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    Thursday, November 09, 2006


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    Feeding the soul is important too... I'm glad you got some of that in today--sounds like it was quite exhausting!


    What a fab package, the new squeezable bottle is great but don't keep it in the fridge or it doesn't squeeze. And Caramel Wafers, my favourite, yum!
    Don't you just love tech support!!


    Being with customer support can be tiredsome...even more when it has to be with the bigger companies.

    I am glad you had some quality time with your yummy goodies.

    So--what about LOST tonight...hope you were able to check out the action with Sawyer: it made me drop a few stitches on my Anna socks, lol.


    Hey, the package got there! And the Marmite didn't explode all over the yarn! What a drag about HP, I hope they come through in the end.


    Fricking HP! They are dead to me. DEAD!
    Soul soothing always comes with food, doesn't it?


    Sounds like a good dinner to me. HP sounds like Sears. And I hate Sears these days.


    Yay for Marmite (I actually travel with a small bottle of it on holiday - just in case).


    One nibble and you're nobbled. Yum!


    Nice to get a package in the midst of telephone nightmares. Now where is my red yarn?


    Shoulda bought a Dell....just sayin.


    Norma I'm so happy to hear you told HP off...hope it helps and how nice for you to have dinner from across the Pond.


    Just to cheer you up - I've finished 2 red scarves. My sister, a new knitter, has done a third. I have 2 more on the needles... (how do I send pictures?)


    I guess I won't be buying a HP.


    Beautiful yarn. Think I will stop looking at HP laptops now and stick with Dell and hope I don't have to call Bangalore. :) The devil you know, or whatever that saying is. I am still working on my red Irish Hiking Scarf at work breaks.


    Once in a while I just love settling in with a one-minute dinner. My favorite is hummus on crackers. Waistline, shmaistline. It's such a lovely package altogether: I would have knit a scarf (or two) anyway, but a little extra motivation never hurt anyone.

    I had to frog half of my red scarf last night -- tried the drop-down thing, but it just wasn't happening. But I am making progress on it again, and now obsessively checking to make sure I'm twisting the cables the right way.


    Delish. That yarn looks yummy. I'm sorry to hear about HP support - until recently I'd only heard good things about them. I guess they are going the way of all the other companies. More customers, less support.
    I'm not sure I could eat something that sounds so similar to the name of a large furry rodent.


    Those rat bastards at HP. I hope you set their pants on fire.

    What a lovely and well timed package. Isn't mail from the UK just the best?


    Believe it or not although Brits refer to it as the post, the company is the Royal Mail. Just like we refer to it as the mail, but it comes from the Post Office. Bizarre. Great package.


    I started a red scarf--my first time ever with cables. I used to watch my mother make cables and felt like she was doing magic. Now I'm doing magic, too.

    Kate on vancouver island

    Guess I should let you know that have finished a red scarf then? I don't have a blog but read yours faithfully (don't know if I've ever commented before). Will try to send a picture soon, my knitting group were all coveting it but I said no, it's going to the States!
    Also, my sympathies on HP support. I work from home and my calls are usually for my internet service -- great tech but the automated stuff first takes for ever!! You should be able to go straight to a techy in those moments. Stand your ground, the big companies are (generally) bullies.


    Personally, I am a Plain Chocolate McVities girl. Boy, do I miss those. And I was a huge fan of the Sainsbury brand Plain Chocolate Fruit and Nut. Doesn't take much to please me. Was just thinking about M&S yesterday...the convenience...sigh.


    I've not got a blog either (neither?), nor (or?) a camera, but do have a red scarf waiting to be sent in January.


    Boy do I feel your tech support pain, Norma. Bless Jennifer for the soul soothing goodies.

    I have one scarf but I'll show you when I have my next one done (I plan 2 maybe 3 this year!)

    I'm doing a RSP post even as I write this!

    Donna in Virginia

    3 scarves finished for the Red Scarf Project which is 2 more than I knitted last year. There's more red and other approriately colored yarn in the stash waitng to be knit into scarves.

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