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    Friday, March 02, 2007


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    Jean E.

    Very funny! Have a restful, knitful weekend.


    oh how funny...can I post this on my blog? I'll give you a mention! Cheered my migraineous head up! Thank you :^)


    i love these. have a good weekend.


    Norma, it's very early here and husband still sleeping soundly and I'm trying hard to stifle the laughs, gigglesnorts and not having much success, thank you SO much, I've needed just this ripsnorter laugh since getting up this morning!!!
    I tried to choose a favourite but just couldn't....have yourself a weekend to remember (in a good way).

    marianne are SO getting linked today...


    Like Marianne, I needed a laugh, too ~ thanks! I have to wake up the kids shortly and I know my 12 year old son, in particular, will like the "Flatulence" definition. ;-)


    Those are great, Norma. Thanks for the laugh!


    13. Pokemon (n) a Rastafarian proctologist.

    I think I just tinkled a little!!

    Happy Friday, Norma!
    Stay warm and dry over there! It looks like this stom is hitting... (See, I was in denial over it... Betting the farm that "they" were wrong, and it was going to miss us!)

    Lisa In Oregon

    That was honestly the funniest thing I've seen/heard in days. I needed it, thanks!!


    Thanks for sharing. You gave me a great start to a day that has dawned chilly, windy and raining to beat the band. Your blog was my little ray of sunshine. Have a great weekend.


    Too funny! I really like #16;-)


    I think it was the Pokemon that got me best. Thanks for that.


    Hee...thanks for sharing. I needed that this morning...freaking Owen up at 3am.


    Oyster's my favorite. For sure! Thanks Norma - these are great!


    See that? I got Cara up early this morning...

    Heh... I've "abdicated" long ago. Have a great weekend, Norma!!

    kelli Ferrigan

    good morning norma-- it's another bloody snow day. which means not only will i not get any knitting done today, but i will also be jousting with the small fry for access to my own computer, preparing meals to the tune of "but i don't know what to dooooo!"-- thanks for a morning smile, stay warm! (and there i was, thoughts runnin' to maple syrup, what with the warm sun these past few days...)

    Helen in Denmark

    Thank you for that - the best laugh I've had in ages! I just copied the list to my 2 sons at University in England and my hubby at work. Our snow is almost gone, but by the looks of what you US knit-bloggers are saying, we could have more in a week or so!


    Hilarious! thank you for that.

    Jenn C.

    Hee. I love those lists.

    I think Oyster is my favorite!


    I've seen these before, but Pokemon is always worth a laugh.

    How about executrix: the woman who must divide the cereal fairly every morning.

    Or exfoliate: to rid oneself of a scandal-plagued Congressman.


    Thanks for that! Just what I needed on a dismal, pouring Friday.


    SOOO FUNNY! Thanks for that [much needed] laugh this morn. :)
    Have a great weekend!


    Those are wonderful! I snorted 5 times reading it.




    Reading these while drinking coffee is not advised. I just spit some out on my computer screen because I was laughing while drinking. Thanks for the laugh!


    hehehe, those are so funny, hehehe. I always thought Flabbergasted should mean something of the kind, or also if spelled like I usually spell it "flabbergased" a person who fluffs all the time, hehehe.


    Hilarious, I love it!


    Thanks for the laugh. given the current Newberry (how do you spell that award) kerfuffle, I think we need a definition of scrotum to go with the testicle.

    Steph B.

    Love these! Thanks for sharing!

    Beth S.

    This? AWESOME.


    Thank you for sharing! So damn funny!



    Happy weekend, Norma!


    ow ow ow...
    it hurts!
    laughing that hard hurts!


    Bless you, Norma! I've been struck by the flu and feeling low. These really made my week! I read them aloud to my roommate and couldn't even say lymph I was laughing so hard! That one's my favorite (though Pokemon is a close second)!


    Flamboyant: your flam in the bathtub :) That's an old one from Carnak the Magician (god am I dating myself!) Very funny Norma, thanks for the giggle.

    I'm having more fucking puter problems (yes fucking, there I said it!) so I couldn't comment earlier but I tried to tell you to deal with your meanie commenter of a few days ago by hitting him/her in the face with a dead flounder :)

    Have a good weekend, stay warm!

    Donna in Virginia

    LOL I had to google "Frisbeetarianism" and it's now on Wikipedia!

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