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    Thursday, December 07, 2006


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    margene'll be up for days on end! Poor Norma. You've been messing with the blog and that thing is really making it a bit wonky. Just sayin'. Oh and your Weather Pixie says it is 19! Stay warm!


    That mini red scarf ornament is the BEST! Guess SOMEONE will have to put up what is known in This Part of the Universe as a CHRISTMAS TREE. Huh. Wonder who that might be....
    Cambell's soup. Call that soup??


    That's a lot of pages, dude. The ornament is beautiful and the Red Scarf Gallery is something to see, that's for sure!


    Cool ornament! I was thinking of you lastnight wondering how icy your roads were. The Red Scarf Gallery is a sight to behold.


    super thoughtful gift. and thanks to you norma for highlighting this terrific project.


    Two dinners? Why the hell not? You're here for a good time, not a long time! LOL!

    The ornament is PRECIOUS! Very cool!


    Congrats on saying "No" to more work. Even with the feast and famine thing, it is important to say "no" sometimes. Hope the rest isn't too overwhelming.

    Rachel H

    Yay for Melissa's gift. Very thoughtful, and perfect for you.
    And much deserved.


    Oooh, that Food for Life looks great - thanks for the link. I started using my mother's old breakmaker a fews months ago, because I'm done with eating the processed crap from the grocery store. My favorite so far: thick slices of freshly baked Honey Granola bread toasted with chunky all-natural peanut butter and lavender honey drizzed on top.

    Now that's livin' ;)


    Tiz the season to go crazy! Stay safe and rest hard when you do lie down. Campbell's soup beats brownies and coke. Things could be worse.


    :-) Yours is the only ornament I made with a knitted object; the rest have mini skeins of yarn in them, but they have all proven difficult to photograph. Hubby says indirect natural light, which I tried, but the scarf was just not cooperating. I hope you'll have better luck.

    I'm very glad it arrived in one piece, and to such a warm welcome! I don't think a tree is necessary - I'm not putting up one, although the skein ornament I'm keeping for myself almost makes me want to.

    And what's wrong with two dinners?

    Beth S.

    Nine hundred pages! Oy.

    Hang in there. Maybe plan a really nice reward (cashmere?) for when it's over?...


    I love the scarf in the ornament!
    It is an outrage that they re-ran Grey's. I had my knitting all ready.
    My general rule of thumb/hunger is that staying up past midnight occasions another full meal. (And don't feel guilty about the odd can of soup)


    Oy vey!!! The best I can say is "hang in there" and once it is all over, take a nice, long, hot bath!


    That's an ass-lot of pages. Get back to work! Why are you reading this?!?


    Aww. Mel's the awesome'est isn't she? The gallery is so great! Inspiring! But lacking something - a scarf made by me! I better hurry up and get crackin' on that. :)


    That is the cutest ornament EVER.

    Two more red scarves from Ms. Director this week ... and I finished my first! I'll have pictures for you soon.


    I just had homemade chicken soup for dinner, only because it was there. I wish I could Fedex you some.

    I finished my (first) scarf a couple of weeks ago... have to get a pic up.

    Amy Boogie

    Holy Crap. I hope you get some vacation soon.
    That ornament has to be the best one I've seen in a long time. How sweet!

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