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    Sunday, September 16, 2007


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    I LOVE True Jeans and Julie was my fit tester too! Left with 3 pair and huge self-esteem. The Pine IVs are smokin' (I think Claudia is wearing those in her photo?).


    Damn, woman, you look like you're still in your 20s and yep, a mighty fine looking ass. My daughter told me about these jeans... I'm definitely believing it all now. Good score!


    Mighty fine, Miss Norma, mighty fine. You look good and the jeans look good too!


    Cool jeans! Damn fine! Although LOL on forty-frickin'-eight. Hell, I would've loved to still look so good at twenty-frickin'-six!! You stop riding horses and heaving haybales and chasing cows - on foot - and become a sackatary, hooboy. Those peasant genes won out fast. On the other hand, if I ever go back in time 10,000+/- years, well hey; just point me to Willendorf, I'm ready to become a goddess! Plus there's the added awe-factor of being fifty-frickin'-two. [bg]

    Yeah, I like the age reference style. Although in fact, I pretty much enjoy being 52! ;)


    The only thing more fun than trying on jeans is watching YOU try on jeans.


    Glad you took the TrueJeans plunge! It's fun, isn't it?


    You look great! Do they have jeans for a pear-shaped person who could stand to lose more like 25 pounds? If so, I need them.

    Dave Daniels

    Wow, AssWatch, the DenimBitches Edition. Mighty fine looking backside, and that's not just from the jeans.

    Dave Daniels

    That should have been "Britches".


    Yowza! You look stunning.


    With all of these nice butts lately, my husband has become quite interested in knit blogs! ;-)


    Hotty :)


    i'm working on losing weight before i invest in expensive jeans. i'm getting there! i've lost 8 pounds, and am down to my wedding weight. not enough, but definitely a start!




    How cool is that---a jeans fit tester? LOVE IT!! You look fabulous, you forty-freakin' eight year old! I'm thinking those Red Engine jeans were made to be worn with one of those cute t-shirt halters you made last year, eh?

    You & Claudia trying on jeans and shoes (LOVE the f*ck me pointy-toed shoes you've got there)----sounds like a blast. You look fabulous, hon. xoxoxo


    Stop! You're too funny. It sounds like a wonderful outing with Claudia. You look marvelous in your new jeans and your new shoes. Enjoy them all.


    I'm speechless.


    Super excursion! I was wondering when you'd take the plunge. Nice ass btw :-)


    What is this? What next? Bootylicious bailiffs?

    P.S. I call these shots above "Death to Mom Jeans." You're the poster girl!


    Looking good!!


    You go girl!!!!


    I so wish they had a store on this coast. Sigh.


    WoW, those jeans look great on you!


    Thats awesome... nothing better (or sexier) than great fitting jeans!! You look great!


    Honey, if you've got an extra 10 pounds anywhere on that body then they must be in all the right womanly places! Oooooh baby, you look fine!


    Those jeans are the hotness, lady.

    Now I must be off to measure myself...I always have problems finding jeans that come even close to fitting. I have a big ol' bootay and a small waist, which I have heard is a common affliction.

    You seriously look about 28 in those jeans. And yes, you need some CFM boots.



    You... you... tall skinny bitch with the great ass! When did you become all legs? And the fuck me shoes rock!

    Now you need a sexy little red top to go with those great jeans.


    You're rockin' those jeans Norma!


    Holy crap... those jeans are HOT!


    You should send the pics to Dave for Wednesday ;) Claudia's right, you look dmaned fine! That's one 40 freakin eight yo to another ;)


    Where is True Jeans????

    Kay Gardiner

    Since I am soon to reach an age where there is no convenient place to stick the 'frickin', I NEED TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!! SOS! 911! BUTT EMERGENCY! And what about the tummy? Do they have a fit specialist for this "issue"? Do you not HAVE this issue, you greens-eating FREAK?

    I like your butt. Sincerely.

    xox Kay

    PS I'm so refined in my mature years that I call them "Do Me Now" shoes. More ladylike, yet gets your point across. Take note.


    Great jeans, great ass :)


    Party like a rock star, Norma!


    So, Norma, when can we expect to see your picture on the "As seen on.." page on the True Jeans website?

    Teresa C

    Wow, I need to get my ass there, asap!


    Looking good, girl!* The jean-fitting looks like almost as much fun as the bra-fitting I did at Nordstroms. Honest, they have a lady who measures you up and down and around, then comes back with the best-fitting bras you can imagine.

    * My crazy uncle always used to say that you could tell when you were getting older; instead of people saying you were "good-looking", they would say you were "looking good".

    Seanna Lea

    I loved my fit testing. I only bought one pair of jeans (very tight that budget there), but I have plans to buy another pair if I get any holiday moneys. I wear my jeans pretty much every Friday, but would love a few more pairs for weeks (like this one) that I'm allowed to wear jeans each day.

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