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    Monday, October 30, 2006


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    That is an absolutely gorgeous shade now. Plain Vanilla is nice, but it's like you got an entirely new sweater now.
    The mitten is totally your colors. I know I haven't knit with that yarn yet because of the cost, but it certainly seems luscious.




    Just delurking to tell you, that red really flatters your skin tone! It looks just beautiful!


    I loved the Plain Vanilla sweater. But oh, my - it's just plain GORGEOUS now! That's the perfect color for you, and the sweater really shines along as well. And now I know I need some Scarlet dye - blood red garnets are my favorite stone, and that's just the same color.


    Wowsa!! That is a stunningly beautiful recreation of Plain Vanilla. I bow to your expert willy-nilly dyeing success!


    Wow, Norma! I didn't know you had readers in China! ;)

    I am in awe of your dyeing prowess.


    Norma I just love these last two posts. The dyeing of Plain Vanilla was such a success and the story of the process was quite entertaining (as always). This photo of you wearing the sweater is just stunning. It seems that every picure I have seen of you lately is more beautiful than the last - but this - this is the most perfect red for you - just beautiful!!


    That's absolutely gorgeous. And is it just me or is there something comppletely fucked with your comments? You may have been spammed, mah lurve.


    I think that must be chinese for spam - good luck getting rid of them


    A girl after my own heart, who spends her weekend playing with pretty colors when there is work to be done. I think I prefer the red to the plain vanilla, actually, but then, I'm on a red kick right now.

    You have inspired me to put that pattern on my list of Sweaters I Plan to Knit Someday.



    Stunning. I love that color. Must get me some red...


    Welcome Red Phoenix! Fabulous reincarnation of PV.


    A long,slow death to all spammers ! Is that too much bad karma ? O.K. , may they endure 10 x the suffering/annoyance that they have inflicted.

    The sweater is gorgeous,as are you in it. That fabulous shade of red is fantastic on you.



    It's even better now! And, thanks to your instruction, my own first dyeing project was very successfully completed this weekend.

    Teresa C

    Good save!

    Dave Daniels

    LOVE the sweater and the color. Congrats on the multi-dyeing. And your hair looks fabulous.
    But, honey? The earrings? What's with that? They're just a little dangly, doncha think?
    (I know you are SO gonna kill me for that!)


    Your Plain Vanilla looks gorgeous in red, it really suits you.


    glad to see it all worked out so beautifully Norma --- you are working that red girl!


    That's some interesting spam you got there. And glad your sweater is a winner and not a weiner. Seriously, it looks great!!


    Perfect!! I like it even more than before. YOu left out one part, or maybe two. Didi you dye it in a pot? or the washer? Surely the packets of dye weren't Jacquard. Did you use a couuple different types? Great job, problem solved.


    Love the sweater. And the earrings. Take a hike DD!

    Mary Fran

    Wow - the red looks wonderful on you! And I have to tell you. I read the blog every day. My six year old just came up and said, "Is this the website that doesn't answer any questions?" He scrolled up and pointed to the "no-meme" button. I thought that was pretty funny...


    NORMA! It looks FANTASTIC! I'm so so happy for you. I was very sad about PV, but vavavoom! Bring on the red sister!


    You did it, you did it!! The former PV is fabulous! The color is rich and beautiful and you saved her! Wear FPV long and well, Norma!


    Holy toledo. The red is STUNNING, kid. Absolutely stunning. It looks beautiful on you! Way to save a gorgeous sweater, woman! You're my fix-it hero!

    Rachel H

    You rock the red, lady! Verra, verra niiiiiice.


    Excellent recovery.


    It's perfect! And what a happy ending to such a tragic tale.


    Wow. U did it again. Good thinkin!

    But how come you get all dolled up for your blog pix and my readers are lucky not to see me in my pjs? Oh. Yes. I work at home.


    The sweater was nice before but now is really fabulous. That red is gorgeous and yummy.


    WOW! The sweater is GORGEOUS! The color is fantastic, and you are ONE HOT MAMA! ;-)

    Gongrats on all your dyeing - it really is tremendous!! You look incredibly happy wearing it.

    Elizabeth D

    Fraternal mittens!! You don't really want to pay that much attention to making them match -- it's a sure way to keep one hand cold for a long, long time. Just get your stack of colors and dive in. I mean, you did define yourself as maybe not quite the patient type, yes?


    Red Phoenix!! YES!! And perfectly matched lipstick as well? Why keep all this beauty at home? Take that gorgeous red rambouuillet out for a showing!

    Bravo on the hugely successful save!


    Wow! PV looks fantastic! So you never put the dye only on the bleached out spots? I've been debating this with a sweater that has a bleach stain and wondered if I needed to dye just the spot first.

    Love that red on you!


    Holy crow! You are an utter marvel. I love, love, love that color.


    Oh, THAT Marcia! I knew I never would say such a thing! But, you have to stop, you evil that I am positively salivating about starting "Heather", you have me wanting to make the PV sweater too. I would definitely make that in Mountain Mohair...LOVE that yarn!


    Wow! I just luvvvvvvv that color and it looks great on you! It's the perfect sweater to take you through a long cold winter!


    Girl, if you ever knit a white sweater again, I will come to your house, spill coffee all over it, hand you packets of vermillion, scarlet and aztec gold, and go about my business. You look stunning in that Plain Crimson sweater. White schmite.

    nipper jenn

    Oh, Cousin. The sweater is beautiful and you look beautiful in it. I'm glad you still love it.


    Absolutely love it, Norma! It's FANTASTIC!!


    That red is SO GORGEOUS! And the lipstick's a great color, too. Scarlet looks wonderful on you.


    YAY!!! It came out fabulous.


    What a save! It's awesome. That's it. I am soooo going to knit that. That's one fierce red sweater, lady.


    It looks absolutely gorgeous and the color is divine. NICE WORK! Now I want one. Did you say you used procion? YUM.


    Boy, that Plain Vanilla that was so beautiful and pure and subtle before now looks all plain and washed-out and boring next to its Phoenix reincaration. Wow. Red, especially a complex vermillion-crimson-Aztecgold kind of red, has always been my favorite color, and your sweater has it in spades. I am in awe. And photo of you and the sweater and the chilis and the earrings and scarf and the lipstick and the Adirondack chairs? Pure genius.

    For the record, I like the earrings. A lot.


    I adore that red. I covet that red.


    I adore that red. I covet that red.


    I love that red! Great triumph over bad spill, Norma. Now you can spill a little Merlot on it and no one would be the wiser.
    I have made that same sweater pattern and it turned out ginormous so I semi-felted it to size and now it fits and as a bonus it's wind proof,too!
    I love the earrings as well. Don't listen to Dave. What do men know about earrings anyway? Sheesh.


    Plain Vanilla is dead! Long live Plain Crimson!

    Nice save, lady. It's gorgeous. I do think you deserve another white sweater, though.


    I don't know what the front looks like now, but it really doesn't matter, as that color is stunning! Too bad it is unreproducible. It is STUNNING.

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