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    Wednesday, September 06, 2006


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    Does motherwort help with PCOS do you know? PCOS related PMS is controlling my life at least 2 weeks a month. Did you try otherstuff before motherwort? I'm interested in knowing more :)


    I hear the Sugar Daddy route is really the way to go. Not that I'd know. Nope. Nuh-uh. Not at all.


    Step right up! This here is some of the very rare Miss Norma's Tincture that will cure all your ills!
    Sympathies to your ailing computer. Perhaps a few drops of tincture for it?
    YAH for LOST!


    If I thought,for one minute,that it would safely [and legally ?] ship to the U.K.,I would definately buy some. Really !

    Dave Daniels

    But, NORMA! You're so HOT! Why not start a little Escort Service up there in the nether reaches of Vermont? For sure you'd get a lot of business. And you'd make more per person than little bottles of your witch's brew. We'll talk...


    Sorry to hear about your computer. Enjoy your lost watching. I can't wait until it starts back up again!

    Lee Ann

    Dave, she's too close to the City of Escorts...we got that angle covered around here...

    I wish the hell I was going to Vermont, but the mere thought of driving three hours round trip with child makes me need to take a nap.


    My dau was just telling me about the friend of a friend of a friend's cousin's friend who dealt drugs in order to finance his college education. I can't even think of something to say about that.


    sugar daddy sugar daddy sugar daddy


    Norma vs Rabbitch Jello wraslin' - I'd pay to see it :)


    Sugar daddy is the way to go, honey. Seriously, a year for 12 bottles at $18 each? That is not going to buy a servant to peel your grapes for you.


    Hey, we saw a picture of your hiney yesterday ... I'm sure that booty can find you a sugar daddy!


    Too bad you love your husband, Cousin, because, yeah, I think Sugar Daddy is the way to go.


    I'm interested in how you made it, the tincture I mean. I'm always looking for useful books on how to use herbs (other than for cooking) and cannot find what I want. Any advice, Dear Norma, White Witch of St. Albans?

    Btw, I vote for the Jello wrestling.


    Don't feel awkward about selling the tincture. You are doing folks a favor. It's hard to find good, trustworthy stuff. I just thank God I'm too old for that crap anymore.

    You could also sell videos of the jello wrasslin'. Heck, there are probably even people who would buy the jello afterwards. You can sell anything on e-bay. (Or maybe you could use the left-over jello to dye a whole bunch of yarn . . .)

    Cuddles to Vincent.


    I'll try a bottle if you still have some left.

    denny  Mcmillan

    If you were to become a drug dealer, you may have to sometimes shove large amounts of cash down your pants,in order from getting robbed.But you do get a lot of money, most of it spent on cab rides though. Details in Rienbeck.....for a price. Also drugs make one a very bad speller.


    I would like some too. Hope I'm not too late.


    You know, being married does not preclude the possibility of a sugar daddy. Just sayin...


    I agree with Martha... a sugar daddy can be completely platonic! *grin*

    Dorothy B

    Tape the Jello wraslin', sell it on e-bay with a quick clip of it and you should get all kinds of sugar daddy offers out of that.


    If there is any left, I'd like to try a bottle also.


    I'm pretty sure that if you were to copy your whole AOL folder to a disk, when you are able to someday access your AOL again, you can retrieve it thence.
    Do you have anything that would prevent general bitchiness, crabbiness, and all-around grumpiness? Cuz I'd need a case.


    Norma -

    I'll stew on the motherwort (probably so long that it'll all get bought up five minutes before I finally think, yeah, I'll go for it. This is the price of being a slow and deliberate shopper).

    A word of advice about the jello wrestling. That stuff is very very slippery. I just went to a jello wrestling part a few weeks ago. You must wear clothing or you will get no purchase on your opponent. I would expect the wrestlers to wear clothing, but some of the men in attendance at said party expressed some, ahem, disappointment with that decision.

    Also, it makes your clothes really sticky. Really.


    Go for the Jello Wrestling. You'll be a hit!


    Make mine another vote for jello wrestling. Lime.


    Ha! Now, if you can peddle something for hot flashes, I'm in. Sugar Daddy?- he'd probably want something from you, and it sounds like you got nothing to give right now, girlie.


    your mugwort sounds fab!
    if only you would be at VTSW to deliver it in person.

    are you seriously thinking about NOT going?
    that would be a shame!


    I won't vote you off of the island if you skip Vermont Sheep and Wool. If everyone else does, come join me on my "I've got way too much yarn and fiber island."


    I'll take a bottle. Do you accept paypal?


    Got any left? I'd love to take some motherwort off your hands!

    Let me know if I can help with the 'puter.


    if you have any left and think you can ship to Canada, I'll take a bottle.


    Can I just have bottles of Vodka?


    If you have any left, I'll take a bottle.


    Hmmm. I'll admit to rolling my eyes at the mugwort stuff...until I read that it's distilled in vodka. Maybe I should rethink this homeopathic shit.

    Dave's idea about your being an escort is a good one, dearie! ;) xoxox

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