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    Monday, May 28, 2007


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    Norma, your flower pictures are GORGEOUS! And so is your knitting. I'm glad you are knitting again. It can be a bit worrisome when the muse leaves for a bit!
    Memorial weekend is now gone. Sigh.


    Wow... I've been knitting too... what a coincidence!

    Marcia Cooke

    Welcome back! (How's your, um, spinning going?)


    Your mojo has returned.


    Way to go, Norma! Flowers are gorgeous and the socks...what a wonderful thing everyone is doing, making all these socks and sweaters.

    As for the shell...I feel your pain :-) Hope it works out, and if it doesn't...frog it ;-)

    Glad to hear you're knitting again.


    You grow Jarlsberg in your garden?

    Sounds yummy.


    It's nice to read you again. Happy knitting. I had a bunch of drivel written but I was just saying I hope you stick around.


    I am so glad to hear you picked up your knitting! Dinner sounded YUM! Your flowers are beautiful and hope we get to see more as they get to be full blown.
    Beebs socks are beyond beautiful. I think you've knit an enormous lot to post off for the Dulaan project. I'm thinking about knitting some 'Mittnz' for the Dakota reservation, possibly using the 28 stitch theory...
    One day at a time, I'm glad you were here tonight.


    A bicyle, aye? ;-)


    I like the flash photos, too. What are the pink bells on the long stalk in the first photo? In front of the iris.
    I have been in the garden all day trying to tame my weeds.


    Go, you! Now I have to get right back on that bicycle myself. Hey, if you can do it....guess I can, too.


    Well, you know what the Harlot says, keep knitting to outrun the yarn shortage! The ribby shell look sgreat. Hope you don't run out. Glad to see you knitting, and to see you posting. I always enjoy hearing from you.


    Good to see you again! I admire your gardening efforts. I am terrible with plants. Right now I am eyeing the Aerogarden; especially since I am an apartment dweller. I would love to cook out of a garden, but have no outdoor space, and cats inside. Arg. But the Aerogarden has wall there may be hope.

    Steno comes slowly...I feel like a total idiot in typing/spelling 101.


    Tell me about a brown rice crust. Sounds good and my kind of dinner.


    Hooray for knitting! The quiche thingy sounds amazing.


    Welcome Back!


    Beebs makes me feel like a slacker. I need to get back to knitting little socks. My Dulaan box will go out this week, too. I just need to do the paperwork and tape that puppy up. I do love me a flat rate box. *L*

    Good luck with the Ribbi. I think it looks great so far.


    I like the photos, too, but what is the first flower? I don't recognize that one. I have my fingers crossed for your ribby shell -- hope that helps!


    Looks like you have Audrey the man-eating plant in your garden!

    I'm on Magic 28 pair #3. I know, I suck. But I have a new spinning wheel, and... well, you know. My Dulaan box goes out this week too. Glad to see your knitting mojo is alive and kicking - remember, you have to knit faster to outrun the end of the yarn ball.


    Norma's knitting! Hooray!


    More importantly, your Norma! You sound like Norma and Norma is almost back.


    I'm so jealous of your home grown dinner! I imagine it was amazing!

    I love that shell, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the "have enough yarn" faerie!


    ... and knitting is good.

    Your flowers look great ... our bleeding hearts are in full flower, too, and tell me that spring has finally, completely, sprung.

    Jean E.

    Ribby looks great!


    Thanks for the b-day wishes, Norma! And the lovely flower pics... :) (Also, since I am *so* behind the times, congrats on havin such a brilliant and lovely kiddo.)


    Norma, TMK and I enjoy your garden and flower info as much as we enjoy your knitting info! In fact, just this weekend we were talking about your, but not in a nice way. I'm afraid we were gloating about how we were planting squash and zucchini seeds and a sweet yellow bell-pepper plant, and about how our tomato plants were getting SO big, all while talking about how you and the other Vermonters are barely past crocus season. Not very nice at'all. Apparently neither one of our mothers ever taught us any manners.

    Love the garden, love the pictures, glad you're starting to feel your old self again. Smooches! ;-)


    Glad you are back Norma-Love your flower pictures-your daughter is very beautiful might I add-


    Holy moly, it's the poppy that ate Vermont! Never, ever worry about boring us with garden p*rn.

    Beth S.

    My peonies are ready to pop, too! The ants are busy nibbling on them. I love to see that.

    The poppy is kind of scary. It looks a little like Audrey, especially with the flash making the background look dark and slightly forbidding.

    Glad you're knitting again. :-) Even if ripping is inevitable...


    I absolutely need your brown rice crust recipe. I cannot beleive I have never heard of such a thing and I know I really need it?? Can we trade?


    Woo-hoo! Garden pics! Need more pics! (I'll put some up of mine and you'll understand why I'm so invested in yours.)


    The weather here has been all over the place. Today it's rainy and the high was around 50. I had to turn the freaking heat on! Way to go on the knitting. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the yarn stretches to the end of the sweater.


    "lush and plentiful" is NEVER something you wanna hear with weeds. EVER. Hope gardening things get better..........


    Look at the socks! Nice job Elaine/Beebs and Marianne! Welcome back, Norma. It’s always good to see you smile. :-)

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