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    Sunday, November 25, 2007


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    Nice camera. I'm jealous...

    When my USB ports fried themselves, the only way to fix them was to replace the motherboard. Apparently, the USB slots are integrated with the motherboard, and cannot be repaired except by total board replacement. Smart move on the part of the motherboard manufacturers.


    ooo, really clear, arty veggie pr0n :)

    Enjoy your new baby!


    I adore my Sony -- it is not the cream of the crop and never was, but it is a workhorse. Katie bought the first incarnation of your new one when she went to London for her semester abroad. Sorry to hear about the computer crap.


    Sony cameras are workhorses...we just retired a Mavica that we have had since the mid 90s when they first came out...we realized our new cell phones had a better camera in them!


    Long live the cyber shots. But not the Best Buy supposed geeks.


    Oh, yeah, I love voting with my dollar =) I'm fortunate that I live with a computer guy, cuz I give him dirty looks until he figures things out. Don't think that helps a lot, because my laptop is still broken, but he swears he can fix it. Sorry about your computer woes. I think we can all relate.

    Teresa C

    Ha! Norma! We just replaced our same cameras with the same cameras! I'm having fun trying to figure the whole thing out, but so far I like it. If you find it does anything fab, compare notes!


    i recently heard on the today show (and you know, they are never wrong) that the extra warranties are crap and a money maker for the stores that offer them. so i just go with the manufacturers warranty and hope for the best. and so far so good.

    but anyway, the new camera looks great! i'm not familiar with the sony line but i do have to agree that the newer line of nikon coolpix is kind of meh. (i love their SLRs but i have a coolpix too and i'm not crazy about it -- although i had an old coolpix that i loved).


    You're [even more] beautiful when you're angry. I don't think I should mention how happy my father and I BOTH are with reconditioned Averatecs.


    Ooooh, I'm jealous! I've been looking at that camera, just waiting till I could afford to buy a new one (and thanks for the heads up on the Nikon which was my other choice!).


    I love my Canon camera that's basically a point and shoot and I'd really like to get a digital SLR, too. But boy do they cost a lot of money!


    it's been new laptop week for me as well ... froggy took my beloved Dell 700M to London and Paris and I got a new 1521 as an appeasement.

    camera? I've got a Sony cybershot which supposedly has auto-macro (that I have yet to locate), but it works well enough for me so I can't justify buying a new one - not just yet.

    and thanks a lot for forcing me to pull out some Kureyon and fall down the striped-scarf-hole.


    I bet that saleperson went home and wrote a long piece on his blog about the insanity of yet another customer (snort. I hope that doesn't offend you, dear, apparently I'm in a above-it-all mood today).

    Oh, and that scarf? Lovely. I'm almost tempted. Maybe after I finish the baby blanket and the afghan (for Christmas! I haven't even cast on!) and the hand-dyed lace scarf and the weaving I'm in the middle of warping. 'Course by then, I'll have fogotten and be on to the next set of impossible tasks I've set myself.


    Costco...they are the best. But, damn grrl, looks like you got a good one there. Maybe your Coolpix will find my Coolpix on the road and they can live happily ever after. Bitches.


    OOOH, Norma, don't even get me started on the hosers at Best BUy. This one here, so sucks. The service dept is the pits. I brought in my laptop 30 days beyond the one year warranty and the guy said" You might as well send it back to HP, they will fix it for you cheaper than we will!" And no I did not buy the extended warranty.AAAGGGHH! Love the camera, though!


    You are gonna love the 10x optical zoom and the image stabilization. My Fuji has the first but not the second. Best Buy? Meh. Even though it is a Minnesota company, their service s-u-c-k-s.


    Nice camera! I like that it has a 10x zoom. My 3x zoom just doesn't cut it. Does it even take pictures of red things properly?


    I'm definitely experiencing camera envy. I love my little Canon because it fits in my purse and takes nice photos but to have a 10x zoom would be delicious.

    It would be nice if stuff could be fixed the first time and not cost you the time of repeat visits.


    We bought a TIVO at Best Buy, and for DH's birthday they sold me a cardfor 3 months service. But since the system was already up and running, TIVO wouldn't take the card, and Best Buy refused to refund my money. And we keep going back to them for some reason. Yes,they're the best prices around, but you get what you pay for!!!


    Dude. You bought a superzoom. Not what I would have expected, but I'd love to play with it sometime.


    But Norma, if everything they make is crap these days (very true indeed), why did you decide that the extended warranty will be any better I wonder.


    Best Buy--GRRR! Bought satellite radio for my car there and the reception stunk.
    Then it stopped working all together. When I brought it back in the kid said to me for $4.00 I can sell you this cable and you'll get perfection reception!! So why the hell didn't they tell me that in the first place!!

    Dave Daniels

    So, where are the pictures of all your knitting???
    Nice choice of cameras. You already take nice pictures, and you'll see a big improvement with this little baby. (Don't forget, the little flower icon if for macro/close ups of your knitting...)

    Andrea (noricum)

    I've been happy with the extended warranties on my Apple laptops. I don't bother getting them for desktops, though... they're subject to much less abuse, and thus much less likely to need them.


    Who knew you were knitting a Noro scarf even as I was sending you an email about how freakin' gorgeous they are? Tricky Norma. Enjoy them (does one go to Abigail?) And I'm sure BB forgot all about your anger when you plunked that $500. down on their counter.


    My sympathies. My laptop has been acting wonky, so it looks like I'm going to have to take it in. Ugh!


    You show 'em, Norma!


    I know I shouldn't be laughing, but I did. I wnated a new camera too and my dryer took a dump.


    That'll larn 'em all righty. (nice camera, btw)


    Just in time for leaf season! Whoops... Since your electrics seem to go "off" on you, maybe you should have them blessed like kosher style? Couldn't hurt...


    I wish I did not identify with your troubles. Still, you present it all in a much more humorous way than I can.


    This little video says it all about taking a computer in for repair: With no big box stores where I live, I have happily sent my laptop off to Gateway for extremely fast, honest service. I think buying (and getting service for) a computer directly from the manufacturer is the best way to go.


    GOOD camera choice! I think you'll be impressed with the way the quality of your shots improves! Mine went way up when I upgraded to a new camer last year.


    My husband and I have both had Nikon Coolpix camera that lasted less than a year for the same software failure. His was sent back to the manufacturer where they kept it for about 12-14 wks before we got it back. It failed again with the same problem within a few months. Unfortunately, it was now out of warranty, since the warranty was counted from the date of purchase, not the date of the fix (and the 12-14 wks they had it were also included in the warranty period). When mine failed (kid dropped it in the mud- it was a gift so no ext warranty), I took it to the camera shop that was recommended by 2 professional photogs I know. The guy there said he could fix it but it would be expensive and I wouldn't be happy with it and he couldn't recommend it in good conscience. Well- no more Nikons for me. I'm back to using my 12yo Olympus point and shoot film camera til I settle on a new digi. My 2 oldest daughters have Sony Cybershots (the pocket variety, not as elaborate as yours) and have dragged them everywhere from college, to skiing, to sport events (participants and spectators), to Africa and Costa Rica/Belize (d the elder), to Australia, NZ and Florida (d the middle), to Hawaii (whole fam). These things have been stuffed in pockets, purses and backpacks, have been dropped, zipped in a ziploc bag to take underwater photos, and probably had beer spilled on them (judging by some of the photos they've taken!). Still going strong. Hope you have the same luck with yours.


    Hmmmm... am I the only one happy with a Nikon Coolpix? I have the P1. I bought the first one in March 2006, it was stolen about a month later, Amex replaced it fairly quickly, so this camera is 18 months old now. And I still like the photos I get. I guess I got very lucky with this. Hope you have much better results with the new camera!

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