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    Saturday, September 02, 2006


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    Hmm...this reminds me that I have yet to knit any of my handspun. It just all sits in a basket looking at me. Lovely golds you have there; just what I need to get me inspired.


    Gorgeous! What a smart idea! I have been avoiding the Bitchin' Mittens craze, but you're tempting me horribly...


    I don't think it would be humanly possible to get any more bitchin' than that. I am humbled by your bitchinness.


    I am not much of a yellow/gold person when it comes to knitting, but I love that yarn and I adore those frickin' bitchin' mittens.

    Well done, Norma!


    I really like yellow on a grey day. And it sounds to be that the yarn knew what it wanted to be.


    Dude. You put forward a pretty good argument for their bitchinness, but they were totally bitchin already, no question. And that's a fantastic photo.


    Oh I love them!!!


    What a beautiful color, and gorgeous sunflowers to match.


    Those bitchin' fingerless mitts will come in handy on those cold fall mornings, when you are not quite ready to don mittens and still need to use the fingers.
    I'm loving the sunshiney color.
    And your butt. Oddly enough, it made me laugh aloud, startling the rest of the family.


    Bitchin' indeed. Those will really cheer you up when the skies are all cloudy and gray.


    There's no garment so lovely as one that comes from your own handspun. And a color like that will keep you warm even on the most grey days in Vermont!


    You are SO right. I think the fact that it is handspun stash is the most bitchin' part! They are gorgeous and I love the color.


    Yay for beautiful FOs and good-sport husbands.


    Love those!! The pictures are just fab! :)


    Ooo la la! Those are fantastic! You should see me here at my keyboard - I'm doing a fair approximation of the "I'm not worthy!" thing you've got going on there in the first pic. *G* They're lovely, Miss N!


    Love the shot with the sunflower! Great idea. And what a good hubby you have - imagine a man willing to take a butt shot!


    LOVE the color! LOVE the yarn! LOVE the finished fingerless mitts!


    Teri P

    Aren't you the clever one? Yes, they are very very pretty! Nice pics, too.


    Wow, Norma, those are so NICE -- and bitchin', too! Fabulous with the sunflowers!


    Norma, these are truly bitchin'. And that photo: the colors, the composition, the pose -- whoa.

    Dave Daniels

    OK,I was all set to go with a nice and gracious post until I saw the Famous Butt Shot at the end. Not what I was expecting. I thought maybe a photo of Mr. D...
    Truly bitchin' mittens, and I love the photography.

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    what about # 11: bitchin' photos showing the mitts. Love everything about this post, including the surprise end(ing)!


    gorgeous photos, m'dear. and yes, that yellow/gold color is quite purty. I must admit, the first photo looks like a really beautiful crime-scene shot. You know...bridesmaid with cold hands is shot from behind on her way down the aisle at an outdoor wedding... Or maybe I just need to get out of the house more.


    I love the " I bow down to your royal highness. May my bitchin' mittens be worthy" pose. Love the half-mittens.The color is so vibrant and sunflowery. Nice job!


    Perhaps I should cease feverishing knitting my replacement mitten and let the real winners win?? (story regarding the replacement mitten to appear one day soon at my blog)

    Norma, your fingerless, handspun, stash busting, hand-dyed, gold/yellow, bitchin' mittens are beautiful!


    Love the colour! Well done (dyed).


    Fantastic! And so HOT, Norma.


    I am totally not a gold or yellow kinda person, but those mitts with the flowers are to die for! Great mitts, great photos!

    Lee Ann

    How I do love you. The bow to the lawn god is particularly lovely :-)


    LOVE these wrist warmers! I tried to make a pair, finished one and promptly ripped it out. These came out nice!


    Those are some bitchin' mittens for sure!




    Coolest mitt pic. EVER! Well done Norma!


    Hey - those match my old bathroom! Great color :-)


    Yes, pretty!

    She who doth (usually) find yellow most odious

    PS If I had that ass in front of me, I'd likely photograph it too! Hubba, hubba!


    Totally bitchin'. And I speak as a non-fan of yellow. Those are great.

    I signed up for bitchin' mittens, figuring I'd be struck with inspiration at some point, but no clonk upside the head yet. Deadline, schmeadline -- at some point inspiration will strike, and there's just no point in rushing it. (Prize, schmize -- I haven't won anything in a cat's age.)

    Diane E.

    Love the yellow,,, we may need mittens sooner than we think this year. Brave chick in spandex!


    He took a picutre of your butt! That's great!!

    Those mittens are awsome! I love the color and the brightness. Great photographs :)


    That was an inspirational color combination. The the mittens are beautiful! I think it's a color that will keep you warm, in addition to keeping you warm.

    I love my mittlets. I like the way they look, and I like the utility.

    Now I need to get up off my a** and do something with my handspun. Eh?


    Me thinks she doeth protest too much;-) Yes, they are TOTALLY Bitchin'!


    Uhhuh, yeah...hubby was a good sport alright. HA!

    GREAT mitten shot, woman. So artistic. Very cool. A splash of curls--love it. And the mitts are gorgeous.


    Your fingerless mitts are beautiful! Great job!

    Rachel H

    Thanks, Cari. Now I can't look at the first pic without thinking of CSI.

    Great mitts. And how cool to use your own handspun/handdyed stuff. Makes me wanna spin something.


    That is a great picture, yoga queen.


    That color is wonderful. It reminds me of Amber-liquid/solid, glowing. It will also match beautiful fall leaves. Good for you for sticking to your guns and getting Exactly what you want. Truly Bitchin'. Jeff Spicoli has nothing on you, man. Way.


    I am not usually fond of yellow/orange/gold , but when you added your sunflowers to the photo...that made me swooooon! Now I'm kicking myself for failure to do any gardening whatsoever this year.


    So glad you kept your pants on.




    Super picture. Sort of makes me wonder what else was going on there in the grass.

    julia fc

    Hadnspun makes anything bitchin'. Congrats.

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