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    Saturday, October 20, 2007


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    hahaha, Norma, you are so funny! And I just told you that in person but I thought I would put it here for posterity sake.
    Did we eat enough this weekend? I think my blood sugar is dropping. Perhaps I should put a sandwich on the nightstand.
    Your Rhinebeck roomie


    Enjoyed seeing you for that brief moment. ;) Hope the rest of your weekend is great!


    Oh, I *love* the pretty something! When you are able to write more words, and if you have any details, I'd really love to know more about it!


    Oh man Norma- All day long I have been wishing I was at Rhinebeck & looking for a "Live from Rhinebeck Post"! Thanks SO very much. And you got to hug a-go-go! How lucky are you?? That Rachael. That Norma. The two of you together- Man! I wish I had been able to make it to Rhinebeck this year.


    As you are fondling and spindling and hugging and buying and generally getting high on the wool fumes -- not to mention the wine -- give a thought to us midwesterners, too far away to even think about Rhinebeck. And fondle some wool and hoist a glass for us!


    what, no artichokes?


    Ah, a Rhinebeck fix! I remember that carpet and didn't we have breakfast at that diner?


    Great photos, Norma. Looks like everybody is having great fun. I would also like to know more about the something pretty. Is someone felting in a quilt pattern? It is gorgeous, whatever it is.


    sounds like fun...sorry I missed it but my mom was feeling poorly. thanks for sharing.


    Looks like so much fun! Enjoy yourself!


    Sounds like fun, do tellus more.



    One of these days I'll get my ass back for that.....


    Oh my! Is that something pretty a needle felted log cabin quilt? It is waaaaaaaaay more than pretty. It's gorgeous!!!! Looks like you're having fun!


    If I ever got that far back east, I think my head would explode, so I doubt I'll ever get to Rhinebeck...but the virtual trips are way fun! Thanks for all the pix. I *love* the one of the steek freeding frenzy. It's even more easy to envision the scene if Stephanie had fainted at her talk Friday night now! [g]


    /pouting on the wrong coast


    I'm so glad I got to see you. Mwah!


    Aww... I missed you. Bummer. I LOVE the EverReady! I just took Major Knitter there when we met up last month.


    It looks like a lovely time was had by all! Thank you for sharing with those of us who had to stay home this year!


    It was so much fun yesterday! I'm still tired, and I was lucky enough to get a full night's sleep. Mom and I both had a good time . . . which Dad commented on when we got home. "I can tell you had fun because you're still talking to each other." As if we wouldn't!

    And, that felted quilt pretty something? So, so pretty!


    Oh, and the steek-cutting paparazzi is just too funny....





    Next year, if I have to sell a kidney to do it.

    (No, not one of mine. Don't be silly.)


    'twas great to finally meet you in person! :o)


    Norma, wishing I had been there. Hubby said next year :)


    Those are great. I'm still thinking about our True Jeans conversation -- I think my butt will benefit from a trip over there :-)

    I loved the Eveready for breakfast!


    If there's one thing I'm all about, it's clean underwear. Especially when people are going to be looking. I can't believe I didn't get a pic of the two of us, though. It was a busy weekend, though, in a very good way.


    I photographed the very same log cabin, good taste!


    Lots of fun photos... great job from someone claiming to be totally exhausted (hope you have a catch-up day in there somewhere this week).


    *blush* You're sweet...!

    I'm still on the Rhinebeck High. We made it home at about 1 am. What a weekend! It was so very much needed, and did it ever deliver. I knew it would. :)

    I still have to do a proper post about it, so keep your eyes peeled. I was pretty poor at getting people photos though. I needed someone to remind me to get my camera out!


    The Eveready is fantastic (oh, the mac & cheese!) but they could use a changing table in the ladies' room.

    No need to ask me how I know ....


    The Eveready is definitely the place to be. Yum, lamb and perfect steamed veggies.

    Did you see the photo (front view) of me watching the steek-cutting? I am most grateful for your back views. And thanks for the creativity award! -- I just wanted to make it highly visible without poking holes in my clothes.

    Kimberly from Some Bunny's Love

    Honestly, seeing that everyone had a great time at Rhinebeck depresses me because NOBUNNY would say "Hi" to me. Here I was in a "I'm a Square" tee-shirt, and almost everyone that supposedly is my friend in blogland treated me like dirt in person. Yes, I'm still crying.

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