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    Friday, November 30, 2007


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    I'm sorry you feel "all written out", but it certainly has been wonderful having you around every single day all month long!! Thanks for all your time.

    MaryB in Richmond

    My family took a skiing vacation one year. They skied every day, I knitted every day, and EVERYBODY was happy! But people did look at us funny for weeks afterwards, like "Why did you go on vacation someplace you would hate?"

    They didn't understand!


    Norma never disappoints...I predict you'll be back in full swing before the day is over. *Throws down gauntlet* ;-)


    Not old and wrinkled. That's me. You are wise and worldly. Plus you were sitting, so they couldn't see that smoking hot ass.

    I've enjoyed this month of you bloggin' your brains out. Thank you for sticking with it. ♥


    Now that the pressure is off, you can enjoy things more. We're taking December off over at Caps for a Cure, so maybe I can knit some for the Soaring Eagles Project.


    That was one darn fine bloggin'!!!


    That's some non-existent blog post you got there... ;-)


    I'm here at a blog. And there is stuff to read. Which wasn't here yesterday.

    Ergo, I believe you have gone and written a blog post bay-bee.


    I'm sure when you come up with a post, you'll surely post it;) I'm ashamed of myself for not even looking at SEP. I'll go on over and commit.


    OMG, are you kidding me? This is CHOKING? Someday, years and years and years and YEARS from now (because you're HARDLY old and wrinkled), I'd love to witness your "last gasp." You'll buy yourself another six months, at least!
    ; )

    I think I'll devote my weekend to mittens. Thanks for the tip.


    If it makes you feel any better, at age 28 I had a bad perm AND post partum depression. If I could survive that, I figure I can do anything.


    I've got 3 pairs of mittens ready to go.


    You are SO funny and SO not old and wrinkled! That news truly is disturbing... ok, I'll put down the blankie and get out the pattern for mittens and start knittin' them. Thanks, Norma... no seriously, I mean that... sincerely, Thank You!


    I'll try to knit up some mittens or one of those magic 8 socks you were doing. Congrats on the blogging.


    Congrats on 30 days of blogging. I certainly enjoyed reading your posts. Take the day off tomorrow and enjoy yourself! :)

    Teresa C

    Yeah, you sounded stumped there. Yippee!


    This post was like trail mix - a little of everything, thrown together, to make something yummy. It's not going to go straight to my hips, is it?


    Yeah, let's not recall your adventures with TOS and other unpleasantness. Sorry to hear that 30 sucked for you.

    The birds (and squirrels) will eat the cereal. Just chuck it around your trees out back. Or if you are feeling especially energetic you can make garland out of all those little Os with some crap-yarn and string it on the trees. That way the birds get food and nest building material. Or you could just dribble it along the trail on your next hike.

    And I agree with what everyone else said--not old and wrinkled at all! More like sexy and knowledgable of the ways of men and women. Like a woman who isn't afraid to give men orders (or at least a burning clue).


    You did great - and I will miss knowing that you'll have a post written to amuse me EVERY SINGLE DAY!


    Quite a post for someone who didn't have what to write about :)

    Sheepish Annie

    I'd say you rounded the whole thing off nicely. Congrats on surviving a solid month of posting!! I couldn't have done it... My hat is off to you!


    Hey Norma,

    Just wanted you to know that I love your blog and today's post was great! Loved the med school boys chat.

    And it's over and you did it!

    Felicia - your Sock-3 Pal!

    This seems rather like a Seinfeld show. You say you have nothing to write about, but somehow manage to wrap a whole "episode" around nothing. Great job!

    Good job on the "meal too" plug. I used to work in a home improvement store. You can't imagine how many men I told at Christmas NOT to buy the vacum cleaner!

    Felicia -

    Obviously ignore the "your sock 3 pal" part of the signature. NO idea how that got there and I'm babbling now, but whatever.

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