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    Friday, June 08, 2007


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    Good for Dulaan baby? (Probably not much machine washing there...)


    Hmmm, well, you could always just ignore the ball band and wash/dry a test swatch to see what that tells you. Cotton/microfibre isn't going to felt, at least, and the care instructions *may* be based on nothing more than they either a) couldn't be bothered to put the yarn through its paces and went with the greatest-care-possible instructions, or b) wanted to impart an air of ephemerality to the yarn and make it seem more precious. Of course, maybe it won't hold up at all, but you won't know until you test it.


    I like Jo Sharp yarn (I'm an Aussie after all), but I have yet to find a machine-wash Jo Sharp yarn. Even the pure wool 8 ply (DK) is hand-wash only. In regards to Mel's b) suggestion, I agree to that possibility. I remember reading in one of my Jo Sharp pattern books (no idea which one) that they were proud the yarn wasn't machine washable, it was pure and untreated (and therefore precious). Mind you, I love the Jo Sharp yarn itself (especially Silkroad Tweed..mmm).


    Rats! I hate when the fucking shit happens!


    Ooooo, sorry bout the washing information. That's a bummer. Still, baby sweaters is an excellent idea for a fast project, and they're so sweet when they're done!


    Absolutely a Dulan-type project. Knit on! You can keep a baby warm and nurture your knitting mojo at the same time!


    Well, hell. Sorry about that particular yarn..
    Those Knit night cupcakes?!?!?! I'm still prancing around with the happy dance. Those babies were outrageously incredible! Thank you so much!


    Is it for Dulaan? If so, I'M not sure we should assume folks have washing machines. That might be how they wash everything.

    If it is for a friend, then just suggest that they wash the item (when it needs it) with the baby or in the baby's bathwater after the baby gets out in the manner of Steph's sock washing technique -- bath baby, chuck sweater in bathwateer, submerge, deal with baby (dry, clothe, put to bed, whatever), go back and retrieve sweater, squeeze in towel, lay flat to dry somewhere.

    I wash wool items in babywash all the time (even though I don't have a baby). It works great.


    My evil SIL is pregnant and she's getting at least one handwash only baby thing. :)


    Yeah, well, THAT's helpful . . . sheesh.

    Those cupcakes?? Ohmigod, they're just wonderful!


    dry flat "in shade"? Wow. that must be very special, very delicate yarn.


    It's the "dry flat in shade" part that gets me. That yarn is a very fragile little flower, indeed.

    Beth S.

    At least it can still go to Mongolia, and you love sending things to Mongolia. As has been amply demonstrated. ;-) So keep going! :-)


    Yeah. Delicate baby yarn makes a lot of sense. Bastards!


    Eh. Wash the swatch and see what happens. So it wears out a bit faster.....


    I vote for Duulan baby, too.


    I say wash your swatch (you did swatch, right?). I have a yarn with similar content, but apparently being from another mfr (cough *knitpicks* cough) it is not such a delicate flower, and the instructions say to machine wash, and I machine dried the swatch also with no ill effect. As to the sweater itself, can't say as it has been languishing on the needles lo, these many months.


    The Knit Night Cupcakes are the cutest things ever. Love them. Try washing the swatch and see what happens. . .


    I can see you now!
    Don't you hate when something is now how it seems. Your parade has been thouroughly rained upon.


    Definitely do a test swatch. How f***d can cotton and microfiber get??


    Holy cow--I can't believe those cupcakes! Someone is very talented (and has a lot of patience)! And they're vegan--a-ma-zing!


    That yarn may be too delicate and fancy to knit. If it can hold up to being turned into a swatch, see how it tolerates the washing machine.


    Oh well, on the yarn! Yummy cupcakes.


    Definitely an "Oh crap" moment in knitting. What amazing cupcakes, dayum!

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