get the norovirus. that would suck.


    Really Nice Therapy you've got going, Norma, that scarf is Gorgeous! I've been wanting to make one of these but am making a Noro mitred blankie at the moment, which definitely gives the Noro Buzz.....


    Simply beautiful. Dave should be happy your such a cheap date. ;-)


    Oh My GOD, Norma, that ball of Noro with the snowflakes?? I LOVE IT! Your new camera is great! How fuN!
    And SNOW???? Lucky you.
    I think I need a Noro scarf. It's not too scritchy on your neck, is it?


    I've never used Noro silk garden but it must be softer than that other Noro - you know the one for the booga bags? I've got loads of that in the stash but I don't think it would be very nice for a scarf.

    Teresa C

    I'm knitting on an uneven number of sts and slipping the first and last stitch of the row on the second row of each stripe. It is working well. Yours are so pretty and knitting mine I can see how they can become addicting.


    Lovely and fascinating. And the photo of the ball of yarn with the real honest to gosh snowflakes sitting in individual beauty on it is just a knock-out!


    Lovely scarf, Norma, and great therapy. Of course, I now want to make one of my own. *g*

    Great snow on yarn photo.


    I am obscenely jealous you have snow. It's cold here, but NO SNOW.

    I am having a bit of Noroitis myself right now. Addictive little buggers.

    Cheryl S.

    I don't dare show the photos to my husband or he'll want one - it's gorgeous with those stripes!


    I've always thought of knitting as my therapy.

    The scarf is beautiful. As is the snow! We got some flurries in Chicago, but it didn't stick. :(

    You made that Norovember thing up, didn't you? Or is this a Ravelry thing?


    That is a delicious-looking project.


    very pretty.


    That's a lovely bit of therapy you have there.


    Love the Noro, love the snow (we finally dropped to a high of 65 today - woohoo! winter's here!!), but love, most of all, the fact that your post is nearly all centered.


    Love the scarf, Norma.
    I've been thinking of doing one with 3 different colorways of Noro.


    Yup, those things are addictive. I'm making my, um, fourth one right now. And I have yarn for a couple more -- just need to decide on the victi--, er, recipients. It is amazing how even when the colors of the two skeins line up to be nearly the same, they are still NOT the same, and you get some ultra-subtle stripiness going on.


    You know, I turned on the computer to search for a local yarn store's address before I went out and now look what you've done. I'm adding Silk Garden to my list.
    But I've just bought a new coat so I need new accessories, right?


    Damn you, Norma. It's your fault I just dropped a chunk of change on some Noro Silk Garden that I didn't need. Do you have any idea how much handspun I have lying around here that I should be knitting instead? Do you even care?


    Maybe I misread the instructions but I have been slipping purlwise the firt and last stitch on Row 1; then Row 2 is just K1, Pl. Also, this was done on an uneven number of stitches (39 sts). Actually, now that I think of it, I emailed Jared directly and those were his instructions. Give it a try on scarf #3! :-) I love this scarf! I'm going to make the Newfoundland Mittens with matching Noro and black. Have you seen those mitts? traditional Nova Scotia pattern and free, too! You'll find them at:


    Dammit. I haven't wanted to make one of these yet. Dammit dammit dammit. ANd now that you corrected me on the Noro (I've only knitted with the Kureyon and couldn't fathom WHY someone would want that on their neck!!!!) I'm going to have to look at the silk garden. Damn damn damn. Thanks. PTHTHTHTHTHTHTHTHTHTHTH.


    Better prices than WEBS!


    Don't know why the link broke. Try again!


    It's beautiful! And I suspect that you just got lucky. I've seen the veggie matter at Webs too.


    See?! See?! And you thought I was just being ornery. Turns out I was being ornery AND right...


    je comprend totally about the self-felting issue ... I'm trying it in Kureyon and immediately the two different skeins are magnetically attracted to each other!

    back to watching bad chick movies while hiding from DD who's home for the weekend.


    You know, it's evil to force someone to chant, "I'm up to the budget, and I don't need a scarf. I'm up to the budget, and I don't need a scarf. I'm--"

    I really have spent the amount I allotted, and that's it for quite a while. (Ok, except sock yarn.) But when I finish 3 or so sweaters composed of various lovely warm yarns, I should have leftovers, and y'know what? I think I'll be making a scarf. Those are gorgeous!


    Doesn't he know this IS therapy?! It turned out great, but if I just cannot resist and have to make it, I am going to refer back to your hard-learned wisdom. That's the kind of thing that would bug me too.

    Marcia Cooke

    A suggestion and a question: I tried to comment yesterday that you might try sticking each ball in a ziploc baggie, with the end coming out through a hole snipped in one corner, but the comment got lost in cyberspace! That should corral the little suckers. The question is what you do with the yarn up the side? Just carry it along? Either side, both? I just cannot visualize this for some reason! (But I did go down and buy four balls of Silk Garden this afternoon!)


    I love the striped scarf! And I know what you mean about loving each color combination more than the last. I felt the same way about mine!


    It's beautiful!


    being in the yarn business, i heard that noro recently hired a new quality control firm, as they were receiving tons of complaints about the amount of VM. you prolly got some pre-change.

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