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    Sunday, July 29, 2007


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    any work that involves wine and knitting is aces with me!


    Are you going to be "doing" Ishmael Beah? Cool!!


    You have one cool carer! I put up some pics of crochet stitches I've been playing with fo the RSP. You can check them out here if you'd like:

    Gwen's Red Scarf translated best into Tunisian stitching which I always thought was kntting with a crochet hook anyway! It's the last 2 pics i the post and I realised I should have provided the back side, it's garter stitch!


    I have picked up and put back down that same book in the bookstore numerous times already. Having been to Africa twice and fallen in love with it, I really want to read the book, but fear the violence will be too much. Please give us your thoughts when you are done. Thanks!


    Oh, that book. I don't think I could knit and listen to that book. I'd probably felt my wool.


    Oh shit--I just figured it out--your CARTing for him?! Cool!


    I read that book this spring (the waiting list was so long, the library ended up buying a few more copies so patrons would get the book before their one year limit on the hold list expired). His imagery is so powerful. I may have to check out the ausio version to hear the words in his voice.


    I have tried for weeks to comment on your posts, and finally I will see some success. I'd better. Anyhow, happy damn birthday, Norma (spelled it Norfma at first which I kinda like), and I hate Japanese beetles too, and your red scarf looks great, and your pureed soup looks yummy and wine and knitting don't go together too well with me because I will fall asleep in the middle of a row and get a stiff neck. But here's what my comment is really and truly about: If you like audiobooks (and I love them) DON'T I repeat DON'T listen to Water for Elephants. It's a great story written by a woman I've met (Sara Gruen) but the reader is torturing me, with his need to ACcent nearly EVERY other WORD no matter how IT pertains TO the story. It's driving me nuts. I feel better now.

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