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    Friday, August 10, 2007


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    Oh, what beautiful eggs... My parents used to have chickens so prolific that we had to give them away whenever possible (and we were always out of egg cartons). Basically, if you brought us an egg carton you took it home with a dozen eggs. Alas, the chickens looked pretty tasty to some barnyard predator.


    Oh hell yes I'd pay that much for truly free range, local, organic eggs! I did when I was in Syracuse and loved every last tasty bit of them. Cholesterol levels be damned. (I actually don't eat eggs often so I feel some smug entitlement.) And I'm picturing Ryan in a knitted thong as we speak. Poor, innocent boy. {wicked laugh}


    And of course I'm sitting here going "dude, I need to dye something that looks like those eggs."

    I think I've lost it. They're lovely.

    And I've done 2/3 of my votin'. I work at my "other" job on Sat a.m. and I'll vote again from there.


    Okay, I've voted from home and work. Yeah, he should be careful. That's all I'm saying about that.

    Kansas A

    Oh my goodness! 4.49?? I started selling them at 2.50, then upped them to 3.00 and only in the last month a local seller has been buying them from me for 3.25 and she resells them for 3.75! And that's Canadian dollars! LOL I've also used them to bribe the last two bus drivers to drive ALl the way down our driveway! I gotta up my price... and then I'll tell them "Norma made me do it!"


    Smokin', indeed!
    Such beautiful eggs.
    (this voting thing had best not be rigged...can you imagine the outrage and wrath of all these knitters?)


    My egg loving heart is all warmed.


    We've been getting organic eggs from our CSA all summer and I agree that the colors are wonderful. But the taste is even better! Go, Ryan!


    I pay $3.75 for the eggs in these parts. I used to blow them out and display the shells, but I didn't like the way the holes looked in either end of the shells. Now I just hard-boil them and put them in a plain glass container on the table as a display. No, they don't start to smell.

    When will Ryan know the results of the voting?


    funny, i pay $1 a dozen for my eggs. i don't know if they're free-range, true organic or not, but they're pretty!


    Hahaha, yeah, I was thinkin', "Heh, obviously Ryan's never heard of a Willy Warmer!" I'm still finding computers from which to vote...

    Happy about your total! ; ) The color of those eggs makes ME happy, too. I might have to go find some for myself.

    Marcia Cooke

    Those look like "Martha's" eggs...did she buy another house in Vermont? They are pretty!


    Them's some yummy lookin' eggs... Am I the only one to envision a colour way called "Cholesterol Heaven"?

    update on voting from yesterday - of the 21 people's computers remaining in my office, I hit 17 of them for 5 votes each. The other 4 are people who sign my paycheque and are kinda nasty. So I guess I'm done.


    My friend keeps chickens and when she invites me to breakfast you know I'm there - one egg makes an omelet. So delicious! and verboten since my cholesterol is too high, but I make an exception a couple of times a year. And GO RED SCARFETEERS!!!


    That IS an obscene shirt!!! Crocheting women on a knitting blog! The gall!
    /dorky sarcasm
    I'll be knitting up a stash of sequined willy warmers for the next installment of Ryan's modelling career...
    (If I'm only 33, am I a dirty old woman, or just dirty?)


    hehehe, Ryan has to be very, very careful what he promises....then again he may not have seen some of the razy things we knitters knit when we are very bored, lol :) or he must think us tame :). We will keep, another 5 votes.

    Those eggs are the bluish one.

    Rachel H

    Wait, people don't come back and read the comments? Well. Shit. There goes my entire claim to fame.


    I’m with Rachel on this one, disheartened that people don’t read the comments (?!). I do! ;-p


    Geeze, I go away for a week and you just explode into action! I voted for Ryan of course. Now considering things for him to model. If everyone else is doing willy warmers, maybe I'll make some bun warmers. Poor boy!


    Hey, I come back and read comments. That's half the fun of a blog! Rachel H, trust me; you're famous. [g] (Hey! Roxie! Hi!) Although right now, I'm concentrating on catching up from the beginning, now that I've finally gotten here. [eg] I'm always late in catching up on trends. Like, you know; reading blogs.

    And I meant to post about voting for Ryan and umpteen other things Thursday, but ended up taking a blogging day off. Bad me. But I don't have many readers. ;) If I manage to get a post up today, will still put in a link - a few people may read it before Saturday, you never know!


    Geez, I only pag $1.50 to $2 for 'happy eggs' here in northern Michigan. And sometimes you have to sneak them the money because they won't take it. MMM but they are good!

    Ruth from Virginia

    I wanna know whose foot that is next to the eggs. If that is an adult foot, I would hate to meet the chickens! Some beautiful eggs, there!

    JessaLu it five times total or five times a day? I'm so confused...I've already voted but I'll do it again if I can...


    Too funny :O) And there must be some interesting hens in your area! A reminder to read comments!


    Poor sweet innocent Ryan. He's going to be in for quite the shock one of these days...

    Did I tell you I spent a good part of yesterday looking at sexy knitting books?

    Those eggs are lovely. Reminds of me back in the day when I was the neighborhood egg girl. Yeah, I'm really that old.


    Peter Heaters???? Ever so cute. lol I never saw that as I never googled your blog, but I had to have a giggle when you pointed that out.
    I love "natural" eggs. When I had chooks, the eggs were always so much nicer than store bought ones. Sad now that I have to use store bought. :-(


    Voted for Ryan 5 times from this keyboard. Must find another computer.....and the eggs, exquisite. I'll bet the yolks are as yellow as the sun.


    I say we knit him a thong or something. ; )
    There was a pattern in Spring IK I think.
    Hope he wins!


    Ryan--Thanks for the clarification. I never thought inappropriate or obscene, just interesting. But now that I know there was yarn involved it seems absolutely appropriate to have naked women sprawled across your chest!!! Good luck in the contest, how can you fail?!?


    Good golly, those look like dinosaur eggs compared with the foot in the photo! Ever use 'em for Easter?


    A man volunteering to wear handknits? Be still my heart. Abigail - that one's a keeper!!

    denny  Mcmillan

    Rachel H..... I read you.


    I love my chickens. I sell their eggs for $2.50/dozen.

    Drusilla Khan

    Boy, that Ryan is hot stuff! 'Specially with that t-shirt on. I voted and voted and voted. And, I also donated to the RedScarf project, so put me on that list please, Normie. Is an evening with Ryan not going to be one of the prizes????? 8~}

    Melissa (crazycatladymel)

    I'm not being stopped at 5 votes. Does it tell you that you can't vote anymore or just let you think you're sneaking in extras? Well, count at least 10 from me -- 5 from each computer (work, home).

    martha in mobile

    So cute! Ryan and the eggs, but in different ways. The egg photo is EGGSACTLY what the eggs from my chickens look like. The Americaunas (hybrid Auracanas/brown layers) give those lovely, pale teal eggs. I sell them in the neighborhood and to a florist who blows them and uses them in chi-chi arrangements.

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