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    Wednesday, November 01, 2006


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    must get back to my mismatched striped sweater sleeves...

    Rachel H

    Remember that if you knit at the pace of a snail on valium, like me, there are options on The Dulaan Project site that don't require it. When the paycheck hits tomorrow I'm off to find the thickest fleece the fabric store has to offer for some of those No-Sew blankets they need.


    Thanks for the lecture, Norma. Being in the South, I start refusing to go outside when the temp. dips into the forties. I cannot imagine living in the conditions these Mongolian kids live in.

    How does one line a hat with fleece?

    Kathleen, too.

    Lining hats. Hmmmm... must experiment. I have 7 done, but two seem not warm enough.

    Rachel H. ~ JoAnn's has fleece on sale at 50% off this week and next!


    Norma, you are a wonder! Good on you for spreading the word.

    The camelid family produces very warm fibers (camel, alpaca, llama, vicuna.) Maybe someone could collect odds and bobs from the blogging world and knit up vests in eccentric stripes. Heck, I'll make up a pattern if anyone is interested.


    Oooh, K2, thanks, I like the idea of lining hats with fleece! (Now I gotta find a tutorial...)
    Thanks for the reprint, Norma - it's hard to know about it when my winter never really gets cold enough to rule out short sleeves and flip flops.


    *Slinks in and looks around*..Miss Norma? Is there a deadline? Cause the Dulaan link looks like it's the 2005 dates. Thank you so much!
    *Slinks back out, hoping I didn't incur the "Didn't read all the FAQS" wrath of Miss Norma"*


    I think yesterday was the last day to sign up for Dulaan 10,000 (I made it in the nick of time) -- but there's no law that says you can't knit five (or more) items without signing up.

    I'm thinking lots of alpaca Fair Isle mittens and hats.


    Sometimes we all need a good lecture. Just saying.


    Yay for this post Norma!!! No chirping crickets in my corner of the comments. :)

    I'm using Ryan's "CLOUD HAT" pattern to make a hat. But I could probably make cloud mittens and a scarf or neck warmer too. When you do your tutorial, give some ideas of dimensions or constuction for these neck warmers. I'm sure they're faster and take less yarn than a scarf. We need to think WARM - not a luxuriously long scarf that will trip a kid - right? :)


    My fav is the LONG UNDERWARE!!! It's so easy to layer on top and freeze your legs off!!


    Thank you for re-printing this. Utah has relatively mild winters, so this is quite helpful to wusses like me.

    I am in love with neckwarmers -- for me, for little children who would trip or strangle themselves with scarves, for anyone who wants a warm neck and no extra dangly ends. I'll be focusing on that.

    And maybe, we'll see, a little vest or two.


    Perhaps a visual for those who don't know cold... I experienced -30F this past winter. If you go to the grocery store a couple blocks from your home and purchase a can of diet Coke, it will have ice crystals in it by the time you return home with your purchases. And trust me, when it is that cold, you RUN between your home and the store!


    Thanks, Norma. You've inspired me. I'll knit five for Dulaan. And I'll see if I can exponate (ok, I just might have made up a word, but I'm not thinking clearly) that with my knitting grrls.


    Thanks for the lecture............I'll put the info to good use when knitting on Saturday with all those people who didn't get to go to Rhinebeck.......


    This is a very timely "lecture", one which I enjoyed learning more about. I've been really thinking of knitting for Dulaan and I thought about doubling some worsted wool/alpaca yarn that I had as I thought that might be good. I also thought about doubling the yarn but knitting it on a size or two smaller needles than called for to make it more wind-resistant. In all honesty, I'd be less likely to line anything, because I hate any type of sewing, so I'd try to take other precautions such as making it more wind-resistant. Thanks for this information. I'll definitely be knitting some items for Dulaan for the '07 date.


    The A.C. Moore stores here on Long Island are discounting all yarns 25% this week so tomorrow I will stock up on red and/or wool yarn. I know they carry Patons classic wool. Just hope there's some left.


    i was thinking about your post while i was surfing, and i was thinkinga bout the socks. should i make htem worsted weight? slipper socks? what kind?

    Marcy Taitz

    I agree with Norma about knitting tightly to keep wind out. Also, I have been lining my hats with fleece. The way I do it is by tracing the shape of the hat on a double layer of fleece, cutting it out and sewing around the edges, except for the bottom which will be the opening. (Since fleece doesn't fray, you can sew the raw edges.) Then I stick in inside the hat, sew a few stitches on the inside top to secure it to the top of the hat, and attach the open bottom part by sewing it to the bottom of the hat. If it sticks out, I just trim the bottom a bit. Bingo- a fleece lined hat! Not difficult and all done by hand. You can do some or all of it by machine if you use one. If you use the hat yarn for sewing, it won't show on the outside.
    I live in NY which gets pretty cold (not by Mongolian standards, but still...) and I am going to line some of my own hats as well!

    Lee Ann

    I'm going with Rachel H's suggestion because lately my knitting sucks and I can't count. Those blankets are a fantastic way to contribute.

    By the way, Norma, have I told you lately that I love you? Just in case I haven't, lady, you rock.


    Thank you for this information. I look forward to your tutorial. I haven't been able to figure out how to line a handknitted hat with fleece without making it lose its stretch.
    I really like the dye on the yarns. I'm tempted to try doing some myself.

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