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    Thursday, March 01, 2007


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    Maybe it is a robin...poor confused soul. I heard one singing it's heart out on Sunday...they shouldn't be here in Illinois yet either. Soon but not yet, something is amiss.


    I heard of a sighting of one in central Maine last weekend, but I have yet to see one myself. Of course, this storm is due to hit while we're Downeast at my grandmother's to scope out possible wedding venues.


    A robin! You've got us beat. Though Carlie was chittering away at a purple finch on the telephone wires outside my house today. It was awfully nice to hear bird chatter. (Remind me of this in July when I'm ready to kill them for 4AM chatter.)


    Oh, and I LOVE Cook's Garden. You are making me drool with all the seed talk!


    There was an article in the paper saying that not all robins go south. The ones that stay here braving the cold usually travel in packs. People have seen a tree full of robins. Scary though. This is probably just one more sign of global warming.
    Wait! How did I get up here, on my high horse! :)
    Loving your seeds, babe! But you are probably the first to ever plant dandelions.


    There was a robin in my lilac bush last week ... poor, brave, deluded little soul.


    Um, robins are, like, not that smart? Some of them do winter over, apparently.


    Oh the red red robin goes bob bob bobbin' along....along....
    The robins have been here for 2-3 weeks but that's pretty normal for our area.
    Adult beverage for breakfast....absolutely, perhaps Mr./Ms. Robin would like a snort....for warming purposes...


    Other smart people have already said it but now it's the librarian's turn. Not all robins migrate, some winter over. You can read about it here:
    You're welcome. :-)


    You know... I was wondering what was going on with the weather this year, too... my lilac bush already has started to get buds. In Maine. In February. Of course if this storm hits tonight like they are possibly saying, my lilac bush is going to regret it. I know my crocuses that were starting to come up back in January sure did!


    Robins are everywhere. I see them here all year round. It's the finches that are a precurser of spring. Spring is about unsettled weather and the earth warming...slowly but warming. You might get more snow (we've been hit hard this week) but it's still spring. Nice seeds!


    Seed catalogs, now that's good bedtime reading. How is the little bay tree? jpt


    The birds just confuse me now. I saw hundreds of geese flying south in their vees only last week. I would have thought they'd all be sunning in goose resorts by now.

    The predictions of weather doom and gloom have been given a timetable here in Toronto - we're to expect the ice rain to start at 11 and go until 9 tonight. Ugh.


    .... Snow in March is for the birds... (*ducks* haha, okay, I couldn't resist.) Seriously, I was driving home from the store last night thinking about how, we've had one big snowstorm all winter, now, this one is at our heels. I Isn't Right!!!!
    I just got my seeds of change catalogue and I haven't decided on what to get yet... So, I'm not as itchy about getting my stuff in the ground (yet)... I hope this year is better for my garden...
    But, yea, snow in March, April & June is stinky.. I'm ready for spring..
    ~~ I saw a fly on a 10 foot tall snow bank in our yard yesterday... CRAZY!


    Everyone's daffodils but mine are blooming. That includes the ones out in the easement/back alley where they were obviously pitched. My snow drops are blooming nicely though. I've gotten only two catalogs so far. I'm not ready to plant anything yet but I am ready for catalogs. I need to move further north.


    An adult beverage for breakfast sounds pretty good to me :)


    Are there any tricks to harvesting wild dandelions? The leaves have always been unbearably bitter every time I've picked them.


    I spotted robins in Ottawa on February 19: three very unhappy looking robins pecking listlessly at buckthorn berries. There were at least a couple more in the bush at the Britannia Conservation area this week -- they are not going to enjoy what's predicted to hit tonight.


    Have you got your UV lights out? We've got the broccoli started. And much reading of the cold weather gardening books has been happening (with attendant disappointment at the lack of advice on speeding up the beginning of the season). Dandelion seeds might be going too far. But sunflowers are great. And they self-seed so you won't have to be buying those again.


    Super charged coffee?


    I wish I knew something about gardening. I have been wanting a garden for myself this year, and I plan to plant one, but I know squat about what grows here. Unfortunately, there aren't terribly many nurseries here and the local ones are more about xeriscape than veggie-scape. I'm technically not even supposed to plant until the end of the month, but I'm going to start working on it now. It's been ages since we've had a hard freeze in March or April.


    I'm used to English robins (who stay throughout the winter and are a common decoration on Christmas cards) so I'm always thrown when Americans exclaim over robins in the spring. "Robins? In the snow? But isn't that normal?" And then the brain kicks in with the correction.

    I wouldn't mind the extra snow, but whatever tree I'm allergic to is emitting plant spoo, so I am bitter and resentful (also congested). It seems so unfair to have spring-related allergies AND snow storms simultaneously.

    Bring on the adult bevvies for breakfast, I say.


    A robin?! The hell you say! He's in for a real treat when this snow comes.


    ahh dandelions. i can actually eat them this year as our poor dear doggie rocky is no longer with us. he used to like to pee and poop in the dandelions. (of course there are rabbits and assorted other wildlife who visit our yard, but they don't weigh 90 lbs). when do you plant sunflowers by the way? i tried last year and i planted too late so they were rather pathetic.


    I saw (and heard!) a cardinal the other morning. Dunno what sort of timing they have in spring but I live in Southern Ontario and there's still a lot of snow around. Maybe the birds are confused.


    We've had robins here for a couple of weeks, maybe they are just impatient. Put out seeds! in case they can't find any non-frozen worms.


    Definitely too early. But y'all have had a lot of unsettled weather and winds, haven't you? He might have been blown north a little faster than he'd have wanted to. Poor bugger.

    Beth S.

    We've had robins in the greater Boston area since January. JANUARY! I worried myself sick over them the day I first saw them hopping around in the snow. Poor little things... I guess our unusually mild December threw them off.


    I won't tell you about the many species of birds I've already seen in my backyard (I'm in Tennessee, but first robins were a long time ago; oh what to heck, I have to brag about the bluebirds nesting here ;-). I'm looking forward to another year of vicarious gardening a la Norma (you take such great photos).


    I read that some robins are not going south anymore due to the warmer winters. They say that red-winged blackbirds are the more accurate harbinger of spring in our Southern Ontario climate. Can't wait to see the garden pics this summer.


    Seeing a robin may be a sign of spring, but seeing one try to land on an ice-covered branch - not so much.


    Maybe it's one of those tough dude kind of robins that doesn't care if they get their little seeds froze off cause they just hate to travel and would rather shovel snow off the perch than deal with highway traffic? Could be.

    Happy Seed Shopping! :)




    Those robins have a great PR machine behind them, Norma. Can I interest you in a wood pecker? A loud wood pecker with on concept of time or respect for his neighbors? o.0

    We had Canadian geese flying west last month. I worry about them. There's something wrong there.

    I'm dying to start some salad greens, but it's too squishy to try right now. Everything would wash away.

    Never too early to start drinkin'. ;^)


    We're all birds all the time here. If you're ever missing any, let me know;) Our spring is here now-yuk!


    How cool that there is red Silvia lettuce! Leave it to my kick-ass fake sister to find that.



    About two weeks ago just after one of our bad snow storms, I was walking into our town library when I noticed this flock of a dozen VERY BIG robins hopping around the shrubbery. I watched them for a bit - they seemed to be robins on steroids. I mentioned it to the librarian who said that she was told earlier that these were Canadian robins that had migrated South and were berry-eaters. I've never heard of Canadian robins nor have I ever seen robins as big as these guys. I do wish that they brought Spring with them! I've had enough of Winter! :-)


    Yeppers, those be robins. There was a whole flock of 'em on West Shore Road on Sunday. Go figure. But it ain't spring until the ospreys come back to nest on the Sandbar. And that won't be until the end of March. So saith the Island wench.


    Oh my – I think it IS too soon for the fat little robins to be hanging around!

    Did the adult beverage include Bacardi? I hope so. :-)

    Julie's 68 degrees here and heading out to the dog park ***ducking and running*** Make a snow bunny for me!


    Favorite California Girl... Red Silvia...

    ... huh...

    Ya know, if she wasn't totally fab, I'd be all pouty and shit right now.



    I just conferred with my birder DH. (ah, well, he is the only DH, btw.) There are some robins that summer WAY up North and migrate south to Northern Vermont for winter. Those you see in the summer are down basking somewhere considerably south of you. Simple, eh? I'm guessing not too many robins summer way up North..... Your coming storm is raining/sleeting/icing now here in southern Wisconsin and making mush out of this past weekend's 15 inches of snow.


    EEEEeeeeehhh! I want some redSilvia lettuce seeds too! I don't even garden, but lettuce is one of my fave foods, next to cheese of course.

    Oh dear sister Normie! I love you!

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