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    Tuesday, April 10, 2007


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    seriously, it takes TEMPTING to get you to knit socks? my goodness. if anyone wants to send ME free yarn, i'm an easy girl... total slut.


    Whose lights?!? Do tell!


    Pippi and Jessie are two of my favorite fiber pushers. Sweet, sweet, talented women.

    Who was foolish enough to cross you?


    Hang in there, my dear, keep sniffing those lavender bars!


    I have to say, my heart broke a little yesterday when you said you were done knitting socks, possibly forevah. hahah.
    And it must be wrong that now, I'm craving a Cape Codder. I haven't even had coffee yet.

    Who's gonna get their lights punched out??? That sounds scary!
    If ya need a quick getaway, I'll park my car in the alley.


    gosh danngit! I forgot to end my italics..
    see:COFFEE! Not booze first thing in the am! Sheesh.


    Ooh la la, soaps! I'm a recovering handmadesoapaholic. I still have a mongo loaf of eggnog(!) soap in the linen closet from 2 Christmases ago. I live really close to the [url=]Sunfeather soap factory[/url], and they have a dollar bin, and... Ahem.

    Also, that mermaid colorway is amazing!


    Please don't punch me. I'm a wimp.
    Love your soap and your PIPPI YARN? SCRUMPTIOUS! Lucky you! (Except for the punching part)


    Well crap on me for trying to be all fancy with a link.


    Laurie's soap is THE best. My favorite is New Day but I've got Sunshine in the tub right now. Mmmm. Wakes me right up! So, who pissed you off now?


    Resistance is futile. You will be assockilated. (See? Your boxing gloves don't scare me.)


    Oh, what? I'm sure you'll be telling us soon enough. I too love Laurie's soap!


    Okay, Norma, you can't leave us hanging like that. Who's lights are getting punched?


    You know, I've been watching Laila Ali on Dancing With The Stars... I think boxing would be a great way to get in shape. ; )


    Sweetie, don't take a risk on injuring your hands. Kick 'em in the shins!

    Luv that blues yarn!!Lucky you. Lucky Abigail.


    Sweetie, don't take a risk on injuring your hands. Kick 'em in the shins!

    Luv that blues yarn!!Lucky you. Lucky Abigail.


    Norma, are you kickboxing or what?
    I ordered some soaps from Laurie as a gift for my MIL, and sent them with some handmade cotton washcloths. I don't think she's used either the soap or the cloths. I'm gonna take 'em back if she doesn't use them by her next birthday! Laurie's soaps are not something you waste.


    Aweigh is one of my favorites, too. I keep a little bar next to the kitchen sink.

    Barb Outside Boston

    I'm guessing it's the deposition job and not the uni job.
    The Mermaid color is unbelievable!
    And it may have been a six-sox weekend, but it's a Red Sox day!


    My favorite Blessed Juno soap is Memory - the very scent puts a smile on my face! I also liked Aweigh. I didn't expect to but it really grows on you.

    Lee Ann

    Ruh roh. Norma's gettin' into violins agin...


    Wow you're sounding very pampered there! Way to go...I think everyone wants to know who will get their lights punched out (?)


    Could the boxing have anything to do with your student skippin' classes? ;) Comments are a wonderful insight into other peoples blogs!


    Please tell Pippi about Irish Coffee. Loving that Jessie yarn. I hope today is going better for you, sweetie. Remember I'll take care of whoever it is for you. Just need a name. *hugs*


    who you punching? I shall hide...


    Hi, is it safe to come in?? lol Seriously, I know what you mean about wanting to punch some peoples lights out, I get that way at times.
    The yarns are scrummy looking and I can't wait to see what you knit.
    Hid the soaps in lingerie draws etc so you have the excuse you need to go back and order some more "Aweigh". Your knickers will smell nice then too. :-)


    I love my Blessed Juno!!!

    And Pippi!


    Damn girl, boxing! I'm kinda impressed...and slightly scared of you.

    Dave Daniels

    Uh, what'd I say/do/not say/not do now????

    Seanna Lea

    Gosh, I could so mug a person for that Mermaids yarn. Time to save up my pennies and see if I can procure some (because it's not friendly to mug a person even if it is for yarn).

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