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    Thursday, August 02, 2007


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    I think I know what I'm getting at the farmers' market tomorrow...


    Yummo on the lunch!
    Tragic turn of events on the Dulaan front, even if it IS progress for them! Does that mean they are less cold? Well, anyway. There are so many local charities that can be helped in everyone's life, I'm sure! Don't make me do the research because I'll assign all of you one!
    Double yummo on the lunch. I could eat.

    Dave Daniels

    Yeah, well, Dulaan's loss is another charity's gain. You're always good at spearheading something noteworthy, so that yarn is not going to go to waste.


    guide post magazine and online they ask for sweaters for poor youngters
    in this country and over seas and the pattern same back and front
    heart and sitches is for babies in need and preems patterns and labels
    she visits yarn lady in ca warm up america new borns in need
    prayer shawls are always nice and needed local chapters or to one
    who needs the comfort


    Love the orange tippy-toes! Sad about Dulaan, but onward and upward - there are wee little cold feet out there!


    I was reading the new Woman's Day magazine last night and there was a little blurb about a charity knitting website. I'll look it up and let you know what it was. Of course, Margene and I always put together a list of charities for knitting when we do Knit Unto Others in November.


    Mmmmm, yummmmmy lunch. Mmmmmm. Love your orange socks, too. So cute.


    If folks live in cold states, taking items to schools in poorer areas is often a good idea. Kids lose mitts and hats all the time and some kids come without. Teachers can hand stuff out in ways that feel less like charity and more like "Oh have a pair from the lost and found box."


    Well, the only constant in life is change. Oh, and, "The poor will be with you always." Medical Teams International supports an orphanage in Romania and another one in Mexico. They can always use blankies, hats, sweaters, etc. And then, they take doctors and supplies to all disaster sites, so the next time there's an earthquake in Turkey or Afghanistan or whatever wherever, they will be needing hats, scarves, shawls, etc for all those people who have lost everything and are living in tents in bitter cold country.


    Oh, yum. That lunch looks delicious.


    What exactly is Ezekiel toast?
    I think Project Linus will be my focus for a while. It tugs at my heart more than anything else (except the OFA, but I'm pretty durn sure you have them covered and then some - if I'm wrong lemme know and I'll start scarfin'.)


    I admit, I am somewhat confused about the Dulaan thing. Does this mean that everyone in the country has warm clothes, now?

    In any case, I've sent stuff to Afghans for Afghans in the past, so I guess that's where I'll be sending stuff in the future (right after the red scarf I'm knitting, of course!).


    Ooh orange socks! Love those...

    Luscious red scarf is definitely in my future. I like using a really really lovely yarn and make one really decadent scarf. That's just me tho.


    *sigh* How absolutely sad. It's a shame that things had to end that way.

    Your lunch is making me hungry and making mine look pitiful.


    Lunch looks great! Bad news about Dulaan, and especially the scum suckers that mean pirate the credit OK, nice.....
    For the Magic 28s, are baby socks OK (needed?)? I'm slow with socks and full of WIPs.


    Those stitch markers look like they could be jewelry! They're lovely!


    Love the tiny little sockies!

    I think the thing with Dulaan is a mixed blessing. It's good that that country is getting on it's feet, but FIRE needs a reality check.

    I thought I signed up for 28 pair of tiny socks? Didn't I? :?


    just wanted to show you the magic 28 socks i knitted for dulaan 2007-- they are kind of similar to yours, except yellow with red heels and toes:


    Ok, I have to admit I'm very remiss at charity knitting. But I will make at least one pair of Magic 28 socks for every pair I knit for myself. And I knit a lot of socks for me.

    Debi P

    I came upon this site while traveling the Internet. It might be worthy of donations.



    I'll say two pair!


    OH POOH! I was away from Sunday thru Thursday and am just trying to catch up on the blog reading and missed the deadline. Oh well. How sweet of Marianne to donate those gorgeous stitch markers.

    I was pretty bummed when I heard about Dulaan too, but as you say, there are plenty of charities to knit for.


    In response to wanting information about charity knitting, I am running a very modest sock drive that isn't having too much success...I am attempting to knit (and have others knit) socks for local nursing homes here in Seattle. You know, the elderly often have circulation problems and I thought that a warm pair of handknit socks for Christmas might be a nice thing. I am hoping to make this a yearly thing if I can get enough support. Anyway, you can visit my blog ( for more information or contact me for an address to send socks or donations of sock yarn.


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