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    Monday, February 12, 2007


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    That colorway is beautiful! Do you know what it's called?

    Lucky you!


    That colorway is beautiful! Do you know what it's called?

    Lucky you!


    They look great Norma! You deserve them since you're always knitting for everyone else! Hope they keep you nice and warm!


    Wow! What a thoughtful and lovely gift. I'll have to check out that yarn. Thanks for the tip. Enjoy those sockies.


    I'm glad I clicked for the closeup. That's a pretty pattern.


    what a great gift! One to be cherished while at the same time, wearing the dickens out of them! If you know what I mean!
    See? Do good. Get good. It's the universe's way of balance. Don't fight it! :) Great job, DEB!


    How nice of Deb!




    Lovely socks ! No nicer present for a knitter than a beautifully knitted gift. Debi is right. You deserve them.



    What wonderful socks! They should keep your piggies warm while you freeze in the classroom, eh?

    Your little cupcake hat is adorable!


    You are one lucky lady! They look fabulous and warm.


    Nice! That's what I'm knitting my current socks from, in a similar looking colorway. (Mine is Moose Creek - love me some moose - but I don't think it's the same.) Mountain Colors is made/dyed near my MIL's house in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley, so I think of it as "my" yarn and buy some whenever I visit! (I must have MORE - there's a walmart going in nearby and all the LYSs that carry it are concerned about business!)


    Lucky you, indeed, and also lucky me: the colorway is Evergreen (as I discovered on Deb's blog), and I have some in my stash. I looked at the colors in the skein and thought "meh," and was seriously thinking of giving it away. Now I know better. Thanks!


    MMmmmmmmm Bearfoot!
    Soft indeed!!
    enjoy the luxury of gifted socks :)


    Very pretty socks! What a nice gift.


    Bearfoot is my personal favorite too. So soft, and really nice to work with.

    Beth S.

    Oh, you lucky devil, you! :-) The colors remind me of black opal. *sigh*

    I've never knit with Bearfoot, but clearly that must change.


    They look great, Norma. Good for you ~ what a lovely, thoughtful gift.


    How wonderful! Well done, Deb!


    One warning. those will felt if you put them in the wash. I learned the hard way. I can still get mine on but they are a bit stiff.


    Very nice! I love MC yarn too; it wears really well, and the colors are gorgeous!


    Those socks are lovely. Lucky girl.

    The Procrastiknitter (aka the other Rachel H)

    Wow, those are beautiful and just OOZE softness and warmth! Lucky you!

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