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    Thursday, November 29, 2007


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    Oooh, beautiful fan. Love the touche to Michael. Hee hee.


    That is gorgeous.


    Oh wow... that fan is incredibly beautiful.


    Norma, I just stumbled over you when I was looking for information about felting. I'm a recovering litigator (depos of epidemiologists, hydrogeologists, and other ologists finally did me in. Instant fan!


    I don't even know what to say. Speechless, am I, but that fan is gorgeous.


    heh heh-So much fun! Your fan is a beauty. We have a panda fan in house. A person who loves pandas, not a panda fan. But a panda fan. Oh crap.


    Is that fan carved of sandalwood? It's a stunning piece of work! Obviously, she gave it to you because you are the coolest!


    Good Lord that's beautiful.


    And people think scientists are dull....

    The fan is really beautiful!


    OK, I'm game: "Wow! You people are AMAZING! I bow at your feet you are so amazing!"


    I just went to Michael's site. Damn--those onions!!!!! Again, "Wow! You people are AMAZING! I bow at your feet you are so amazing!"


    That fan is just gorgeous. What a lovely gift.

    Seanna Lea

    Heh. Just tape it. I haven't done court reporting, but I have done tape transcription. Regardless of the method, whatever is produced will end up on paper eventually. It is just higher quality and more efficient to do it on-site like court reporting than through tape (a lot of the tapes I transcribed were pretty poor quality with tons of background noise).


    That is a beautiful fan, indeed.

    I must say that, had I not been reading your highly educational blog all this time, I might have made Michael's second mistake. Since I have been educated, I'm truly amazed that the captions come out perfect 98 percent of the time.

    (I hope you will forgive me if I still emit a muted chuckle when the caption renders, say, "Phyllis Schlafly" as "syphilis gadfly." [I just made that up and have no idea if it's even remotely plausible.])


    Oh, what a beautiful gift!

    I was just reading about your profession over at and I am in awe. You are amazing! It sounds very interesting, and challenging!


    I know, right?

    Blame the cold. It's not really my fault. Yeah, that's my story. Beautiful fan!


    You know, I've been harboring a hope of meeting you, one day. Now I'm kind of scared. I mean, what if I were to get a sudden urge to ask you about your chosen profession and blurt out something totally ignorant?

    Without proper training, I could end up maimed. Or worse. ::shudder.::

    Is there a manual?
    A podcast would be great.


    So...could we say that Xianglian is...your biggest fan?

    Teresa C

    Norma, running out of things to say? Those two things don't match up in my brain.


    Touched another heart I see :)


    The scent of heterosexuals - snort, choke. Always best to read when I am NOT enjoying my morning coffee.


    as the child of deaf parents, norma, i thank you. you and yours give my mother the ability to keep in touch with the world on a better basis than the newspaper (we all know what slackers reporters are, lol).

    here's a virtual whiskey up to you!

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