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    Wednesday, December 06, 2006


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    I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't be laughing. But I am. I just love you to pieces, Norma.
    And Bloglines just picked up 5 new posts from you. GR hasn't picked this one up yet, though.


    Doh! I did this too once at a very large law firm where I worked in college. Made it all the way up the elevator (14th floor), down the hall and to my desk before someone pointed it out. Of course, i was young and cute and my butt looked pretty good--as opposed to now--so I guess I shouldn't have been so upset. At the time, of course, it was pretty embarrassing. At least you made an impression. Even if it was of your white cotton 'tocks.


    The title is killing me. :-)

    Dave Daniels

    Like Carole, BL just came in with 5 posts for you.
    At least you were wearing SOMETHING. And, um, wasn't there the slightest draft?


    Under the heading of "it could be worse": I used to know someone whose entire wrap skirt once came undone and fell off while she was writing a complicated equation on the blackboard in front of a class. She realized partway through that the class was unusually quiet, but figured, great, they were finally focusing. One of her students eventually came up behind her and said, "Um... Dr. X? Your skirt fell down." No, she was not wearing a petticoat.


    Oh no!!! I'm sure you'll laugh about this later. Eventually.


    Poor Norma! At least someone told you and it wasn't as bad as spending the day with your dress tucked into your white jockeys! :)


    I have pink Jockey's on!! I was so excited that they had them yesterday in Kohl's. Best underwear ever!

    Do you want to come here and have my Physical Therapist husband work on you?



    I love you, The Norma. At least, she told you.


    Oh, dear . . .


    Yup, more coffee before those kicking-your-ass things appears to be a necessity. At least someone told you. I've actually had "friends" NOT tell me about a similar problem (skirt into pantyhose) and a complete stranger came up and told me! I no longer hang out with those peopel I can tell you...


    Egads. I now SO remember why I work at home (says me who didn't get a shower until 5:45 P.M. tonight and spent the day in jeans with mud caked around the hems).


    Yes, well there was the time I stood up lecturing in front of a class with my pants unzipped and one of my hands in my pocket, which, of course, made the unzipped zipper very obvious. Bright purple underwear. Feelin' your pain! I have a friend who did the skirt tucked into underwear thing. She was wearing a thong. It was the chair of our department who noticed. Both of their faces were bright red. (And boy howdy do you clean house when you say you're gonna!)


    I've learned it's always something ... I did "girls night out" with a group of 5 other ladies. We went to a night club. I was wearing a mini-tank-dress thingie with a white thong underneath. The club had blacklights. Guess what the thong did ... it frickin' GLOWED like it was radio active. I dashed to the loo and took them off. But they were new and rather expensive so I didn't want to trash them. Oh, and I wasn't carrying a purse because we were in the club. So, I wadded them up in my hand, went downstairs to where some more friends had joined us and told one of my guy friends that I needed to borrow his pocket for the night! Ugh!!!


    well, at least if it was unzipped, it wasn't falling down! and you're too old to be doing the brittney thing (actually, britney is too old to be doing the brittney thing, lol)

    hope the rest of your week goes better


    Well, at least you were wearing something under the skirt (unlike Ms. Lohan and all those other Hollywood types).


    ...still laughing...thanks for the early morning smile. :)


    If I had been drinking a diet coke, I would have spewed it. I would have. But I'm not allowed to drink any liquids today on this day of all days. It would have been fun, too, spewing.
    Next time, dress completely before leaving the house. No fair flashing people to try to get a bonus.


    Now, that's a completely DIFFERENT superpower...


    You have seen the Brittney pictures, right? See, It COULD have been worse!

    I hope you get some rest!!!!


    That could totally be me this week. ;-) Hang in there.


    I have neutral jockies on. granny doesn't wear jockies. a hint. :) hang in there sweetie. i know the feeling--on a completely different playing field and I am pulling for you!!

    Ann in Vermont

    What no thong???


    How did the skirt stay up??? At least you found out when you did. Sorry to hear work is kicking your ass, but hopefully that means in the great scheme of things you can take some holiday time off.


    oh dear. I'm sorry. The title killed me. Can't stop laughing. Hope your day gets better :)


    Aren't you glad she told you though? I always tell people when they're unzipped or their skirts are stuck in their tights. I would want someone to tell me so I'm not walking around with my undies hanging out.

    Good luck with work, Cousin. You need to treat yourself to something nice. A bath with a drink and some chocolate would be my suggestion, but whatever floats your boat, really. :)


    Bless your dear heart! May nothing worse happen to you all month.
    (Thank God it wasn't the Sponge-Bob Boxers.)


    WOW - 5 posts at once. Bloglines had been just saving them all up so that we could have a really big fun read.... Ending in this great story!
    Now back to the Frostrosen post---those are going to be some pretty mittens!


    I am very happy she told you! but eek!


    Tell me that I'm laughing WITH you...
    ; )
    It could have been oh, so very, very worse.


    Wow. White. Awesome.

    That woman is a true friend and you should find her however you can and tell her that you want her to be your best friend in the world because she is a kind, kind, honest soul.


    You know, I'm of two minds about what I'd rather have people see me wearing: something conservative and innocuous (but boring) or something spicy and sexy (but embarrassing). But definitely not a thong (my butt needs a lot more toning).

    At least she did tell you.

    Get some sleep!


    Reading your blog for the first time today (Thanks to Wendy Knits) Love the Red Scarf project! I started mine today.

    An aside -- saw your Book Wish list -- let me recommend -- Blue Jelly: Love Lost and the Lessons of Canning by Debbie Bull. Try to get the hardback addition -- cool transparent cover --

    I think it would be a great addition to your canning books. It's pretty funny too.

    Lee Ann

    It is a really good thing it wasn't me.

    Worse than a thong. A string. My husband and daughter both laugh at my underwear. They've made up a song. "Mommy's underwear really isn't there...."

    Maybe I should start wearing Jockeys.

    denny  Mcmillan

    Retail, christmas/holiday.need I say more. Can't to tired. Working hard (selling silk cashmere),someones got to do it.
    I will check myself in the mirror before I head out to see if all my bits are together. Cheers.

    Melissa G

    At least you didn't stay 90 minutes late in order to rinse and blow dry a dead dog. That was me on Monday. The first patient I saw my next work day had the same name.

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