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    Saturday, July 28, 2007


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    (Snerk)When the bag is empty, you need to laminate it onto cardstock and carry it with you at all times. Not just to remind yourself, but to share with others. I'm sure there have been occasions when you wanted to say this to people. Now you can.

    We have a black walnut tree in our backyard. The squirrels can get them to grow, so I'm sure you can. Want a shoebox full of walnuts?

    Cathy hubby was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras (it was business--really! He's in the Navy and they took the ship down there!) and he brought me up a bag of that, as well as the coffee with chickory. I haven't tried the wake up coffee yet....


    If it makes you feel better, instead of thinking it is a disease/pests/etc., how about thinking it was those evil people peeing on your tree. Okay, rant away!


    Oh no! Poor little twig. Well, maybe a nice cup of coffee will help. Hugs.


    The top is not broken off of that tiny tree? Weird. One of those plant mysteries that will never be solved. Where is Agatha Christie when you need her, hmmm?


    I love the coffee. Maybe I can get some for my hubby....


    We used to have a black walnut tree... It stank!


    Blame the online people who called your twig a tree. ;^)


    I'm sorry about your tree. We have a HUGE black walnut and I love it.


    What we need to do is re-define the word Humankind and call what we have Humanunkind. I've got to know where that coffee came from! Looks like my kinda brand. Poor little tree :(


    LOVE the coffee, I just googled and you can buy it online!

    Poor little tree, maybe take it to the nursery and they can tell you what happened. And as for idiot neighbours, we live with some and would probably blame them before thinking otherwise, so don't feel too bad!

    Bonne Marie

    OH! I am so sorry your little tree didn't make it!

    It is with utmost wonder and hope that I plant things. This summer I had to move 3 identical bushes. One made it; two went down. Same spot. Same care.

    BTW, I bought some perennials from a catalog once and what I got delivered in the mail looked like 3 dried turds in a ziplock bag. Now their progeny (blue-flowering Bugle) covers my front yard.

    You just never know whatupp with Motha Nature. ;p


    Waaaaahhhhh! Poor baby walnut!

    Meanwhile, I'm still fighting the damned aphids on my nasturtiums. I'm ready to buy an army of ladybug larvae to take 'em out. I feel your pain!


    Um, Norma, sorry about your tree, that is very sad, and your other tree will be lonely. But, I think it was Emily Littella who said "Oh, Never mind"


    There's something about the tree that doesn't look right. Is that a remnant at the base that hasn't been affected? And it dried up like that overnight? Do you *see* bugs/ scale/ leaf hoppers on it? Do the remaining leaves have a sticky residue on them? Are ants on the leaves? The next thing I'd suspect is a peeing dog or human (eeewww, I know) or something has eaten/ damaged the roots- do you have moles? Lots of questions I know, but something is amiss here. Just sayin'. I grew up with a black walnut tree- you could probably dye wool with the outer nut coverings btw- an ochrey brown.


    Sorry about your nuts.


    You know of course that nothing else will grown anywhere near a black walnut tree? Er, I think. If my sometimes faulty memory isn't playing tricks (again). But as someone else mentioned, you can dye yarn with the shells. Or dye your skin; that's what Robin Hood did as a disguise when he wanted to enter the archery contest in Nottingham.


    Emily Greene

    Sorry to hear about the tree. Just for the record, I think it was Emily Latella (spelling) who had the whole nevermind thing. She was right in thinking Puerto Rico shouldn't become a steak and that busting schoolchildren was a bad idea, etc.

    Good luck with the prepping.

    Dave Daniels

    BLACK WALNUT??? How totally cool. I want one. I can raise it for lumber.
    Still looking for a bay leaf and an olive tree, but I'll stay away from those online nurseries.


    If it's any consolation, those f'ing japanese beetles have repeatedly defoliated my trees -- and they grow back each year. The fruit trees are becoming huge (and I worry that the original owners may have planted them much too close together).
    They don't actually kill the poor plants....

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