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    Wednesday, September 19, 2007


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    Break a leg, Abigail!

    I hope the jeans arrive in time, Norma. Have a good time!


    Break a Leg Abigail :)

    Katie B.

    Break a leg!


    Go Abigail! Go Ryan! Go Hot Ass! I mean, um, jeans. Yeah.


    Break a leg, Abigail!!

    (Just to be clear, any leg-breaking wishes are heading toward Abigail, not Norma. It's an encouraging thing to say for someone in theater, yes, but rather threatening to everyone else, and I wouldn't want there to be any misconceptions here, because, really, would I ever threaten Norma?)


    Sending prayers that your hot jeans arrive in time. Have fun!


    break a leg Abigail and Ryan!!


    Break a leg, Abigail.

    Maybe we should wish your jeans to "grow a leg, or two" so they can run after you to New York.

    oops. Medication time.

    Dave Daniels

    What do you mean, blog filler Wednesdays? AssWatch Wednesday is a real tradition. I started it a few weeks ago!
    Sheesh, some people...

    Dave Daniels

    And, for the record, Thanksgiving had to start somewhere. Maybe it was a Tuesday originally, and the pilgrims were bored on a particular Thursday.
    Ok, no more coffee for me today.


    Break a leg Abigail! Norma, don't break anything and no hanging around the Green Room in those hot jeans.


    Noooo! The hot jeans MUST ARRIVE.


    Break a leg Abigail!!
    My fingers are crossed that the hot jeans arrive.


    Break a leg Abigail! Hope your pants make it in time Norma!


    May Abigail most spectacularly break a leg, and be a 6-week smash. As to the jeans...

    Why does my brain now have the impression you're going to spend the whole trip running around pantsless? What, you have no other pants in your wardrobe? Yeah, right. (I still can't help giggling.)


    Break a leg Abigail! Have fun on your trip.


    Woot!! Break a leg, Abigail! That's fabulous!


    We'll miss you. Break a sexy leg Abigail!!

    Rachel H

    Break a leg, Abigail! And here's hoping your hot pants, um, hot jeans arrive in time Norma.


    Break a leg, Abigail!


    Oh, that's just fantastic!! BREAK A LEG, ABIGAIL!!!


    You must be so proud! Isn't it wonderful?

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