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    Saturday, March 03, 2007


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    Jenn C.

    Wow. That is a gorgeous photo!


    Did you get Abigail's permission to put that up there, Cousin? She's going to kill you dead if you didn't.



    Not sure what's cuter... the poem or your little hat wearing friend.


    Clever kid, that Abigail. Yes, meltage is good.


    Look at those icicles! Enjoy your sunny, warm day :-)


    I've got more where that came from, peeps. Like this one:

    School is fun and so are you,
    There is so much you can do.
    The school bus comes, just for me,
    Because I ride school bus C3
    With Mr. D.

    -Abigail S. Miller, age 22.


    I love Abigail's revised, age 22 poem, too. :-) It's lovely today here, too. Last night I wasn't sure if I would make it home -- I wish I was kidding. The roads were awful. But it's gorgeous today and that makes me happy. Enjoy your day, Norma!

    Beth S.

    It IS beautiful today! Overcast, but I don't care. It just does my heart good to see the ice melting. :-)


    It's good to know that Abigail's poetic gifts have stayed with her through the years. We're enjoying spectacular weather today too. Have a swell rest of your weekend!


    A friend came into the shop today and gave me a ton of mohair...all I could think was (besides thank you) Dulaan! Cute poem.


    It was cold and crisp here, fact I think it was colder here!


    It was glorious here today in Central Maryland. We were sitting at 55 degrees with sunshine and beautiful blue skies. It felt like the light at the end of the tunnel.


    Exactly the kind of weather we enjoyed here! Glorious is a good word, with beautiful, snow-covered mountains to enjoy. Now, to evening knitting.


    Oh you are a wise poet, Ms. Abigail! Dibs on your first anthology! ;)


    Excellent poems, Abigail! No sun here today, alas ... but soon, I hope.


    We had a wonderful, mild day in Boston yesterday. Loved it!


    Howard looks great! Howie? Harry? Hamlin? Hamlet? vincent? I can't remember the little guys name, dammit!
    Loving your icicles! And Ab? GENIUS even at such a young age!


    The woman has a gift with words! Her mom is gifted as well. What a splendid spring photo! And I love the gnome-man's hat. (Too small for a man. no-man's - get it? Ow, don't hit so hard. I'm sorry!)


    Ah, icicles. Haven't seen those in years. Never gets cold enough here in Melbourne for icicles, and I sort of miss them. Yeah, yeah!! I know. If we had them I'd be complaining that it too cold, but having come from a colder clime........northern UK to be exact, I sometimes miss the opportunity to really rug up with hats, scarves, mitts and thick socks. Some folk are never satisfied. hehe

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