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    Monday, February 26, 2007


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    Awww. Your friends DO know you! The mittens are awesome and what a great gift from Regina!

    Mary Beth

    They are so special - worth waiting for!


    Norma, congratulations on finishing them! and to Margene for guessing correctly!
    Very cool music/gift from Regina.


    You're making me blush. And BTW? You were already the coolest mama. xo


    Are you gonna send her that stuff Ann slipped in your wallet?


    Hooray for finishing the mittens! I'm sure he will be thrilled.


    Me, me!!? I won!? I saw them in person last October and felt SO SORRY for your friend. That's why I picked them as I knew the guilt would get to you;-) Now you need to finish socks for David before spring comes!


    Those mittens look so comfy. Yay Margene!



    /runs like hell

    Teresa  Thorne Hunter

    I don't get it. Deep Song was released two years ago, and Thompson's at least a year ago, if it was at the time of Brokeback Mountain. And what t-shirt? No explanation, no picture. Have I missed something? Or am I just not part of the "in" crowd?


    That Margene - does she know you or WHAT??!?


    It always helps to get those kids young! Before you know it, you'll have a critic on your hands; one with excellent taste in music...Those mittens look like serious weather deterrents, just great! Isn't it supposed to take a year for mitts?


    I know what Margene needs! A little trip from Sandy that will fly out to Utah for a bit of a vacation. Paid for by YOU of course.
    Drat it.
    Love the mittens. LOVE. Now, deliver them to the poor man with the frozen fingers.


    I an attest-those mittens are wicked good!


    (*&^&*!! That's, "I can..."


    Teddy Thompson rocks my world. I heard his first album nigh unto 6-7 years ago and fell in love. "Wake Up" still has the ability to make me cry at its beauty. Of course it doesn't hurt that his dad is awesomeness too. Remember back in the day when the Point played good music?


    Teddy is good but I still prefer his dad.


    /done pouting

    What a wonderful package!

    Love the mittens and their story. Did you mail them yet? ;^)


    Regina's the best.


    Lovely presents, awesome mittens! Good on you!


    "... a promissory note" Now that is a person who knows our kind.


    Bring that tshirt to a festival and we can be TWINS.


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