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    Friday, November 23, 2007


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    My gym actually has TV's built into the cardio equipment. I can watch Spanish language stations (or VH-1, or National Geographic Channel, or....) on the treadmill. I still haven't set foot in there in a couple of weeks, but at the moment I'm blaming The Crud.

    Next week.


    Oh, and a Shuffle is all I've got, but I haven't even listened to it since Hawai'i last year.


    That looks more like an iPod mini than a Nano on the left.


    Dude, your daughter really DOES eschew the latest new thing. That's a Mini, they don't even make them anymore *L* I can see why she'd hold onto it though, I always wanted a blue Mini myself.


    Yup definitely a mini :-) My daughter had one for years until it finally gave up the ghost - we replaced it for her with a 30gb classic last christmas - since then she has had 3 more- two replacements from ipod after the original died and a third after an unfortunate accident involving water - thankfully we have very good household insurance:-)


    Thankfully the comments cleared up 'what's what' in the photo, I'm such a dork I didn't know one from the other, as far as names go... gee, no, I don't have an ipod, how'd ya guess? but cool!

    Teresa C

    I had a mini until it died.died.died. Now I have a nano and it saves me at work and at the gym. And Norma! You don't even have to have only music on it. NPR podcasts, audiobooks that you can either purchase on line, borrow from the library and put into your iTunes then on your ipod, or I also rent them in a "netflix" sort of plan. I pay a monthly fee and as I send them back, I get more. And btw-catch up a little with the technology!


    I have a zen and I love it/. I fill it with music and books. You have to be careful listening to books when you drive. I have missed my exit many times because I was so wrapped up in the book. You go girl! My CPH is SOOOOO warm. finish yours, Norma, you will love it!


    You'll love it for the gym. I'm not a fan of the TVs at the gym or the music they play. I've listened to many books while walking the treadmill and even lifting weights.


    It seems like everything has worked out well for everyone here! That's really good. Just be careful, Norma, now that you've got an ipod there is a very real danger of getting hooked on knitting podcasts and finding yourself at the gym at all hours, just so you can listen to the latest episodes! (You have checked out knitting podcasts, right? They're awesome!)


    I love my mini at the gym. My favorites run from Radiohead to Eisbrecher to Nine Inch Nails to Rammstein (talk about heart rate increase!)


    I looove my mini. It turns out I need a little more memory on it but only because I have audiobooks on it. I have an adaptor so I can hook it into my car stereo and it is great on long car rides.


    DH bought an IPod for me 2 years ago for Christmas. He is the one using it, and I've yet to even try it out. :)


    I love my Nano! Only a major catastrophe would pry it from my hands; the ads for the newer ones with their video screens hold no appeal for me.

    I bought the Nike+ kit and a shoepouch. Nike+ is two sensors: one plugs into the slot on your Nano, and the other goes on your shoe. (It's meant to go in a really expensive Nike shoe, OR you can buy the shoepouch for $15 and put it on any shoe you like.)

    It's basically the coolest pedometer IN THE WORLD. It tracks all of your walking/running data, syncs with where you can see your stats, and it talks to you. "Four hundred meters remaining... One hundred meters remaining..." I have walked 89.57 miles so far this year, mostly because I'm so smitten with Nike+.

    The Nike+ kit only costs about $30, and it's only available for the Nano. I happen to have a spare shoepouch, it's yours if you want it!


    My green mini keeps me company in the basement every time when I'm on my trainer. I couldn't hack the boredom without the music. In fact, because I listen to music so rarely, I actually LOOK FORWARD to getting on the trainer so I can listen.

    I understand that I'm easily entertained.


    My problem with all that stuff is, whenever you buy the latest, they make a new one a week later.


    I LOVE my Shuffle---I bought one several months ago in bright neon pink (so my boys wouldn't take it). I just clip it to my shirt and away I go! I've downloaded tons of free podcasts from iTunes---like the Prairie Home Companion. I'd always heard OF PHC, but never had heard a broadcast. Now I'm hooked. Enjoy!


    I love my iPod too. I bought a refurbished video one about 1.5 years ago. I rarey even use the video portion of it, but I wanted to the big capacity, as I've been slowly adding all of my CDs to it. As I get new music, I add it. And I borrow audio books from the library and listen to the book and then take it off. It's just easier to listen to it on my Ipod than in the car on the CD player. It's great for working out b/c you can listen to music, podcasts (I love the podcasts of fave shows from NPR), knitting podcasts, audiobooks, it's great.

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