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    Wednesday, November 14, 2007


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    Miles reminds me of Marilyn Monroe's quote...

    "Ever notice that 'what the hell' is always the right decision?"


    Is there anyone who hasn't ever done something foolish? I thought that's what the human condition was all about.

    Kansas A

    I like your attitude girl! I've done two, and that's two too many.


    Even your "non-memes" are feisty :)


    You know? I just love reading things about people. It's voyeurism at it's finest, I guess! And I'm having trouble coming up with 8 things that don't sound like a rehash of my 100 things. Meh.
    If *I* were Terry right about now? I'd be shaking in my boots. But I'm a chicken from way back.


    I am still reeling from the preview in my Google Reader that had the words "Norma" and "8 Random Things" right next to each other.

    I have fallen so far behind on the blogs I figured I'd give up altogether. But now I see that miracles do happen. I must never neglect the blogs or the next thing I know you'll be telling us about 10 places you've lived or 8 jobs you've held.


    i had to smile at the "i'm bigger than you" threat. so cute. *snort*


    I like #2. That must mean that my kids are really S-M-R-T.


    Well, I'm no fuckin' genius and my house is a trash heap...all though it's getting better. I'm betting Terry could take you down...that's my bet...she lifts weights, you know.


    I think hell just froze over.


    There's really nothing I can say after Vicki's comment except
    Grab a parka.


    HAH! I had to read the title in bloglines 3x, shocking I tell ya.
    I really enjoyed #9.....
    Laurie Anderson wrote a song... "Language is a Virus"....

    Marcia Cooke

    I CRINGED when I saw that Terry had tagged you, but you've let me down, Norma. When I get tagged for these bloody things I always used to be able to say, "Oh, no, I'm with Norma on this one. I don't. do. memes." Crap. What do I do now?


    Since I don't blog, when first seeing the word meme, I didn't know what it meant. Reading various memes didn't really answer the question, but since memes seem to be written by an individual about her/himself, I figured it could be me-me! It's just as well I don't blog.


    I think you'd look good on a Harley.


    This can't be -- you and a meme. What next? Maybe the world IS flat?!? Norma and a meme -- I'm shaking my head in disbelief.


    I had the same experience - I wasn't alone - two people in the class both passed the test by just reading to the end. But I was the first. :)


    Can you spell "desperate"? I can.



    Well hot damn, it's pronounced "meem"?


    Hmmm . . . do you seriously think you could take Terry, injured or not. I'm not buying it, grrlfriend.


    It's only the 14th and you're already doing memes? At this rate, you'll be strip blogging by the end of the month.


    Did someone say strip blogging? I think I'm going to have to go stock up on popcorn, things could get interesting!


    LOL. You crack me up.

    Seanna Lea

    I don't mind doing memes, but I don't want them in my knitting. Heck, I only did the 100 questions as an exercise in my CompSci class last year. It was a blast and I fully intend to use the code again (and probably should - it includes my race times, which I want to keep a record of), but I probably wouldn't have ever done half of that if I wasn't getting a grade for quasi-blogging.


    I've done that test before too, where you're being tested on following the directions. And I found I was the only one too. That whole rule follower is ridiculous, but yet, that was me back in the day. Not so much anymore.


    you know, a mud-wrestling match between you and Terry might be even more interesting than the sheep dog exhibitions at the next Rhinebeck .......


    but I have to warn you - although you are bigger than Terry, she is scrappy and honestly, she looks like a biter.


    Anotha New Englanda comin ta Utar? I'm hopin I get ta meet ya, just so I can feel at home. Somehow, and I mean this in the best possible way, I don't think, based on this post, that you will be fahrced into strip blogging by the end of the month. Yahr clear humor-eye will prevent it. Great stuff, even if you did toss a primary tenet of no memes evah ovah yah shoulder. Damn, I miss New England some days. Blue skies!


    All of my illusions about you have been shattered.


    I'm with Sara. I am so outta the loop I always thought, with good reason, that it was pronounced Me-me's. As in, I have to spill my guts without hurting myself about me, me's. In any case, you have simultaneously fallen off the horse and maintained your non-meme sensibility. Good for you. How'd you do that?

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