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    Thursday, October 18, 2007


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    Hi! :D

    Remember my birthday is coming and I collect roving. Kindly hug Sandy for me... just until she starts to wiggle free for air. Don't want to hurt her or anything. Have a good time and wear the socks!

    Does Ruth really have time to spin? /stunned


    Ruth bought the wheel? How fabulous! See you tomorrow - one more sleep! Coyote Grill for dinner?


    I'll do my best to find you and speak to you.
    hahahahahah, oh, I slay me.
    1 more sleep indeed


    So if I come across a woman who is cracking herself up, and her companion attempting to pretend she doesn't know her, that will be Sandy and Norma, right?


    See you tomorrow!


    So that means you and I can both shop for a new wheel, right? How else will you be able to spin that caaashmeeere you bought at VS&W ;-) ?


    I wasn't planning to buy much this year, either ... but I think I may need some roving.


    aha, just the sort of post I was hoping for as we've never met and you're on my card. Hope to see you Saturday!


    Waaaaa! That camera better be very busy.


    Keep a look out for Glenna(square).. (
    Listen to Paula...heh, she's such a funny lady...
    Three words, Norma, 'Make good time(s)' I know you will.


    iv Yes, you will buy nothing. Mm hmm.

    Dave Daniels

    Man, I WISH I could go. It's like Fiber Mecca. Damndamndamndamn.
    Have fun, and take loads of pics this time.
    COOKIE collects roving? Cookie? OUR Cookie? I had to check the url to make sure it was THAT one. Wow...

    Elizabeth D

    Next year. . .

    meanwhile, what a relief to find out that I'm not the last knitter who's not a spinner. . .


    Have fun! (And remember to take pix. [g])


    Have a ball. And remember to leave lots of room in the suitcase for all the fiberly goodness you won't be buying.

    Rachel H

    Speaking of big bloggers meetups, is there one this year?

    nipper jenn

    You need to tell me to get my camera out as well, Cousin. That's what I'm doing at Rhinebeck this year: taking pictures.

    And buying cheese. Damn that was good cheese.


    Not as scary as you seem huh? We'll see about that missy.


    Ha, you're not scary at all to me. I only wish I was going to Rhinebeck so I could meet you!


    Not nearly as scary as you seem, ha! I guess I don't scare easily. I only wish I was on my way to Rhinebeck so I could meet you. Have much fun and we hope to hear from you over the weekend.


    (puts chocolate on shopping list)


    That's fantastic that Ruth has bought your wheel!! Drive safely, okay -- see you tomorrow!

    Beth S.

    OMG, Norma, I missed SO much good stuff while I was gone! :-) I don't even think I knew you HAD a wheel... but I am so, so glad it's going to live with Ruth, if it isn't going to stay with you. :-)

    And I didn't finish my sweater either. But thanks to you I have a fabulous new Corrugator I could wear. :-)


    Can't wait to see what you "don't" buy at Rhinebeck :-)


    Can't wait to see you! At least, I ASSUME I'll get to see you . . .


    I can attest that Norma's only scary enough to make you forget your name.


    Once again, I'll be keeping the home fores burning. I just hope I don't burn anything down. Have a royal blast and I look forward to the report after :)


    If you get this message before you leave for NYS&W, please know that my travel plans got cancelled, family emergency at destination, blah blah blah. I think they got a better offer. Wonder if it was something I said. Maybe next year, hmmm? Have a great time!!!


    Eat an artichoke for me and have a great time!


    see you later today!!


    Oh for, jeeze. Another year with my butt at home instead of Rhinebecking. *sigh, pout* Have fun on my behalf and fondle some woollies.


    I hope you are having a GREAT time!!

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